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Food Spotlight: Organic Matters Vegan Coconut Bacon



• USDA Organic & Non GMO
• Gluten Free
• Vegan
• Cholesterol Free


Made in a dedicated allergen free & Organic kitchen! No Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Gluten, Meat products are allowed in our kitchen!




Mmmmm Bacon! - Not really though 🙂 Our Coconut Bacon satisfies all the cravings of Bacon without the piggies!

Unlike real bacon our is made from Organic coconut chips that are tossed in Organic oil, Spices, hickory/apple wood smoke, then baked (Not fried!) to perfection. This coconut bacon has a delightfully crunch texture with a smokey/salty and very slightly sweet flavor. Enjoy it sprinkled on any of your favorite foods, or snack on it straight out of the bag!





Organic Coconut Chips, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Hickory Smoke Flavor, Organic Agave Syrup Applewood Smoked Seasalt, Organic Pepper, Organic Spices



About the company:

Growing up as home-schoolers we were always given free reign to follow our passions. Turns out we're all passionate about food!

Before starting Organic Matters, we brothers (Orion & Jaden) spent 4 years working on small Organic farms. During that time we learned how important Organic Agriculture is, not only for our soil, water, & environment, but also for our bodies! The more we learned about the food we eat, the more restrictive our diet became. At a certain point we realized there weren't very many truly Organic food companies offering food with an emphasis on quality not quantity. All of a sudden we felt like odd-balls who couldn't find healthy AND delicious snacks in a grocery store! So, we decided to create our own line of snacks that we not only healthy, but delicious as well. We wanted to use 100% Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free ingredients while still having a product we are proud to call our own. Read More



Company: Organic Matters Co.
Brand: Organic Matters
Origin: USA
Category: Vegan Bacon
Packaging: 2.5 oz (70 g)
Claims: Gluten Free. Soy Free. Organic. Cholesterol Free
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $4.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: ogmatters.com









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Snack Spotlight: Snackle Mouth Bacon Maple Supersnack Clusters


In Latin it means Love; or another word for Perfecto. If you guessed Bacon, you were correct-umundo! Bite-sized chunks of real Bacon with simple notes of Maple baked together in our signature snack clusters – all that’s missing is your momma holding a skillet.

Almonds, organic blue agave, oats, oat bran, cooked bacon (pork, water, salt, sugar, smoke flavoring, natural flavors, lactic acid starter culture), brown rice syrup, pecans, canola oil, sea salt, natural maple flavor, natural vitamin e.





About the Company
Big Mouth Snack is located in Boulder, CO and our featured product, Snackle Mouth®, was developed by us, three guys named “John”. We crafted a healthy, tasty, and simple granola nut snack with a high degree of clumpability. What is clumpability, you ask? Simply put, it’s a phenomenal flavor cluster, embodying superior taste, and made from the most simple natural and organic ingredients on the planet. Nutritious, fun and easy to grab on the go, and, the very best part…drum roll please…the taste will blow you away. Enjoy!!

Company: Snackle Mouth
Brand: Snackle Mouth
Slogan: Supersnack Clusters
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 5.5oz
Claims: Natural
Varieties: View Range Here
Price: $4.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: snacklemouth.com



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Tech Spotlight: Wake Up To The Smell of Bacon


Wake Up And Smell The Bacon is a dongle and corresponding app for smartphones that will soon be available by Oscar Mayer. It’s an alarm that wakes you with the smell of bacon. Just plug the little device into your phone, sync it with the app, set your alarm, go to sleep, wake up to the smell of bacon, but no bacon. Seems cruel and grounds to go right back to bed. What a horrible way to start the day. Now, internet, take note: this is the first time bacon has been added to something that did NOT improve the quality of said something. And hopefully the last. Bacon, don’t you do us wrong again!



