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Packaging Spotlight: Aquatadeus



Designed by

Moodley Brand Identity and Britta Fuchs

Vienna, Austria



The therapeutic effect of healing water has been known to mankind since the 17th century.

Now, Aquatadeus brings this healing aspect into their skin-care line – a line that makes the skin feel good again. After moodley’s rebranding, the corporate design also reflects this newly found sense of well-being.

Optimistic, natural and honest – this is probably how Aquatadeus could best be described. With their natural skincare line, the brand wants to take the secrecy out of neurodermatitis and communicate openly and honestly. This self-confidence is now central to the new brand identity and the packaging design.

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Drink Spotlight: Celts Berry Re-Aging Functional Drink




Protects against cell degeneration

The active ingredient OPC is able to revive vitamins C, A and E up to 10 times! The strong antioxidant effect of OPC and the special abilities of OPC build up cells and protect them against degeneration (cancer).



Cell, Chromosome, DNA and gene. Cell Structure. The DNA molecule is a double helix. A gene is a length of DNA that codes for a specific protein. Genome Study

Cell, Chromosome, DNA and gene. Cell Structure. The DNA molecule is a double helix. A gene is a length of DNA that codes for a specific protein. Genome Study




Supports cell rejuvenation

OPC overcomes the blood-brain barrier and thus protects the brain cells from ocidation. ( helps against so-called degenerative diseases such as Alzheimers´s, Parkingson´s, MS and demens.)

The properties of OPC help to create new cells. An example are the two High Protein Collagen and Elastin - OPC tightens the skin an makes it elastic.



Strengthens the immune system.

Datasirup was already known in antiquity as a natural antibiotic. Together with Astragalus-membranaceus, CELTS-BERRY re-aging contains a strong potential to support and protect the immune system.






Company: Celts Berry
Brand: Celts Berry
Slogan: Re-Aging Functional Drink
Origin: Austria
Category: Functional Beverages
Packaging:  230ml
Claims: Anti-aging, Organic
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: celts-berry.com







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Packaging Spotlight: Best of Nature



Designed by

moodley brand identity
Vienna, Austria

Marie Zieger
Graz, Austria

Birgit Taucher
Graz, Austria



Best of Nature, short BON, only uses the most natural ingredients in traditional recipes for its finest oils, herbal mixtures and essences. But with a constantly growing product palette, it was important to establish a strategic and aesthetic focus for the brand.

Nature refrains from the unnecessary. So does the new corporate design developed by moodley brand identity. The high-class distillates and mixed spices now appear in a packaging that gives every product its space without failing to provide consistency. After the rebranding, the website also shifted the focus on the products – and with them on the finest essences of nature.






















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Drink Spotlight: Dancing Cow 1-Minute Breakfast



DANCING COW 1-MINUTE BREAKFAST is an innovative drink and serves the consumer all the components of a perfect breakfast: cereals (wheat, barley, oat, rice), protein, carbs, calcium, vitamins and minerals. The drink is an alternative convenient option for busy people and so consumers do not have to worry about a healthy nutrition in the morning any longer. The liquid breakfast is a perfect way for a good and well-balanced start into the day and contains all the important ingredients for the first meal of the day: high in fibre, protein, carbs, essential vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12) and minerals, calcium for strong bones, cereals and folic acid. Furthermore it is milk based, really low fat (0.1 – 0.2g)


• skimmed GMO free* milk
• cereals (wheat, barley, oat, rice)
• high in fibre
• protein
• carbohydrates
• essential vitamines and minerales
• calcium
• folic acid
• low fat (0.1 - 0.2g per 100 g)
• NO preservatives,
• NO artificial colourings,
• NO artificial flavourings


nutri 1


nutri 2




Company: TSC Food Products GmbH
Brand: dancing cow
Origin: Austria
Category: Breakfast Drink
Packaging: 100g
Claims: high in fibre. protein. carbohydrates. no preservatives
Variants: choco, banana
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: dancing-cow.com







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Company Spotlight: IdrinQ – Brain Nutrition Beverage



IdrinQ® is a new generation drink, which helps to think smarter. It is the world's only drink combining L-Arginin and R(+)-alpha-lipoic acid.

IdrinQ® is a new revolutionary brain nutrition beverage. It is the ONLY drink in the world with a worldwide unique patented nutritive composition for natural power supply throughout the body, but particularly nurturing the brain.

