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Retail Spotlight: Beyond Bread Bakery & Café Puts London On The Gluten-Free Map

London, United Kingdom: Open six days a week and offering 100% gluten-free products baked on the premises, Beyond Bread is doing things very differently in a fast-evolving market. The Bakery & Cafe is already creating quite a storm – not just among gluten-free fans – but those who appreciate good food that tastes delicious in a contemporary, stylish setting.

Since the official opening on January 5th 2015, customer feedback has been very positive and encouraging. Beyond Bread is a progressive culinary concept designed to create familiar tastes through gluten-free foods. Innovating and creating, leading and not following, the expert team is keen to promote gluten-free past any misconceptions of it being a passing fashion fad. Adriana Rabinovich, author of ‘The Gluten-Free Cookbook For Kids’, a highly respected pioneer in gluten-free cooking, assisted with the product development and the range is an diverse, delicious mix of pasties, pastries and pies, cakes and quiches, tempting tarts, sumptuous sandwiches, and of course, an excellent selection of gluten-free breads.

Lunchtimes, as predicted, are the liveliest period during the working week, and the brunch-seeking Saturday crowd are also becoming welcome regulars at the Fitzrovia bolthole. The Bakery & Café has been described as “…a chirpy charm offensive, some wry wit and an astounding range of baked treats in a fitting more fashion than focaccia”.

Feedback from customers is vital at this early stage – the team continually develop new products and seek inspiration from the very people they’re catering for. The gluten-free community has been incredibly supportive of the opening, and there are plans to introduce further innovative gluten-free products in response to demands.

Gluten-Free Is The New Black

“Half tempted to go and get a brownie, they looked awesome!”

“I’d never have considered tuna and avocado in a sandwich together but it’s amazing.”

“I am SUPER excited to swing by this afternoon!”

“…now answering London’s next big movement for healthy living is Beyond Bread, London’s first 100% gluten free bakery and cafe.”https://thehandbook.com/blog/2014/12/healthy-carbs/

“The artisan bread craze is set to grow with Beyond Bread, a 100% gluten free bakery and café in London.” – Stylist magazine

“Beyond Bread, has opened in London’s Soho – its tagline is gluten-free is the new black. ‘We are here to prove that gluten free bakery is far beyond a sad looking and miserable tasting piece of toast’.” – The Independent



Beyond Bread: The Bakery & Café

Serving tempting treats, lunchtime specials, sumptuous snacks and hot teas, coffees and juices, Beyond Bread is an inviting and cosy pit-stop for gluten-free foodies seeking a warm welcome and delicious food away from the busy streets of London. The perfect escape from the shops or the office, Beyond Bread goodies can be eaten in or taken away.

















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