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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Go Bacon

We have a confession. . .we like bacon. Perhaps “like” isn’t strong enough. We LOVE bacon. Our problem? Regular bacon was never classy enough or portable enough for our liking. We’d spend ten minutes over a hot stove, dodging hot grease projectiles. And if we wanted the bacon for later? We’d shove it in a Ziploc bag… classy, huh?


Our answer to this conundrum? Go Bacon—1.5 ounces of gloriously delicious bacon jerky strips. That’s real strips of bacon in your pocket for whenever your inner carnivore calls.

(UPDATE: Our images say "1.2 oz.," but Go Bacon will now be offered in a pocket-sized 4"x6", 1.5 oz. package!


Go Bacon is made with premium, all natural jerkified bacon strips. Our manufacturer uses high quality meats. This gives you the best tasting bacon whenever and wherever you want it. Comment below and share your #baconswag.

Twitter: @gobaconjerky

Facebook: facebook.com/gobaconjerky


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Snack Review: Oberto All Natural Jalapeño Bacon Jerky



Oberto jerky is made for anyone with an appetite for life. Just like you, we're driven to be our best. For us, that means bringing you a great tasting snack that is high in protein and made only with real ingredients. So, we are bringing you our best to help you be your best.


Good source of protein
All natural
No preservatives
No artificial ingredients

Made with 100% Real Bacon
Made with real Jalapeños








About the Company
Quality and innovation have been hallmarks of the Oberto Brand since our humble beginnings in Seattle, Washington in 1918. We remain committed to providing you with the highest quality, best tasting meat snacks. Read More

Company: Oberto
Brand: Oberto
Slogan: Eat Excellent, Be Excellent
Origin: USA
Category: Meat Snacks
Packaging: 2.15oz
Claims: All Natural, Gluten Free, No Artificial Ingredients, Minimally Processed
Variants: View All Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: oberto.com







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Foods Review: Skillet Street Fennel & Black Pepper Bacon Spread



Try this brand new bacon spread flavor -- Fennel & Black Pepper. It's aromatic, a bit savory, and flavorful. An exciting new addition to the family!



About the Company
In 2007, Chef Josh Henderson created Skillet Street Food in Seattle, one of the first food experiences of what has since become a prototype for the national street food movement that has swept the country. Out of a vintage Airstream trailer, he created innovative lunch menus based on American-inspired food prepared with classic technique and seasonal ingredients. The reception from Seattle'ites was immediate and passionate. They were drawn to the chef-driven food, the excitement of being a part of a new, energetic, urban experience, and to the intimate involvement through the use of social media channels that intensified the connection with the Skillet brand. Read More


Company: Skillet Street Food
Brand: Skillet Street Food
Origin: USA
Category: Spreads
Packaging: 10.5oz jar
Claims: Delicious
Varieties: Fennel & Black Pepper, Original
Price: $14.99
Where to Buy: Direct on Website, Stockists
Website: skilletstreetfood.com

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Product Spotlight: EPIC Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar


The Bison Bacon bar delivers a substantial serving of our two most favorite meats; 100% grass fed and organic buffalo brilliantly combined with humanely certified uncured bacon! This unique, modern-day take on a Plains Indian staple food known as pemmican is sure to exceed your energy demands. Tender bison, savory bacon, and tart cranberries combine to create an EPIC tasting bar unlike anything you have experienced!

This nutrient-dense, flavorful, and outrageously lean animal is an iconic symbol of North America. For the past 10,000 years, the American Bison has played a crucial role in shaping the Great Plains and nourishing the native tribes that inhabited them. As late as 1871, a single herd of bison could easily contain over 1 million animals and take a man 6 days to pass through!


Omega 3
Vitamin B12
Low Glycemic
Gluten Free


Organic Bison, Uncured Bacon (Pork, Brown Sugar, Vinegar), Dried Cranberries (Cranberries, Apple Juice Concentrate), Lactic Acid (not from dairy), Celery Powder, Sea Salt




About EPIC
While driving through rural New Mexico on one of our epic outdoor adventures, we witnessed the horrors of an industrial cattle feedlot off the side of an isolated country road. For the first time, we became increasingly aware of the large-scale industrial animal factories that supply the world's meat, but we never connected the dots to the animals that we consumed everyday. Immediately, we reconsidered our own consumption of meat to protest the unnatural and inhumane raising of animals.

