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Snack Spotlight: Chef’s Cut Real Chicken Honey Barbecue Jerky


With 30 grams of protein per bag and only 80 calories per serving, Chef's Cut Real Chicken Jerky: Honey Barbecue is a delicious, easy, healthy, and naturally gluten-free snack. Our premium low fat jerky is made with only the highest quality all white meat chicken breast. Includes 4 freshness-sealed packs.

Premium chicken jerky, made with all white meat chicken breast
Great tasting, high protein, low fat jerky snack
80 calories per serving
Naturally gluten free jerky
Nitrate free
No high fructose corn syrup
Four 2.5 oz. bags


Chicken breast, BBQ Seasoning [honey granules (refiners syrup, honey), sugar, brown sugar, salt, onion and garlic powder, smoke flavoring (maltodextrin, natural smoke flavor), molasses granules (refiners syrup, cane mill molasses, cane caramel color), spices, paprika, citric acid, spice extractives], celery powder, sea salt, vinegar. *No nitrites - except those naturally occurring in celery powder and sea salt.



Serving Size: 1 oz. Serving per container: 2.5, Calories 80, Protein 12g (24% RDV) , Carbohydrates 3g (2% RDV), Total Fat 1g (2% RDV), Saturated Fat 0g, Cholesterol 30mg (10% RDV), Sodium 400mg (17% RDV),



About the Company
When our Co Founder and Chef, Blair Swiler, set out to make a tastier, more tender jerky for himself and his family, he didn't realize he was taking a tradition as old as the world itself and making it better. It wasn't until his business partner Dennis Riedel started sharing our "Filet in a Bag" with friends that we realized we were about to turn the jerky world on its head.

We took real cuts of meat, hand-cut, just like you'd find in the butcher shop, cured them using our own proprietary smoking process, spiced them naturally, just like you would a piece of quality meat, and put it in a bag.

The result was a different kind of Jerky. Jerky done right.

We didn't up and change the way people think about Jerky just because we could. We did it because we don't believe that anything, or anyone, should ever stop improving. Should ever have limits. At Chef's Cut, our mission is simple: make the best jerky we can, every day, and never stop making it better.




Company: Chef's Cut
Brand: Chef's Cut Real Jerky
Origin: USA
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 2.5 oz
Claims: 12g of protein per serving, Gluten Free, US Inspected, High in Protein
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $27.96 (4 x 2.5oz)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: chefscutrealjerky.com


















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Snack Spotlight: Beanfields Barbecue Bean & Rice Chips



Beanfields has launched two new flavors to add to their line of  Bean and Rice Chips.  Today we are featuring the Barbecue variety.






About the company:

Beanfields was started with a big idea - to help change the way Americans eat. Our primary goal is to help improve the global food supply by creating delicious, plant based, Non-GMO snacks, with beans as the primary ingredient. Read More



Company: Beanfields
Brand: Beanfields Snacks
Origin: USA
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 5.5 oz
Claims: Gluten Free. Non-GMO
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $40 (1 case of 12 5.5oz)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Find a Store
Website: beanfieldssnacks.com





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Snack Spotlight: Krave Black Cherry Barbecue Pork Jerky


As KRAVE's newest jerky flavor, our black cherry barbecue pork offers up a finger-licking good taste from the heart of the wine country! We infuse tender slices of pork with our sweet and peppery, Sonoma-style, black cherry barbecue sauce. The result is a deliciously addicting jerky that will leave you KRAVE-ing more!

FREE SHIPPING when you order 5 bags or more!

***FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS:*** You can only subscribe for one bag at a time. Please choose quantity "1", click the "Subscribe" button and "add to cart". Repeat these steps to subscribe to more than one bag of this flavor.

Ingredients: Pork, evaporated cane syrup, water, tomato paste, honey, cherries, sea salt, red wine vinegar, natural black cherry syrup, molasses, spices (paprika, garlic powder, onion powder), citric acid, celery juice powder


Serving Size: 1 oz (28g)
Servings per container: About 3

Amount per serving
Calories: 90
Calories from Fat: 25

% Daily Value
Total Fat: 2.5g (4%)
Saturated Fat: .0g (0%)
Trans Fat 0g:
Cholesterol: 30mg (10%)
Sodium: 360mg (15%)
Total Carbohydrate: 7g (2%)
Dietary Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 5g
Protein: 11g (22%)
Vitamin A: 2%
Vitamin C: 2%
Calcium: 2%
Iron: 2%


About Krave
Jon Sebastiani didn’t choose jerky, jerky chose him. Training for the NYC Marathon in 2009, he yearned for a REAL way to satisfy his hunger. A business-man and father on-the-go, the convenience of traditional snack items was attractive – but the concern for his health and the desire for something delicious left him disillusioned – and challenged him to innovate beyond the expected. Today, Jon leads a team of die-hard runners, busy moms, and excited young professionals who push the limits and think outside the box to deliver a seriously satisfying and healthier snack. We reach for that bag every day and we invite you to join us: GIVE IN TO THE KRAVE.



Company: Krave
Brand: Krave
Category: Meat snacks
Origin: USA
Packaging: 3.25oz
Claims: All Natural, No Artificial Ingredients, Gluten Free, No Nitrates, Low Fat
Variants: Black Cherry Barbecue, Basil Citrus, Lemon Garlic, Grilled Sweet Terikyaki, Chili Lime, Garlic Chili Pepper, Sweet Chipotle, Pineapple Orange
Price: $7.00 USD
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: kravejerky.com







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Barbecues Are Trendy in Europe

Since March, Londoner John Labate has been on a culinary mission to cook the perfect ribs. On the weekends, the 38-year-old advertising executive dons his chef's cap, fires up his £900 Green Mountain Grill "Daniel Boone" pellet smoker, sits back with a beer and then just waits and waits. His beef brisket and his pulled pork marinated in chipotle, paprika, garlic and onion rub is something of a hit with his friends. But the holy grail of proper American barbecue remains ribs, and he is still trying to get those just right.

"I had been to a restaurant in London where they slow cook all their meats in a smoker," says Mr. Labate, "and after tasting the food there, I wanted to elevate my normal backyard barbecue to something different."

As the deep-rooted U.S. tradition makes its way across the Atlantic, "smoked" is becoming the buzzword on fashionable menus and the grills more accessible to Europeans.

Having learned the method of slow cooking on a wooden grill over indirect heat from their Caribbean neighbors, Americans made it part of community life around the 17th century, says Steven Raichlen, author of "The Barbecue Bible" and host of TV program "Primal Grill." From here, the Southern tradition of barbecue began with huge open pits and through-the-night smokehouses that left meat so tender it could be pulled apart. "The second thing that happened," explains Mr. Raichlen, "was the emancipation of slaves. The people who used to make the barbecues for the rich, white plantation owners suddenly started having to earn a living, so started the first commercial barbecue joints." Finally, Henry Ford's production of charcoal briquettes, along with the advent of the charcoal grill in the 1950s, allowed people to do it easily at home.

Full Article @ WSJ

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