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Food Spotlight: BEET IT Sport Bar



The BEET IT SPORT beet and oat flapjack has been developed specifically to taste great! As well of course being packed with natural high-nitrate beet concentrate. Each bar has a natural dietary nitrate content of 0.4g, the same as a BEET IT SPORT shot.

The BEET IT SPORT shots are very intense - made only with concentrated beet juice cut with lemon to reduce sweetness - an acquired taste not to everyone's liking. However, our BEET IT SPORT flapjack is designed to be easier to consume. Plus they have a 50% oat content - an excellent source of slow release energy.

Eat between 1 to 12 hours before activity - a tasty way to Beet your personal best!


About the Company
BEET IT is the most recent best-selling brand to be developed by the Suffolk-based James White Drinks company. James White have been producing fruit and vegetable juices at Whites Fruit Farm in Ashbocking for over 23 years now and with such a vast amount of experience to draw on, it is not surprising that Beet It has taken the sport and nutrition world by storm!

A team of researchers initially approached our managing director (Lawrence Mallinson) a few years ago with regard to our Organic beet Juice and since then, BEET IT has been cemented in the worldwide research and commercial markets.

Supplying more than 90 universities and research institutes throughout the world, we are proud to have such a close relationship with leading scientists and professors. It is also important to make clear that we do not financially support any research and would never try to influence a project. We remain dedicated to developing the research in this field and as a result, we have developed a version of the BEET IT shots which have the nitrate removed to provide a virtually indistinguishable placebo for use in double-blind cross-over testing.

The BEET IT brand has grown over the last few years to include not only our original beet juice in 1l and 750ml cartons, 750ml glass bottles and 250ml PET bottles, but also the original concentrated Organic shot (0.3g nitrate content) and the SPORT shot (with 0.4g nitrate, this is now the favourite of the sporting elite and researchers); our newest flavour mixes are BEET IT with Ginger and BEET IT with Passion(fruit)!





Company: James White Drinks
Brand: BEET IT
Slogan: BEET Your Personal Best
Origin: UK
Category: Bars
Packaging: 60g Bar
Claims: Organic
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: £1.36
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: beet-it.com








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Snack Review: Pro-Elite Beetroot & Oat Flapjack

Following almost a year of product development, we're happy to announce that last week Beet It introduced a new beetroot-based flapjack to the market in response to consumer demand.

The Pro-Elite Beetroot & Oat Flapjack delivers the same dose of nitrate that athletes get from a single Beet It shot, but in a more palatable format, for those who find a SPORT shot too heavy before races.

The bars are lactose-free and similar in taste to a cereal bar, making them a handy-on-the-go product for athletes in training or a healthy 'elevenses' snack.

BEET IT founder and Managing Director Lawrence Mallinson said: "The Beet It Sport flapjack has just arrived in Suffolk. It is a great tasting oatmeal bar packed with beetroot concentrate - with a dietary nitrate content of 0.4g, the same as a BEET IT SPORT shot. We developed the bars specially to provide an easier to consume alternative to the BEET IT shots - which are very intense - to top up your natural nitrate intake."

"The Beet It shots have been a huge success with the elite sports world. There has been a stream of published research findings from the over 100 universities worldwide that have been carrying out dietary nitrate supplementation research with our BEET IT shots over the past five years. BEET IT is now the most exciting and delicious new aid to achieving that elusive personal best."


About the Company
Since 1991, we've been based on Whites Fruit Farm in Ashbocking, just north of Ipswich. Originally a cider factory, Lawrence Mallinson bought the assets to James White and began to explore a love of pressed fruit and vegetable juices. Originally one of the founders of New Convent Garden Soup, Lawrence has a knack for dreaming-up and creating new and exciting flavours. As a result, we now not only offer a range of English apple juices, but also an extensive portfolio of very different brands. This includes a Soil Association-certified range of organic fruit and vegetable juices, our world-famous spiced tomato juice (Big Tom), the grandfather - or Great Uncle - of the brands (Great Uncle Cornelius juices), an exciting and fun range of organic fruit and vegetable juices (Manic Organics), a fabulous and rather extensive selection of cordials (Thorncroft), and last, but by no means least, our best-selling brand of beetroot juice: Beet It!  Keep Reading


Company: James White
Brand: BEET IT
Slogan: The Power of No
Origin: UK
Category: Bars
Packaging: 60g
Claims: Lactose Free
Price: £25.00 (25 x 60g)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website:  jameswhite.co.uk







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Juice Spotlight: Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice


Beet It organic beetroot juice is blended with 10% fresh apple juice to smooth the earthy aftertaste of beetroot and create a really delicious drink.

Beetroot doesn't feature highly on most of our diets and the idea of drinking beetroot juice probably doesn't excite anyone too much, but this fabulous deep purple juice with a surprisingly sweet, and slightly earthy yet rich taste is a great drink for all occasions.

We are proud to supply over 90 research universities and institutes throughout the world that are currently researching the nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway for both medical and sport studies. For more information, visit the Beet It website.

Everyone knows that beetroot juice is great for heart health, especially for that high blood pressure. Numerous clinical trials have proved this and made beetroot juice a popular natural heart health essential. HeartBeet goes one step further taking this healthy beetroot juice from crushed beet and adding organic apple juice to make a really lovely, delicious drink. Beet It Organic Beetroot Juice is rich in antioxidants, nitrates, iron, boron, and folic acid



Crushed beetroot 90%, pressed apples 10%.

Per Serving size: 100ml, Energy(kj): 175kj, Energy(kcal): 42kcal, Protein(g/mg): 0.9g, Total Carbohydrate(g/mg): 9.3g Protein: 0.9g; Carbohydrate: 9.3g



Company: James White Drinks
Brand: Beet It
Origin: United Kingdom
Category: Juice and Juice Drinks
Packaging: 1 Litre, 75cl, 7cl
Price $5.20
Claims: 100% reconstituted, Antioxidant, No Additives/Preservatives, Organic, Functional, not specified, Heart Health
Where to buy: Direct on Website

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Product Spotlight: BEET IT Organic Stamina Shot

Beet IT Organic is the original stamina shot. Used by health conscious individuals of all ages, the Organic shots are also the preferred delivery method used by teams at over 30 different universities and research institutes worldwide. Research has been focussed on the health benefits of the Nitrate-Nitrite-Nitric Oxide pathway. The main benefit of the Organic shot is it allows a boost of Nitric Oxide (NO) concentration in the blood stream. This is achieved because they provide a constant and specific dose of dietary nitrate (0.3g per 7cl). The recommended dose is one a day, possibly in the morning with breakfast.

A mix of concentrated organic beetroot juice (98%) cut with organic lemon juice (2%) to reduce the natural sweetness means this little health shot is free from artificial fertilisers and pesticides. Our Organic shots also carry the logo of the Soil Association, an organization which tests products' organic credentials.

Nitric Oxide is a gas that is created by the body in the cardiovascular system.

NO is a signal molecule of key importance for the cardiovascular system. As such it plays a key role as:

  • a regulator of blood pressure
  • a gate keeper of blood flow to certain organs;
  • a stamina enhancer via oxygen usage efficiency
  • a weapon against infection.




Company: James White Drinks
Brand: BEET IT
Slogan: The Power of NO
Origin: UK
Category: Energy Drinks
Price: £25.00 x 15
Packaging: 70ml PET
Claims: Organic
Varieties: Organic, Sports Stamina
Website: beet-it.com









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