As vegetarians, Katie and I continued our pursuit of epic adventure to new extremes. We raced marathons, trained for Ironman triathlons, and frequently entered the wild where we pushed our bodies and spirits to previously unimaginable limits. Sometimes we would be out for so long that we had to sleep in fields just to find the energy to drag our bodies the final few miles home.

Shortly after, we reached a point in which we were becoming increasingly fatigued, losing muscle mass, and suffering from symptoms of overtraining. Over time, we discovered that the problem was that Katie and I could not consume enough nutrient-rich protein and vitamins to keep up with our constantly recovering bodies. We both felt a sense that we were missing a fundamental element to our diets and we instinctively began reintroducing animal protein that we purchased from our local farmers market. At the time, this was the only available outlet for humanely- treated organic and grass-fed meats.

Read Full Story Here



Company: EPIC
Brand: EPIC
Origin: USA
Category: Meat Snacks
Packaging: 43g bar
Claims: 100% Grass Fed, Low Glycemic, Protein, Gluten Free, 13g of Protein
Variants: Bison, Beef, Turkey
Price: $34.00 USD (box of 12) ($2.83 per unit)
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: epicbar.com

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Personal Care Spotlight: J&D’s Power Bacon Deodorant Stick


POWER BACON deodorant is designed specifically for those with active lifestyles – or people who just sweat like pigs.

Using POWER BACON will probably make everyone drawn to you like you were the most powerful magnet on Earth. And by everyone, we mean friends, acquaintances, beautiful strangers, dogs, bears, swamp alligators, lions and even pigs. It’s like an aphrodisiac for your armpits. But use your new power wisely, because with great bacon power comes great baconsibility.

For all day meat-scented protection, apply liberally to your underarms or private areas.

Do not eat or hike in the woods without a firearm while wearing POWER BACON.



About the Company
We’re Justin and Dave, and this is our improbable bacon-flavored story.

Who are we? We’re just two regular guys who won money on America’s Funniest Home Videos® and used it to launch our first product, Bacon Salt®. That’s right, salt that makes everything taste like bacon. America. Bacon. For The Win.

It all started with our dream to make everything taste like bacon and the $5,000 that Dave’s 3 year old son won us on America’s Funniest Home Videos by hitting Dave in the face with a wiffle ball. As Justin is fond of saying, “Dave should get hit in the face more often.”

We soon realized that the worldwide demand for a bacon-flavored seasoning was more immense than we could have ever imagined. In just 5 days we sold all 6,000 jars of Bacon Salt we had to people in 15 countries and 25 states – from our website, out of a garage – without spending a dime on marketing or advertising.

The innovation didn’t stop there. There were more food products we thought could taste like bacon: BaconPOP microwave popcorn, Baconnaise, Bacon Ranch Dressing and Dip Mix and Bacon Croutons. Then came the novelty products – Bacon Lip Balm, bacon-flavored Mmmvelopes, Bacon Shaving Cream, and more. We did some really crazy bacon-related events and stunts, like Baconnaise Wrestling (never again) and launching bacon into space (our greatest failure). Our tagline was “Everything should taste like bacon.” We were living the bacon-flavored American dream!

Today, we’re the World Leaders in Delicious. You can find our products – not just bacon-flavored! – at big-name retailers like Kroger, Walmart, Costco, Cost Plus and more. You might even come across some J&D’s products at your local Tesco in the UK or other international retailers.



Company: J&D's
Brand: J&D's
Slogan: Meaty Fresh
Origin: USA
Category: Personal Care, Deodorant
Packaging: 3.2oz
Claims: 24 Hour Bacon Scent
Price: $9.99 USD
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: jdfoods.net



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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Banzai Bacon Jerky



You had me at BACON!!!

