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Bar Spotlight: Go Natural HiProtein Choc Berry



We have worked with leading sports dietitians to create the delicious HiProtein meal bar. The balance of natural ingredients including whey protein crisps and almonds create a light texture, making these bars ideal before or during today’s adventure whatever that may be… They are a great performance snack containing a balanced mix of quality carbohydrates, key nutrients and 25% of your recommended daily protein intake.



  • 25% DI Protein
  • Good Source of Iron
  • Good Source of Magnesium
  • High in Vitamin B1
  • High in Vitamin E



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About the company

We believe eating well is the key to living well. Go Natural's range of snacks taste great and boast all the benefits of eating wholefoods. Australian made and family owned, we endeavour to support local in every step of the journey - from ingredients, to production and packaging. Go Natural is real food - made by nature and packaged by us.



Company: Go Natural
Brand:  HiProtein Choc Berry
Slogan:  Go Natural
Origin: Australia
Category: Bars
Packaging:  35g per bar
Claims:  25% of your recommended daily protein intake, High in Vitamin E and B1
Variants: View product range here
Price:  10-pack $35.10
Where to Buy: Australia, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://www.gonatural.com.au/



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Snack Spotlight: Nakd Berry Delight Bits




Well, it finally happened. Our Berry Delight Bars have burst under the load of fruity goodness and now come in a bag full of little bits, perfect to share with your buddies or even nibble by yourself in secret. Just like our Berry Delight Bar, these bits are seriously fruity, crammed with raspberries, dates and raisins for a really sweet and satisfying taste.




Little bits of berries in every bite
Go ahead, treat yourself. These healthy snacks are totally guilt free and come in a convenient and generous bag, ready for you to munch on whenever it takes your fancy. Order a box from our website or grab one at your local supermarket.




Simple snacking goodness
At Natural Balance Foods, we are all about keeping things simple, natural and irresistibly tasty. These Berry Bits are as delicious as they are honest with absolutely no fake stuff and only contain 100% natural ingredients for lasting happiness. Vegan? No problem! Allergic to gluten or dairy? Tuck in! A brilliant alternative to cereal bars and other snacks, these bits are sweet and moist because they’re not baked, providing a seriously satisfying texture.





We want to make sure that absolutely everyone gets the chance to enjoy healthy snacks, and get the nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy. With that in mind, these bits are:

Wheat, dairy and gluten free

Vegan friendly

Low in saturated fats

Free from added sugar or syrups

One of your 5 a day (per portion)

Deliciously simple! Made with Dates (49%), Cashews (31%), Raisins (17%), Raspberries (3%), natural berry flavour







About the Company
We're a young British company devoted to increasing world happiness with yummy healthy snacks, humour and helpfulness. That means we make delicious, good-for-you munchies, do our best to help others, and try to spread a little joy along the way.








Company: Natural Balance Foods
Brand: Nakd
Slogan: Wholefood Wonders
Origin: UK
Category: Healthy Snacks
Packaging: 35g Bag
Claims: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free
Variants: View all Here
Price: £15.16 ( 8 x 35g)
Where to BuyBuy Online
Website: naturalbalancefoods.co.uk





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Drink Spotlight: Hibiscus Berry Drink Cleanse

Radiant and fresh, KeVita Hibiscus Berry Cleanse™ is a refreshing blend of flowers, berries and probiotics. Gently beautify the body from the inside out with this dynamic combination of hibiscus, raspberry, rose hips, goji, and schizandra. Hibiscus Berry Daily Cleanse is certified organic, non-GMO, low calorie, vegan, and dairy, lactose, and gluten free. Stevia sweetened. Contains no added sugar.





About the Company
KeVita’s sweet beginnings emerged quite naturally as Co-Founders Chakra Earthsong Levy and Bill Moses joined together to bring KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drink to market. The mission was clear—to provide thirsty health-seeking consumers a delicious vitalizing drink. Chakra, a nutritional consultant and long-time fermenter first created KeVita in her Ojai, California kitchen. She shared the drink with her friend Bill who loved the concept. With Bill’s winemaking and business expertise they further developed the drink and KeVita was born. Soon after, beverage industry expert Robert Adams joined the team and the hardworking trio hit the ground running.  Read More




Company: Kevita
Brand: Kevita
Slogan: Delicious Vitality
Origin: USA
Category: Juice
Packaging: 480ml
Claims: Probiotic, No Added Sugar, Gluten Free, Organic, Lactose Free, Low Calorie
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: kevita.com






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Drink Review: Honest Berry Hibiscus Summer Refresher



When the natural beverage aisle kept handing us lemons, we made lemonade. Naturally, we gave ours an Honest® twist with organic lemons and sweetened it with Fair Trade sugar to help our farmers invest in their communities. Some say summer is a state of mind. We think it can be "summerized" in a taste, so drink up!

