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Company Spotlight: Mother Beverage



Mother Beverage is a healthy soda infused with Apple Cider Vinegar. It contains 15 calories or less and 2-4 grams of sugar per bottle. It is light, crisp, and refreshing. Mother Beverage is lightly carbonated and made with 100% all-natural ingredients.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used as a homeopathic remedy for over a hundred years.

Some benefits may include:

    • Weight Loss - Increases Metabolism
    • Heart Healthy
    • Relieves Bloating
    • Promotes Alkalinity in the Body
    • Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels


At Mother Beverage the ACV is infused with all-natural ingredients to create a delicious, refreshing, lightly carbonated beverage.

About Mother Beverage

Mother Beverage was founded in December of 2015 by husband and wife duo Stephen and Allison Ellsworth. Allison was suffering from a variety of health issues and read that taking shots of apple cider vinegar (ACV) could help. Within a few weeks, her health issues had subsided.  Allison was amazed with the benefits!  The prebiotics and acetic acid contained in ACV helped to detox and reset her body and immune system.  Allison, like many others, loved the benefits, but not the taste.

Allison and Stephen knew there had to be a better way to consume ACV.  With that, the idea of Mother was born in their Dallas kitchen.  Mother contains 1 TBSP of ACV per 12 oz. serving, in a great tasting, low calorie, and low sugar beverage. It’s a better for you soda!

Cheers to your health!


Company: Mother Beverage
Brand: Mother Beverage
Origin: USA
Category: Soda
Packaging: 12 fl oz (355 ml)
Claims: 100% all-natural ingredients
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $42 (12 Pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator






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Drink Spotlight: Kor Gut Check Shot


Apple Cider Vinegar, Probiotic, Aloe Vera Juice, Ginger Juice, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice, Coconut Water

An ideal shot for digestive health that combines ‘all-mighty’ apple
cider vinegar with calming aloe vera juice and a 1 billion CFU probiotic, along with
nutrient-rich apple, lemon and coconut water to keep your tummy on track!


Cold Pressed | 1.7 fl. oz
•TSA Friendly
•Ships refrigerated with our Green Liner and Ice packs
•1 month shelf-life from purchase date


Apple Cider Vinegar, Probiotic, Aloe Vera Juice, Ginger Juice, Lemon Juice, Apple Juice, Coconut Water


About the Company

A love story is behind Kor Shots. A few years ago, my girlfriend had to go to the East Coast when her dad suffered a massive heart attack. She took care of him for about 6 months before coming back to California. While she was gone, I used to prepare her a care package that I would mail out every week. At one point, I started including some soups from fresh vegetables purchased at the farmers market. And, because of the logistics behind shipping, I started doing extensive research in food preservation. In the end, it led me to the technology that I use today to maintain freshness and nutrients for the shots.

The company was born soon after, following a trip to Kauai where I purchased freshly harvested turmeric and ginger roots.  When I arrived home and juiced these roots, I was struck by how instantly energized and renewed my body felt, and continued to feel over time as I drank these roots on a daily basis.

I had long known about the amazing nutritional and powerful healing benefits of these roots, and now combined with witnessing my own body’s positive response, I had the great desire to share my experience with others.  You no longer have to wait in a long line at your local juice bar or deal with a messy juicer to enjoy your daily dose of the most nutritional and restorative ingredients on earth!



Company: Kor Shots
Brand: Kor Shots
Slogan: The Original Raw Shot
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 1.7 fl. oz
Claims: Organic ingredients. TSA Friendly
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $ 44.40 (12 BOTTLES)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: kor-shots.myshopify.com




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kevita feat4

Drink Spotlight: KeVita Red Beet Sparkling Probiotic Tonic



An aromatic blend of earthy turmeric and soothing ginger, KeVita’s Turmeric Ginger Probiotic Tonic is filled with powerful functional ingredients. KeVita TONICS are certified organic and non-GMO, low in calories, vegan, non-dairy, and gluten free. Stevia sweetened. Contains no added sugar.





About the company

KeVita® Sparkling Probiotic Drink is delicious vitality in every sip. At the heart of KeVita is its proprietary culture with four strains of live probiotic. KeVita is handcrafted in its own facility in Southern California. Enjoy a variety of low calorie flavors including Coconut, Mango Coconut and Pomegranate. KeVita is certified organic, non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan.

KeVita’s mission is to empower people to take their health and well-being into their own hands by providing innovative products geared to help support immune and digestive health. KeVita is part of the movement to end obesity in the United States.



Company: KeVita
Brand:  Red Beet Sparkling Probiotic Tonic
Slogan:  KeVita
Origin: US
Category: Juice
Packaging: 450ml
Claims:  Non GMO, certified organic, non dairy and gluten free.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator
Website: http://kevita.com/



kevita 4



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Packaging Redesign: Vinki Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinki has relaunched with a new packaging design that features a cleaner label.   Vinki is an all natural juice beverage made with apple cider vinegar that’s being positioned as a digestive health beverage. It’s made with a 40 percent juice blend of blueberry and pear juices. Apple cider vinegar gives Vinki a kick k, while also adding flavor and aroma to the product.  Available in two flavors: Blueberry and Pomegranate.

While vinegar based drinks are popular mainly in Asia, specifically South Korea, highlighting the health benefits of these drinks could turn them into a 2013 mini trend if positioned correctly.


View the before and after below.



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