IdrinQ® has been designed by a group of international experts in accordance with the latest discoveries in the field of nutrition as the 1st energy drink free of caffeine. More Info Here

IdrinQ® contains the amino-acid L-arginine, the natural metabolic factor R(+)α-lipoic acid, as well as B vitamin complex. All components are present in the human body; however, they may become depleted in the course of overwhelming efforts that cause fatigue, depression, and a decrease in mental capacity or in case of elevated metabolic demand. Read More

IdrinQ® helps to think smarter. Things that were challenging become simpler and everything seems clearer and more in focus. It is great for idea generation and creativity. It helps to separate the important from unimportant. With IdrinQ® everything clicks!



Company: Encrypta GmbH
Brand: IdrinQ
Slogan: Think Smarter
Origin: Germany
Category: brain nutrition beverage
Packaging: 330ml
Claims:  It is the ONLY drink in the world with a worldwide unique patented nutritive composition for natural power supply throughout the body, but particularly nurturing the brain.
Price: £19.99 (pack of 12)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.idrinq.com








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Dairy Spotlight: Wojnar’s Sheep and Goat’s Milk Soft Cheeses


SHEEP`S MILK: Bryndza cheese made from Austrian sheep’s milk with no artificial preservatives.

GOAT`S MILK: Soft cheese made from Austrian goats’ milk with no artificial preservatives.



Walnut - Finest goats’ milk soft cheese combined with the delicate bittersweet flavour of chopped walnuts. A unique taste experience!

Green Olive - Finely chopped green olives give this mild sheep’s milk soft cheese its unique Mediterranean flavour.

Chive - The exquisite taste of mild goats’ milk soft cheese, complemented by the distinctive flavour of fresh garden chives.


About the company

Grandpa Josef Wojnar founded Wojnar’s in the 1930s and even back then produced spreads and cheese spreads such as the ever-popular Liptauer.

In 1966 he passed the business on to his son Henrik and his wife Christa (our parents).

In 1999 we three sisters, Susanne, Daniela and Nina Wojnar, took over the running of the business, then still in Vienna’s 12th district.

In 2000 Wojnar’s and its staff of around 80 moved to the ultra-modern production facility in the Laxenburger Straße in Vienna’s 23rd district.



Company: Wojnar's
Brand:  Sheep and Goat's Milk Soft Cheeses
Slogan:  Wojnar's
Origin:  Austria
Category:  Cheese, Spread
Packaging:  Coming soon
Claims:  Made from Austrian sheep's milk, no artificial preservatives
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy:  Austria
Website: http://www.wojnar.at/en/







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Drink Spotlight: All I Need Organic Tea Drink


'all i need' is a completely new type of refreshment drink based on green tea.

It’s new because we brew whole organic Sencha green tea leaves from China according to a tradition that is thousands of years old. For that process we use three times as much tea as is used for other tea beverages. That way, we make sure that the precious ingredients of the tea and its inimitable taste are preserved. The theine (the “caffeine” contained in tea) can be processed much better by the body than synthesized caffeine, and therefore has a smoother and longer-lasting effect.






About the Company
all i need follows a global approach. What exactly does that mean?

We live in a globalized world, which has many advantages, but also some disadvantages. The world is moving closer together, goods are transported all around the globe, we can travel anywhere we want. At the same time, globalization leads to growing inequality. The environment and also many people, especially in poor countries, suffer from it. Consequently, there are more and more people with a critical attitude towards this development. They want to go “back to the roots” – more local, less global. But we are convinced that this is not the best solution. The increasing globalization can’t be stopped and we would like to make the best of it. We want to see globalization in a positive light and contribute to making it beneficial for as many people as possible.

We want to combine the best things from different countries and cultures. Therefore we have chosen ingredients from all over the world for all i need and combined them. This also enables us to do some good for the people in the countries the ingredients come from. You can’t look at sustainability from a local perspective only. By using products from our regions we support the Austrian farmers, but there are many places in the world where people have much fewer opportunities than we do. Besides, in their home countries there is no awareness for sustainability and organic farming. Instead of only paying attention to our immediate environment, we want to broaden our perspective and contribute to changes all around the world. And one way of doing that is, for example, buying Açaí-Berries from the Brazilian Indios and thereby making it possible for them to live from the cultivation of their products. What’s more, cultivating Açaí in that area prevents the deforestation of the rain forest.




Company: all i need
Brand: Organic Tea Drink
Slogan:  all i need
Origin:  Austria
Category:  Tea
Packaging:  250ml
Claims:  Certified organic, 100% natural
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy:  Austria
Website: http://www.biotta.ch/en/






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Drink Review: BlackHogs Guarana Beauty Drink



BLACKHOGs is a natural anti-aging caffeine drink without preservatives and dyes. The double anti -aging effect is based on the two pillars " Salvestrols " - cell renewal & " antioxidants " - cell protection. The balanced amount of guarana and caffeine is actually bound in the bottle by the fiber.

