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Bistro Crisps

Snack Spotlight: Crunchmaster® Unveils Bistro Crisps for Guilt-free, Gourmet Snacking


Bistro Crisps Offer More for Less with 63 Crisps Per Serving for Only 120 Calories

LOVES PARK, Ill., Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Crunchmaster announces the newest addition to its fan-favorite product line — Crunchmaster Bistro Crisps, guilt-free gourmet snacks containing only 120 calories in 63 popped crisps. Snacking has been taken to the next level with bite-size Bistro Crisps in three delicious flavors: Vegan Cheddar, Nacho and Margherita Pizza.

Crunchmaster Bistro Crisps are grain-free, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher. In addition, Bistro Crisps contain no artificial flavors, zero grams of trans fat and zero milligrams of cholesterol. Made with Cassava Root, a gut-friendly root vegetable, Bistro Crisps are popped, not fried, leaving them light, crispy and full of flavor. Bistro Crisps are a gourmet snacking experience, offering one of the largest serving sizes compared with competitive options. Bistro Crisps will be available in Publix stores and on Amazon this fall.

"The Crunchmaster team is continuously looking for our next product innovation to meet our consumers' demand for simple, wholesome snacks, and the pandemic only emphasized their desire for better-for-you snacking options," said Braden Bennie, Senior Marketing Manager at Crunchmaster. "Bistro Crisps bring the best of Crunchmaster crackers — the nutrition, flavor and crispy crunch — to a new realm of snacking."

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how consumers shop, eat and think about food. According to FMCG Gurus, nearly 80 percent of global consumers plan on eating healthier as a result of the pandemic, and research from The Hartman Group shows nearly half of all food and beverage occasions are now snacking occasions, meaning consumers are placing a new focus on snacking as a primary source of nourishment. With the release of Bistro Crisps, Crunchmaster offers a delicious source of daily sustenance that meets consumers' high standards and complex dietary needs.

Better Oil = Better Crackers

New packaging. Same crunch. Now made with Olive Oil.

This fall, Crunchmaster also announces that Olive Oil will replace Safflower Oil in most of its Crunchmaster cracker products, including its Multi-Seed, Multi-Grain, Grain-Free and Multi-Grain 5 Seed products.

"It's becoming increasingly important for our products to contain ingredients that our consumers recognize as a healthy choice," Bennie said. "This optimization to our existing product line gives consumers another reason to feel confident choosing Crunchmaster crackers."

Crunchmaster listened to its consumers by switching to a more premium oil that customers prefer. Experts have long agreed that Olive Oil is one of the healthiest oils to incorporate into your diet, and consumers reported being 2.7 times more likely to purchase Crunchmaster crackers made with Olive Oil.

Crunchmaster also recently revealed a refreshed packaging design that allows customers to find their favorite crackers more easily on store shelves. Updates to both the product recipe and packaging doesn't change the customer experience — Crunchmaster fans can expect the same great taste and crunch they've grown to love.

To learn more about Bistro Crisps and other Crunchmaster products, please visit: www.crunchmaster.com.

About Crunchmaster®:

Crunchmaster crackers and snacks are made from simple, wholesome ingredients that are uncompromisingly delicious. We use better-for-you ingredients that are always gluten-free, dry them to a precise moisture and bake in the goodness. Our crackers and snacks give a satisfying CRUNCH that will keep you coming back for more.

About TH Foods, Inc.

Headquartered in Loves Park, Ill., TH Foods is a leading manufacturer in the snack food industry. TH Foods strives to bring innovative, authentic crackers and snacks to North America. Crunchmaster is a registered trademark of TH Foods. For more information, visit www.thfoods.com.

SOURCE TH Foods, Inc.


Crunchmaster Family

Crunchmaster Family


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Food Spotlight: Fall into Autumn with Ready Pac Foods New Limited Edition Smoked Turkey with Pomegranate Vinaigrette Bistro Bowl


IRWINDALE, Calif., Nov. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As temperatures cool and holiday decorations begin to appear, Ready Pac Foods is leaning into fall with the launch of its latest seasonal creation, Smoked Turkey with Pomegranate Vinaigrette Bistro Bowl® single serve salad, available for a limited time.

"Seasonal flavors this time of year often means pumpkin spice, but this year we wanted to give our consumers something a bit more on-trend, indulgent and satisfying," said Galit Feinreich, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Ready Pac Foods.  "This salad is fresh, flavorful and loaded with delicious ingredients you'd find in a holiday meal including smoked turkey breast, cranberries and cornbread – all ready to dress and mix in our signature Bistro Bowl for a great on-the-go meal."

According to an ORC International Survey conducted for Ready Pac Foods*, 81 percent of consumers wish they made healthier choices during the holiday season. For that, Ready Pac Foods is here to help without compromising the flavor of the season's favorite foods.

The Smoked Turkey with Pomegranate Vinaigrette Bistro Bowl salad features smoked turkey breast, creamy feta cheese, cranberries and a crispy cornbread crumble on a bed of arugula and baby greens, dressed with a zesty pomegranate-orange vinaigrette. Best of all, the complete meal salad is under 250 calories and delivers 9 grams of protein.

Ready Pac Foods first introduced its Limited Edition Bistro Bowl salad line-up in 2016 to provide consumers with fresh, peak of season ingredients, amazing flavors and healthier options for on-the-go meals. Past Limited Edition Bistro Bowl salads have included seasonal favorites such as Pumpkin Spice, Roasted Corn with Pulled Pork & BBQ Drizzle and Roasted Beets & Baby Greens.

