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Supplement Spotlight: HumanN SuperBeets Circulation Superfood



SuperBeets is highly concentrated and scientifically formulated to provide optimum levels of essential Nitric Oxide. Just one teaspoon of SuperBeets, the recommended daily serving, is verified to provide the Nitric Oxide equivalent of three whole beets and helps promote:


  • Nitric Oxide Production
  • Healthy circulation
  • Healthy blood pressure levels
  • Improved energy and stamina
  • Gluten free, NON-GMO and U.S.A Made



About HumanN

Our research on Nitric Oxide first began with the discovery of its unique impact on cardiovascular health. Its immense importance as a biological signaling molecule resulted in the awarding of the Nobel Prize in 1998. Realizing that the discovery of Nitric Oxide had immense potential, it didn’t take long for our interest in N-O to become our passion.

Dr. Nathan Bryan, our Chief Science Officer and co-founder, has committed his life’s work to the field of N-O research. By partnering with leading N-O discovery programs, such as the University of Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Bryan has identified and continues to identify ways to replenish the body’s N-O, and even help the body to promote optimal N-O function.

Ready to bring N-O to the masses, Dr. Bryan co-founded Neogenis Laboratories, now HumanN, in 2009. Consulting with the top N-O scientists, doctors, registered dietitians, and healthcare thought-leaders, there is no other company more committed, or qualified, to bringing the best N-O functional foods and supplements to every human across every phase of life.



Company: HumanN
Brand: SuperBeets Circulation Superfood
Origin: USA
Category: Supplements
Packaging: 150g
Claims: Promotes healthy circulation and healthy blood pressure levels.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Single canister $39.95, Buy 2 Get 1 Free! $79.90
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator






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Packaging Spotlight: Sherpa Power Tea



Designed by

For Good Measure and Sean Danz

Brooklyn, NY, USA




We worked closely with Global Family Farms to develop their brand new tea product that just recently hit the shelves in Whole Foods across the US. Sherpa Power Tea is an organic sweet tea that uses native Nepalese ingredients harvested by farmers in Nepal. In April 2015, the Nepal earthquake killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000, destroying Nepal's economy.

The idea behind the product was to revitalize the Nepalese agriculture industry through the employment of farmers and exporting of their goods to provide high-quality bevarages to Western cities.




Sherpa Power Tea

We worked closely with Global Family Farms to develop their brand new tea product that just recently hit the shelves in Whole Foods across the US. Sherpa Power Tea is an organic sweet tea that uses native Nepalese ingredients harvested by farmers in Nepal. In April 2015, the Nepal earthquake killed over 8,000 people and injured more than 21,000, destroying Nepal's economy. The idea behind the product was to revitalize the Nepalese agriculture industry through the employment of farmers and exporting of their goods to provide high-quality bevarages to Western cities.



Custom Mandalas were built as emblems representing each particular flavor. Each Mandala was about 36 inches wide, constructed of printed paper and chipboard. The mandalas were inspired by the tiered terrace farming landscapes found all throughout Nepal.




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Drink Spotlight: Sherpa Power Tea



– Sherpa Power is the first drink in the U.S. made with yacon syrup, a low-calorie, low-glycemic natural sweetener with health benefits, including prebiotic digestive support

– Infused with Amla and Ashwagandha, two profoundly beneficial adaptogenic herbs from the Himalayas that provide inner calm and a pleasant boost of sustained energy

– Superior quality whole leaf tea grown in nutrient-rich soil on farms in the Kanchenjunga region of Nepal, the jewel of the eastern Himalayas

– NO added sugar, with only 20-40 calories per bottle

– All ingredients used in our Sherpa Power products are certified organic and Non-GMO




The NEXTY Awards highlight the most progressive, innovative, inspiring, and trustworthy products in the natural products industry.



About Global Family Farms

Global Family Farms employs ethical agriculture practices as a way to create economic opportunity for impoverished rural farmers by connecting them with international markets through our premium organic and sustainable products.