Before we get into the bacon, we want to thank everyone for backing our first project which helped us launch Banzai Beef Jerky. We have been able to sell over 5,000 bags of Banzai Jerky in just six months. We appreciate the support and we wouldn't be here without you.

For those of you that don't know us or haven't seen our last Kickstarter project, Lance and I are cousins who have come together to make great products that people seem to love. We are driven by a love of really good food. Lance is the creative one. He designs the packaging and handles the social media. My day job is as a tax accountant, but our family has always had a passion for food. I love cooking and creating foods that I enjoy eating, not just jerky, I also enjoy making other foods and desserts. All Banzai recipes are created by myself. I started out with a small dehydrator out of my house and was making jerky for family. Throwing different ingredients into the sauces. I have refined the recipes and with the help of Kick we were able to get the word out and raise funding to get test batches and our first batch of jerky made. That's how the beef jerky got started.

We love bacon and have seen a few brands pop up, so we decided to try it at home. Our home trials have come out great, but in order to get this out to more people we would have to get it USDA approved which is where the funding would come in. Our manufacturer has already gotten a few of their bacon flavors approved, so we are confident that we will be able to get ours approved as well.


Bacon is not really known as a snack yet. It is always used as a complement to eggs and pancakes at breakfast or a flavor enhancer to vegetables or jalapenos, or even novelty foods like bacon ice cream and bacon cupcakes. You can get a BLT but that comes with so much lettuce, tomatoes and bread that the bacon becomes less important.

We realize that everything tastes better with bacon, but we want to make bacon the STAR! We want you to be able to eat bacon at any time of the day, by itself, in all of it's tasty glory. And you don't even have to cook it. Pop open a bag of our mouth watering Bacon Jerky and you'll be yelling BANZAI with a happy smile and a satisfied tummy.

We decided to try bacon jerky using our very own signature flavors. Our team has set up their dehydrators to produce USDA approved bacon jerky. The funding from this Kickstarter project will go towards running test batches and ultimately purchasing the first batch as well as all of the branding and packaging.

At this moment we are offering teriyaki and spicy teri flavored bacon jerky. Our teriyaki sauce is a family recipe that we have played around with to give the bacon more flavor. The Spicy Teri we have added a little bit of heat that we think works perfect with both bacon and beef. We are working on other flavors but they take quite a bit of trial and error. If you have any great ideas for flavors, we welcome your input.




Stretch Goals



We have been selling our beef jerky at local events and online and so far it has been very well received because our beef jerky is healthier and tastier than most store bought brands of beef jerky. Banzai Jerky is not processed and does not have MSG or preservatives.

lf you haven't already, please try it out. You can order some of our delicious beef jerky here: www.banzaijerky.com



Banzai Bacon Jerky! from Banzai Jerky! on Vimeo.

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Product Spotlight: Maple Bacon Morning Coffee


Reminiscent of a hearty Saturday morning breakfast around the table, this sweet, savory coffee delights the senses with the smell and taste of home! Maple Bacon Morning coffee combines our 100% Arabica coffee beans with the comforting flavors of maple syrup and bacon, and it has a base that's full-bodied and complex; a delicious way to rise when the rooster crows! If you enjoy our Maple Bacon Morning flavored coffee, our roastmaster suggests you also try our Bananas Foster Float coffee.


Company: Boca Java
Brand: Boca Java
Slogan: Redefining the Perfect Cup
Category: Coffee
Origin: USA
Packaging: 8oz
Claims: Awesome
Varieties: Boca Sunrise, Banana Fosters Float, Surfing Safari, Light Up Las Olas, Caramel Kiss Island, Espresso, Vacation Villa Vanilla, Hightide Hazelnut, Palm Beach Passion, Boca Villa, Coastal Costa Rica, White Chocolate Raspberry Reef. See All
Price: $7.99 USD
Website: bocajava.com




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