The Smoked Turkey & Pomegranate Bistro Bowl is available until mid-February where consumers buy groceries nationally, including Walmart and Wegmans, and online at Amazon Fresh.

Visit www.readypac.com for more information and to stay up-to-date on all of Ready Pac Foods new and seasonal products.

*Methodology: The survey of 1,022 adults was conducted by ORC International on behalf of Ready Pac Foods. This online omnibus was live on November 3-6, 2016.

About Ready Pac Foods
Home of the original Bistro Bowl® salad, Southern California-based Ready Pac Foods, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bonduelle (BON.PA), has been giving people the freedom to eat healthier for nearly 50 years. As a premier producer of convenience fresh foods and fresh cut produce, and with processing facilities throughout the United States, Ready Pac Foods manufactures a complete range of products featuring fresh produce and protein under the company's Ready Pac Foods®, Bistro®, Ready Snax®, Cool Cuts®, elevĀte and Fresh Prep'dbrands. Offerings include fresh-cut salads, soup kits, wrap kits, fruits, vegetables and fresh snacking options available where consumers buy groceries and in restaurant chains across North America. For more information, visit www.readypac.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


(PRNewsfoto/Ready Pac Foods)

(PRNewsfoto/Ready Pac Foods)



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Tech Spotlight: Bistro The Smart Feeder That Recognizes Your Cat’s Face



The world's smartest feeder that can track appetite and weight change for each one of your kitties with innovative cat facial recognition technology.





The guardian for your cats

As cat parents, we all try our best to keep our little pals happy and healthy. Even we all know that cat's eating and drinking behavior is highly associated with their health, there seems no convenient and reliable way to keep track of it all the time.

That's where the Bistro smart cat feeder comes in. Inspired by Momo, a lovely and brave kitten's true story, Bistro is innovatively designed to monitor the appetite of your furry friend whenever you can’t. Have more than one cat? No problem! Bistro can tell exactly which of your darling little ones is feeding thanks to its advanced cat-facial recognition technology.






With Bistro App, you can easily check your cat’s diet history (both food and water intake) or health report and even watch her live while she's having lunch – all from the palm of your hand! Bistro will also notify you immediately if there is any change to any of your pets’ health status that you need to know about.

With Bistro, we’re building a closer relationship between you and your cats, one that not only provides you with a more intelligent, complete and quantified view of their health, but also keeps them happier and healthier than you’ve ever been able to before.





Bistro is the world's first smart feeder that implements the "quantified cat" concept – just as Quantified Self products do for humans. Designed for any cat at least six months old, Bistro is both an automatic feeder and a health manager for the four-legged members of your family. With weight sensors (load sensors) beneath feeding tray and waterer, Bistro can track all the food and water your cat takes to further understand your kitty's daily dietary status, which is critical to their health. The convenient weighing scale also allows you to easily keep consistent track of your cat’s weight, and the built-in camera with cat-facial recognition function can always distinguish which cat is eating, making Bistro ideal for cat parents who care for multiple little ones.

Besides, when serving your cat at night or when the room is dark, the built-in LED lighting system will automatically turn on in a gradual and gentle way so that the cat-facial recognition can work perfectly without scaring your cat.






How it Works

1. When your cat comes and steps on Bistro, the built-in camera will be activated and stream the video to our backend server, which will run the cat-facial recognition algorithm to distinguish which cat it is. If the system has never seen this cat before, it will notify the owner to either create a new cat profile or link with existing one. The algorithm is based on years of research and development of deep learning technology.





2. When your kitty is having a meal, the weight sensors (load sensors) beneath the feeding tray, waterer, and the weighing scale will measure the weights continuously. After the cat leaves, the system will automatically calculate the amount of food and water your cat took as well as their weight.

3. The measured data is then immediately sent through our cloud service to your smartphone, where you can easily review your cat's diet history and health analysis report with the Bistro App. You can easily check out individual data or the weekly or monthly trend chart. When visiting a vet and being asked about how well they eat and drink, you can show them the app with the most detailed diet and weight history.






Smart portion control

Obesity is a serious threat to your beloved pets’ lives as over 57% of the one hundred million cats in US are currently overweight. Bistro comes with a complete cat food database and uses a precise weighing scale to determine the exact amount of food your little guys should have based on nutrition facts. If you have one cat, for example, you can simply configure how many meals you want your cat eat per day and Bistro will automatically calculate and dispense the correct amount of food for each meal. You can also set a daily allotment with unlimited times and Bistro will simply replenish the feeding tray as long as your cat hasn't eaten his daily allotment yet.

However, the portion control setup with multiple cats can be a little trickier because every now and then, one cat might occasionally steal kibbles another cat left on the feeding tray. While this can make the portion control function less accurate, Bistro can help you try to outsmart the cat by letting you adjust the maximum amount of food to be left on the feeding tray to ensure as little as possible is available to be stolen by another cat. Even these precautions won’t always be able to stop a super hungry eater who tends to grab everything in sight. Therefore, to be as helpful as possible in creating solutions that work with particularly stubborn cats, we will fully open up the feeder APIs so cat-loving programmers and hackers can create new, sharable feeding strategies that the entire Bistro community can enjoy via the powerful Bistro app.








Indiegogo Page: Bistro Feeder
Website: 42ark.com



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