  • We believe in a global food system that is equitable, transparent and sustaining to all life.

  • We believe that farmers deserve to live a dignified life with access to education, economic livelihood and food security.

  • We believe that food is meant to be the way nature intended it – free of pesticides and GMOs, and full of nutrition and vital life force.

  • We believe that consumers genuinely care about where their food comes from and how it was produced. We are committed to bringing you food produced with utmost social and environmental integrity and the highest quality organic ingredients.



Company: Global Family Farms
Brand: Sherpa Power Tea
Origin: USA
Category: Tea
Packaging: 16 fl oz.
Claims: Made with low-calorie and low-glycemic sweetener yacon syrup.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online (Coming soon), Store Locator
Website: http://globalfamilyfarms.com/



Sherpa Power Tea



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teatulia feat1

Tea Spotlight: Teatulia Energy Black Tea



We’ve combined our award-winning, organic black teas with an ancient, energizing herb to create a deliciously refreshing cup (or glass) that clears the mind while helping you embrace your busy, active lifestyle. Brew a delicious cup, hot or cold!

Our secret ingredient? Eleuthero Root. Used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, Eleuthero Root has been known to help the body perform optimally, recover faster and adapt to stressful conditions. It has even powered climbers and Sherpa guides to the summit of Mount Everest.




  • 30 unbleached round tea bags, each holding 1.6 grams of an energizing black tea blend
  • Brew a cup of energy for only $.28/cup!
  • Each tea bag brews one 6 oz. cup of tea
  • Can be enjoyed any time of day, hot or iced
  • Round tea bags are free of excess wrapping, strings, tags and staples and are 100% compostable, so nothing gets wasted
  • USDA-certified organic tea, direct from Teatulia's single garden in Bangladesh and other like-minded single gardens
  • Environmentally responsible packaging, made from compostable materials
  • Caffeine content: 72% less caffeine than coffee




  • Supports stamina & endurance
  • Boosts performance & recovery
  • Hydrates & refreshes
  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • No sugar, zero calories
  • No artificial colors or flavors




For hot tea:

  1. Pour 6 oz. of boiling water over 1 tea bag.
  2. Steep 3 minutes.
  3. Sip, enjoy and be energized!

For iced tea:

  1. Pour 6 oz. of boiling water over 2 tea bags.
  2. Steep 3 minutes.
  3. Pour over a glass full of ice then sip, enjoy and be energized!



Ingredients: Black Tea, Green Tea, Yerba Maté, Guayusa, Ginger, Eleuthero Root, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Stevia, Monk Fruit, Natural Flavors

Aroma: A stimulating fusion of tangy tangerine peel and sweet ginger notes.

Flavor: An invigorating blend of sweet, spicy, and malty. The perfect way to kick start your day.






About the company

Teatulia is named for the region in Northern Bangladesh where our tea is grown. Teatulia organic teas reflect the pristine and delicate environment from which they hail. The Teatulia Organic Tea Garden sprang forth from virgin land nestled against the Himalayas to the North and the Brahmaputra and Ganges Rivers to the South. Into this perfect tea-growing land, we introduced strong, vibrant saplings, which were planted with care in the new millennium. Since then, the tea plants have been encouraged and nurtured by Mother Nature's own hand. The result: exquisite, organic teas unlike any you've experienced before. Fresh. Clean. Smooth.



Company: Teatulia
Brand: Energy Black Tea
Origin: US
Category: Tea
Packaging: 30 tea bags
Claims: USDA organic, environmentally responsible packaging.
Variants: View product range here
Price: $7.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: https://www.bigelowtea.com/



Image 1



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Drink Spotlight: Suja Elements Unsweetened Biodynamic Black Cold Brew Tea



Our Cold Brewed Unsweetened Biodynamic Black features an eclectic mix of black teas. Aromatic nilgiri, fragrant & floral darjeeling and full bodied assam come together to create a balanced & refined unsweetened tea for any occasion or time of day.