This seeds come from an agricultural cooperative in Brazil and is imported. In our production plant we refine the Guarana to finest. The idea and philosophy of Blackhogs is to process natural raw materials in an unaltered form for a recipe. So we believe we can provide the body with the best nutrients!

Untreated foods are always better than the same materials in an adultered form. Many synergies have not yet been explored. Particularly in the field of secondary plant materials we are just beginning to see some research done. Nutritional values ​​are unchanged as they enter the body and are up to 30 times more potent than the synthetic substances in comparison.




Company: BlackHogs
Brand: Blackhogs
Slogan: Brisk up your Body
Origin: Austria
Category: Functional Beverages
Packaging:  230ml
Claims: Anti-aging
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: www.onlyq.eu
Website: www.blackhogs.eu




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Vodka Spotlight: Wodqa 100ml



Wodqa® is distilled seven times and never(!) filtered.

The wheat comes from Austria and was harvested with respect for nature in a small farm. The particularly soft water is freshly drawn from a spring in a nature reserve. It is rich in minerals thanks to the primary rock, and is always processed within 24 hours.

Thanks to the finest basic elements, utmost diligence in the distillation process and no filtering whatsoever, the fine grain aromas are preserved in our distillate – the result is an extremely soft and aromatic spirit.

We have made this elementary understanding of quality the trademark of our Wodqa®. »W« – flavored by nature.

Wodqa® was awarded a gold medal at the World Spirits Awards 2014 in the Vodka category and a gold medal at the Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb 2014 (IWS). Furthermore it was awarded a silver medal at International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014 (IWSC).





Company: Wodqa
Brand: Wodqa
Origin: Austria
Category: Vodka
Packaging: 100ml
Alcohol per Volume: 40%
Claims: Extremely Pure
Variants: View Range Here
Price: 8.90€
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.qonzern.com




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raunch bravo orange

Juice Spotlight: Rauch Bravo Sunny Orange




Real fruits are the best magnets – in every situation. Due to the attractive flavour of fruits in many sorts the natural thirst quencher is in full trend. The high fruit content and the fruity natural design give BRAVO fruit drinks their ultimate appetite appeal. Real Fruit. Real Rauch.



More appetite for fruit!
BRAVO stands for creative compositions of a variety of exotic as well as local sorts of fruits and berries. BRAVO fruit drinks are the ideal thirst quencher and guarantee a fruity change with constantly new ideas and exciting experiences of flavour. The brand for all who like young, free & fruity. Fruity nectars and drinks rich in vitamins, nutrients and mineral nutrients for more vitality guarantee highest fruit pleasure, always and everywhere.


BRAVO time is every time!
Sparkling thirst enjoyment is also available with BRAVO sparkling juices and BRAVO drinks with the vitamin combination ACE in the practical PET bottle. Thanks to the variety of packaging forms of the re-closable 0.5 litre and 1.5 litre PET bottles to the 1 litre pack to the 2 litre storage packs, with BRAVO you get everything for every thirst.


Rauch Bravo Sunny Orange Drink
Refreshing fruit drink with orange flavor, in a 1.5L PET bottle.


Water, orange fruit juice from concentrate, sugar, citric acid, stabilizer (gum acacia, locust bean gum, xanthan, carboxymethyl cellulose), flavor, vegetable oil, preservative (sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate), sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-K), vitamins.



Per Serving size: 100ml, Fat, Energy(kj): 152, Energy(kcal): 35.9, Protein(g/mg): 0.1g, Dietary Fibre(g/mg): 0.2g, Fat(g/mg): 0.2g, Total Carbohydrate(g/mg): 7.7g, Sugar: 7.7g, Vitamin A(g/mg): 0.12mg, Vitamin B6(g/mg): 0.21mg, Vitamin C(g/mg): 12mg, Vitamin E(g/mg): 1.8mg, Fat: 0.2g; Protein: 0.1g; Carbohydrate: 7.7g




Company: Rauch
Brand: Rauch
Origin: Austria
Category: Juice & Juice Drinks
Packaging: 1.5L PET bottle
Claims: With vitamins B, C, and E. 10% fruit content. Recyclable packaging.
Variants: Orange, Peaches, Lemon
Price: $1.35/ Bottle
Where to Buy:  Coming Soon
Website: rauch.cc

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