P.S. You don't need to see the world through hibiscus-colored glasses to enjoy this fruity brew.







About the Company
Honest Tea seeks to create and promote great-tasting, truly healthy, organic beverages. We strive to grow our business with the same honesty and integrity we use to craft our products, with sustainability and great taste for all.



Company: The Coca Cola Co.
Brand: Honest Summer Refreshers
Slogan: Nature Got it Right, We Put It in a Bottle
Category:  Juice
Origin: USA
Packaging: 32oz
Claims: Naturally Flavored, 70 calories per 8fl oz serving, Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Kosher, Fair Trade Certified
Varieties: Mint Limeade, Half & Half, Berry Hibiscus Lemonade, Original Lemonade, Mango Lemonade
Where to Buy: Sold Exclusively at Whole Foods, Store Locator




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Drink Review: Activate Exotic Berry Beauty Drink


ACTIVATE your body with a fresh dose of vitamins

After finding that Vitamin A, B5, B12, and C lose potency sitting in water, we went out and found a way to stop drowning the vitamins in drinks. By storing the ingredients inside our unique, patented cap, separate from water, our vitamins stay fresh, potent and offer a convenient way to get a healthy dose of the nutrients your body needs.

Studies show antioxidants, such as catechins, protect skin, cells, and overall health.

Also Contains
Vitamin C - 100%
Vitamin A - 30%
Vitamin B5 - 30%
Vitamin B12 - 30%
Vitamin E - 30%




No Gluten Ingredients
0 Sugar
0 Calories







About The Company
By storing the active ingredients inside the unique cap, separate from the water, the ingredients stayed powerful, fresh and offered the convenient, all-in-one delivery method we were seeking.

For us, taking vitamins every day had become more hassle than it was worth. Swallowing horse pills and dumping supplement powders into water bottles was just not cutting it.

We looked to vitamin-enhanced waters for an answer, but found labels filled with empty promises. In our search for something better, we made a discovery that demanded attention. Read More




Company: Activate
Brand: Activate
Slogan: Twist, Shake, Activate
Origin: USA
Category: Functional Beverages
Packaging: 16oz bottle
Claims: Health and Skin Support, Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, Vitamin Enriched
Variants:  Exotic Berry, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, Pomegranate Blue, Lulo Pear, Orange Twist, Juicy Grape, Raspberry Citrus, Pink Grapefruit, Pure Water + Electrolytes, Alkalized Water + Electrolytes
Price: $27.55 (12 xo 16oz)
Where to Buy: Store Locator, Buy Online
Website: activatedrinks.com




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Energy Spotlight: Steaz Organic Berry Shot


Quick n' easy energy boost are everywhere, but most of them are a little dubious when it comes to your health. Enter Steaz Energy Shot - a clean, green, healthy way to get the focus and power you need to shine. We've taken our prized organic green tea and blended it with organic yerba mate, organic guarana, and organic acai juice from the rainforest to create nature's best and tastiest energy shot ever. Steaz Energy Shot is Fair Trade Certified™, USDA Organic, Vegan...and Righteous! So here's to a better choice for better energy.


OTHER INGREDIENTS: Filtered Water, Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Citric Acid, Organic Berry Flavors


- Clean grab-n-go energy
- All natural berry flavour
- 150 mg naturally occurring caffeine
- Crash-free





About the Company
The essence of Steaz is that it allows you to discover a better way that is “good for the mind, body and soul”. This "better way" starts with only using the highest quality ingredients sourced from socially responsible farmers and supply partners. The Steaz culture is steeped in triple bottom-line business practices focused on our core values of People, Planet & Profits for our Fair Trade farmers.  Read More


Company: The Healthy Beverage Company
Brand: Steaz
Slogan: The Flower of Life, The Power of Tea
Origin: USA
Category: Energy
Packaging: 75ml
Claims: Contains 150mg of natural caffeine, Organic
Price: $2.75 per bottle
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: steaz.com





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Energy Spotlight: Wired Diet Berry Energy Drink


We heard you loud and clear, “give us a Wired Flavor”, here it is: new Wired Berry. Great berry taste along with our regular Wired ingredients, now in Diet!


Ingredients per 16 oz. can include:
500% RDI Vitamin B6
200% RDI Vitamin B3
160% RDI Vitamin B12
100% RDI Vitamin B5
100 mg Inositol
94 mg Caffeine

Company: Wired
Brand: Wired
Origin: USA
Category: Energy Drinks
Packaging: 16fl oz (473ml) can
Claims: Diet, Energy, Caffeine
Variants: X3000, X344, X Passion Fruit, X B12 Rush,  X Berry Rush, X Strawberry Lemonade, Sugar Free, Berry, Diet Berry
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: wiredenergydrink.com






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Drink Spotlight: Buck O’Hairen’s Legendary Sunshine Ginger Berry


Buck O’Hairen’s Legendary Sunshine is a yawn-whooping bubbly beverage of beauty with electrolytes, vitamin B12, natural flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. Sunshine gives you the perfect amount of giddup-n-go plus a wonderfully distinctive flavor, all in an 8.4-ounce, 60-calorie can of goodliness.