This tea is certified Biodynamic by the Demeter Association, which is based on the principal that the farm is a living organism: self-contained, self-sustaining, following the cycle of nature. Biodynamic is one of the best forms of sustainable agriculture, resulting in healthy farms, healthy people and a healthy planet.



Unsweetened Biodynamic Tea contains nilgiri tea, darjeeling tea & assam tea.
·USDA Certified Organic
·Non-GMO Project Verified
·Certified Biodynamic
·Kosher Certified
·Dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free
·No added sweetners







About the Company

Suja, meaning long, beautiful life, embodies the promise that flows from the cold-pressured beverages it delivers in each and every bottle. Suja was founded by four diverse San Diegans from different walks of life that came together in the most unexpected of circumstances to form what is now the fastest growing organic, cold-pressured and Non-GMO beverage company in the U.S.. Suja’s story all began from a shared dream to help people everywhere transform their lives through conscious nutrition.

Co-Founder Annie Lawless had been juicing her entire life and from a young age had been aware that what you put in your body affects how you look and more importantly, how you feel. Her friend Eric Ethans had a background as a raw food chef and spent his entire life researching and pairing ingredients to create healthy, delicious meals. The two met in San Diego and bonded over their mutual love of delivering convenient nutrition through foods and beverages that also tasted good. They were frustrated by the lack of pure, organic products on grocery store shelves and decided to create their own juices at home. Read More




Company: Suja
Brand: Suja Elements
Origin: USA
Category: Tea
Packaging: 12fl oz (354ml)
Claims: Certified Organic, Non GMO, Kosher, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Cold Brew
Variants: Jasmine Pomegranate, Biodynamic Black, Honeybush Peach, Chun Mee Tropical
Price: $4.99 USD
Where to Buy: Not Sold Online, Only Available at Whole Foods Market, Store Locator,
Website: sujajuice.com





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Fast Food Spotlight: Burger King’s Black Burger



BK Japan's "Kuro Burger" (or "Black Burger") is apparently hitting restaurants there on Sept. 19, according to promotional images shown on the restaurant's Facebook page. The "goth-like" burger, as the Guardian calls it, will feature beef patties coated in black pepper, black cheese and buns made with bamboo charcoal, and an onion-garlic topping made with (wait for it) squid ink, Narinari.com reports via Kotaku.







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Sauce Spotlight: Premium Black Chimichurri Sauce



Premium Black Chimichurri™ was designed to indulge your taste buds bringing a fine gourmet dining experience in the comfort of your home for those special occasions! Made with black garlic, Italian balsamic vinegar, extra-virgin Kalamata olive oil and finished with Samba Flavor’s signature combination of chimichurri herbs and spices – this tangy, sweet and savory condiment serves as the perfect accent to fine steaks. As a marinade, it is a treasure for the meat connoisseur. As a sauce, it is absolutely exquisite. Premium Black Chimichurri™ is a memorable and unique gourmet gift.



Succulent Black Chimichurri™ Lamb Shanks




About the company:

Samba Flavor's founders began in the food business by offering private party catering in South Florida. Their emphasis was on serving up a wide variety of Latin fusion dishes, always natural and freshly made. In 2009, the catering business expanded further to offer corporate and private chef services in the metro Atlanta area. Read More



Company: Samba Flavor, Inc.
Brand: Chimichurri
Origin: USA
Category: Sauce
Packaging: 6.5 Fl oz
Claims: exquisite
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $15.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Retail Stores
Website: sambaflavor.com









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Personal Care Spotlight: Bevel Shaving Kit Designed for Black Men


Bevel is a new five-piece shaving kit that is specifically designed with black consumers in mind.




The best way to shave for over 100 years

Multiblade razors are designed to cut the hairs beneath the skin. This causes razor bumps when the hairs continue growing into the skin. Safety razors cut at the skin level for a comfortable, close shave with no tugging, pulling, or irritation.




Why the Bevel double edge safety razor is better

Shaving with the Bevel safety razor is the safest, freshest, most cost-effective way to shave. Period. And it’s the only shaving solution for men with coarse, curly hair.









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