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Soup Spotlight: Jus Pumpkin Coconut Bisque



Maybe you've just come in from a chilly day outdoors or maybe you're just reminiscing about fall flavors. No matter what you did in the cold temps, there’s no better way to warm up than with a great bowl of soup. And it doesn’t get more comforting than this roasted pumpkin and creamy coconut milk soup blended with vegetables & warm spices.


*Enjoy it as is or hot!
12 oz. soup

Have a bowl whenever you feel like you need a little extra boost or work them into your post-cleanse meals.


All soups have a 14 day shelf life, unless frozen.



Raw Truths

Pumpkin is one of the most beneficial squashes for your health--it's got tons of fiber for healthy digestion, it neutralizes free-radicals (a.k.a. it fights wrinkles) and it's loaded with potassium, which helps refuel your muscles after a hard workout. We've blended it with creamy coconut milk that's rich in vitamins and minerals to keep your body running at its best!

All of our soups are made from whole, fresh ingredients, are 100% vegan & gluten-free, and contain no preservatives, artificial flavorings or colors.

All soups have a 14 day shelf life, unless frozen.

Ingredients- water, pumpkin, red onion, coconut milk, olive oil, red pepper flakes, cinnamon, sea salt, nutmeg, chili powder.



Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 12 FL OZ
Serving Per Container 1
Calories Per Serving 70
Total Fat Per Serving 3.5g
Sodium Per Serving 443mg
Total Carbohydrate Per Serving 11g
Dietary Fibers 3g
Sugars 5g
Protein 1g
Vitamin C 6%
Vitamin A 270%
Iron Vitamin 8%
Calcium Vitamin 6%



About the company

Today, we at JÙS by Julie are serving our products to people all across the U.S. We've expanded our product offering to vegan soups, superfood Booster Shots, probiotic cold brew and more. We also have product in Whole Foods and boast several Brooklyn locations. Our products are simple, honest and delicious—made from nature’s finest fruits and vegetables—nothing more, nothing less. Everything is made fresh and is packed with vitamins and nutrients that your body will love!



Company: JÙS
Brand: Pumpkin Coconut Bisque
Origin: U.S
Category: Soup
Packaging: 12 oz.
Claims: 100% vegan and gluten-free
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $6.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://www.jusbyjulie.com/index.php/



Pumpkin Coconut Bisque



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Product Spotlight: Campbell´s Gourmet Bisques



A dazzling departure from the ordinary. Creating a captivating meal at home just got
easier thanks to Campbell’s Bisques. Now you can complement dinner and entertain guests
with a sensational starter or side dish.

Campbell´s new bisques will assist you by enriching your already great menu. Their team of culinary experts has crafted the perfect blend of flavors, with velvety smooth richness. They are dedicated to helping you shape an exciting and memorable course that will make your whole meal stand out, from start to finish. The deep flavors and creamy texture come together to give you a restaurant-inspired dining experience – from the comforts of home

Available in four distinctly delicious varieties, each as luxurious as the last, bisques are a great way to help you dream up an impressive dinner creation. Expand your culinary horizon by adding bisques to your menu and let your guests and taste buds rejoice.



We have to admit that we did not expect to see this type of product or this type of packaging from Campbell´s however, in the past two years Campbell´s packaging has taken on a modern touch beginning with their Go line.  The packaging is very well done and we especially liked the black background.  The flavors were well thought out also. This gourmet line is a nice departure from the traditional Campbell´s soup line and is certain to appeal to a different type of consumer.  While we did not try the products as of yet we can only hope they are as delcious as the packaging.




Company: Campbell´s
Brand: Gourmet Bisques
Category: Soups
Origin: USA
Price: $3.49 USD
Packaging: 18.3oz (520 grams)
Varieties: Sweet Potato Tomatillo, Thai Tomato Coconut, Golden Butternut Squash, Tomato Roasted Garlic Bacon
Website: campbellsoup.com




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