Unlike its eXtreme energy drink brethren that promise impossible motorcycle riding awesomeness, Sunshine simply hydrates the body and awakens the senses. It has just enough kick-in-the-pants to get your out-of-sorts back in sorts. When you’re hungover, it’s a cheeseburger. When you’re thirsty, it’s a fire hose. When you’re tired, it’s a power nap. When you’re feeling cloudy, it’s, well, Sunshine.







As the story goes,
Buck O’Hairen was a notorious Appalachian moonshiner
in the late 19th century.

After one hangover too many and a series of misfortunes,
O’Hairen concocted moonshine’s antidote — a secret recipe he called Sunshine.

Today, the spirit of Buck O’Hairen lives on.
Or should we say, shines on.



Company: Sunshine Beverages
Brand: Buck O´Hairen´s
Slogan: Clears the Clouds!
Category: Functional Beverage
Origin: USA
Packaging: 250ml (8.4oz) can
Claims: Low Calorie, Gluten Free, No Artificial Colors, Flavors
Price: $45.00 (24 cans) ($1.88 / cans)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: drinkthesunshine.com







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Drink Spotlight: Xiomega3 Lemon Lime Chia Water



Enjoy this great‐tasting drink when exercising or enjoying the outdoors. Chia Water keeps you in good health, refreshed and hydrated all day long. Enjoy all the benefits of Chia without the gooey consistency of the seeds. This ALL NATURAL, drink helps you boost your energy and improve your endurance.



Each bottle contains:
320 mg of Omega-3
40% of the DV of B complex Vitamins
As much fiber as a small apple




About the Company
Is a vertically integrated company that develops chia seed based products, and brings you all the benefits of the chia (Salvia Hispanica) to help you achieve a healthier diet and lifestyle.

From past to present, ancient Mayans and Aztecs in Mexico and other parts of Latin America, used chia seeds as a staple in their diets as a source of concentrated fuel to sustain their energy needs and wellbeing.

Chia seeds are a nutritional treasure chest, providing naturally occurring protein, dietary fiber (both soluble and insoluble), key minerals (including calcium, potassium and magnesium) and omega-3 fatty acids.

From the field to your table, our all-natural products are developed with the highest quality to bring you a convenient and easy way to enjoy the amazing benefits of chia seeds




Company: Xiomega
Brand: Xiomega
Slogan: Healthy Living
Origin: USA
Category: Functional Beverages
Packaging: 16fl oz
Claims: Omega, Vitamin Enriched, Fiber
Variants: Berry, Lemon Lime
Price: $16.99 USD (6 pack)
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: xiomega.com




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Breakfast Spotlight: Modern Oats 5 Berry All Natural Oatmeal

Antioxidant rich oatmeal loaded with blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, and accented with California almonds and pecans.
You will wake up an hour early just looking forward to this very berry blend of juicy, nutrient packed and antioxidant rich oatmeal loaded with blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, and accented with California almonds and pecans.



About the Company
Founded in 2013, MODERN OATS has one simple goal: Change people’s
perception of “old fashioned” oatmeal. For those
who think oatmeal is boring, read on, were
talking to you.

First, we only work with small farm, gluten free
& Non-GMO Verified, perfect whole rolled oats.
These are the highest grade from family run
operations throughout the upper Midwest of North America.

After selecting our whole rolled oats, they are carefully crafted artisanal, delicious blends of fruits (such as mangos, apples, goji berries, and Saskatoon berries), nuts (such as pine nuts, walnuts, and coconut), and seeds (such as flax, sunflower, and chia) for the perfect, healthy, modern meal, anytime, anywhere. MODERN OATS’ convenient recyclable portable oatmeal cups are the ideal healthy meal for your on the go lifestyle. Keep one at your desk, or in your bag.

Make MODERN OATS part of your everyday lifestyle -
Company: Innovative Beverage Concepts
Brand: Modern Oats
Slogan: Fast Food, Only Better
Origin: USA
Category: Cereal
Packaging: 2.6oz (75g)
Claims: Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan, Kosher, Fiber, Protein
Variants: Apple Walnut, 5 Berry, Goji Blueberry, Mango Blackberry, Chocolate Cherry, Nuts & Seeds
Price: $3.25/cup
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website:  modernoats.com





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