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Packaging Spotlight: DOTOD Fruit Juices



Designed by

Ramin Nasibov

Berlin, Germany




DOTOD is a new brand of fruit juices from Munich, Germany. Project goals: Communicate the company values and philosophy through its Identity, thus establishing a Brand Equity. Creative solution: These drinks are first of all healthy and full of various necessary vitamins. I embodied this idea in multicolor dots, developing individual patterns and color palettes for each sort of fruit. Besides, the company describes itself more as a youth brand. To put this aspect into practice, I used the key associations with the present-day young generation, which include constant movement, changes, and communities. That is why the dots in the symbols are connected, each time in a different way but the idea staying the same. Thus, the concept becomes more unique and dynamic at the same time





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Packaging Spotlight: Nuna – The Most Delicious Popsicle in the World




Designed by
Neubau Berlin
Berlin, Germany



The most delicious popsicle in the world.

Nuna is a revolutionary popsicle developed exclusively on a sustainable bamboo stick.
Beautifully designed and manufactured by an international group of experts.
Comprised of all natural ingredients in an explosive variety of fresh flavours, each formulated by award winning and internationally acclaimed master chef Heiko Antoniewicz. The unique one of a kind form evolved from the minds of architect Manu Kumar and designer Stefan Gandl.
An extraordinary popsicle that redefines form and taste…
It’s out of this world.





























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Drink Spotlight: InFusion Berlin Iced Herbal Tea


In/Fusion, the next generation of French « tisane », is a blast of freshness and well-being taking over the city. Finally, a natural beverage that is both tasty and stylish!

A 100% organic blend of rare plants, both grown in France and charged with natural healing virtues, associated with fruit juice and pure water.

In/Fusion takes you on a tour of cities pioneering a new lifestyle in urban environments: nomadic, hedonistic and in fusion with Nature!

Chill in Paris, party in London, detox in Berlin, be sexy in LA... to each city its attitude and benefits.

Pomegranate - Blackcurrant
Blackcurrant leaf - Peppermint

Berlin, testing ground of a new Europe: creative, cosmopolitan and underground, always in motion and in search of new experiences. In/Fusion celebrates its originality in a cleansing beverage that will free your body of its toxins, and your mind of prejudice.



Water, grape must*, blackcurrant juice* (5%), pomegranate juice* (5%), blackcurrant leaf*, peppermint*.

*Organic certified


About the Company
In/Fusion is a beverage that was created in 2012 by the In/Fusion Company. It is the result of the an energetic and poetic fusion of ideas between the team of Alexis Vaillant, founder of In/Fusion Company, Marie d'Hennezel, the landlord of the Domaine de Mazet, and the parisian agency Simone.
All artwork and illustrations by British designer Billie Jean.

Company: In/Fusion
Brand: In/Fusion
Slogan: Natural Tisanes for Urban Living
Origin: France
Category: Iced Tea
Packaging: 330ml
Claims: Organic
Variants: Berlin, London, Paris, Los Angeles
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: View Locations on Website
Website: infusion-company.com





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Hordes of ‘Yuppies’ Are Cramping Berlin’s Party-Animal Style

Cool club kids in Berlin are making a fuss about losing their local jaunts, and it seems like Berlin is also losing some edge. Reuters reports that with gentrification, a new band of "yuppies" (their words, not ours) are cracking down with noise complaints for the party city, endangering all the techno dance halls, beer gardens, and social clubs.

In fact, there's a term for it: "Clubsterben", or "club death." Promoters estimate that almost 15 clubs are in danger of shutting down, not to mention any of the 225 bars and discos. Apparently, Berlin is becoming prime real estate for people looking to polish up the city, and rents have risen more than 10 percent in the last year in certain neighborhoods (some of which are now club-free).

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