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Water Spotlight: Aquapax Natural Mineral Water


At Just Drinking Water we produce Aquapax, one of the purest natural mineral waters on the planet. It’s packaged inside a beautiful 500ml carton that’s mostly made of wood, a natural and renewable resource.


Aquapax natural still mineral water tastes amazingly fresh and pure, just as natural water should and won the 2008 QATRAH award as Best Bottled Water in the world. With a near perfect 7.1pH balance, it is low in minerals (that’s a good thing) and ultra low in nitrates, making it even suitable for infants. Try it and taste for yourself.


Full Mineral Analysis mg/l (a milligram per litre equates to a single part per million parts.)
Bicarbonate (HCO3) 145
Calcium (Ca) 58,7
Magnesium (Mg) 6,3
Chloride (Cl) 13,6
Sodium (Na) 6,5
Sulphate (SO4) 48
Potassium (K) 1,0
Nitrate (NO3) <0,3
Nitrite (NO2) <0,005
Manganese (Mn) <0.002
Uranium (U) not provable (in other words none)


AQUAPAX TDS at 180 C = just 275mg/l (Method: DIN 38409-1-1)
NB. Natural mineral water is the most sought after of all water due to its stable composition & natural mineral qualities; it has to be pure and traditionally contain a minimum TDS level of 250ppm to be classified as natural mineral water.


Aquapax is the first water packaged in cardboard on the French market. Its packaging is made ​​of 75% recycled material, recycled, renewable and renewed: wood certified by the Forest Northern Europe. Aquapax is actively involved in the collection and sorting of waste.

The Aquapax package developed by Tetra Pak protects water from the impact of air, the sun, and any possible external aggression. Aquapax Mineral water is thus constantly pure and fresh.



Company: Just Drinking Water
Brand: Aquapax
Category:  Water
Origin: France
Packaging: 500ml carton
Claims: Eco Friendly Packaging
Price: £20.40 (Pack of 24)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, UK Stockists
Website: justdrinkingwater.com






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