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Product Launch: Bentley Fragrances for Men

Bentley has joined luxury car marques including Mercedes and Ferrari in branching out to the fragrance market with the launch of its first men’s scent collection.

The brand claims the new men’s range, which starts at £24, “has skillfully transformed the quintessence of the luxury automotive brand Bentley into a superb and unmistakable fragrance experience”. Alongside the range, Bentley has also partnered with French glass design firm Lalique to create a limited edition range called Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition. Bottles feature a crystal falcon with the winged Bentley mascot.

Only 999 bottles will be available at selected retailers priced at £3,000 from April 2013. The fragrance has been created by French perfume house Robertet to include “fine woody notes and exquisite leather” to complement Bentley’s craftsmanship.

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