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Alcohol Spotlight: Bud Light Apple-Ahhh-Rita


Today, the popular Bud Light Lime Ritas family expands yet again, adding fall seasonal Apple-Ahhh-Rita to shelves and on-premise across the country.


Success of the Ritas family thus far has been phenomenal. Bud Light Lime Ritas was named a 2014 Breakthrough Innovation winner by Nielsen. The permanent core flavors (Straw-Ber-Rita, Mang-O-Rita, Raz-Ber-Rita and Lime-A-Rita) are the top four brands in the FMB category – the fastest growing brand in the industry since Lime-A-Rita’s 2012 launch (Source: *IRI MULC YTD 06.22.14). In addition, last October, Ritas launched Cran-Brrr-Rita as a winter seasonal and it flew off shelves. The Bud Light brand anticipates Apple-Ahhh-Rita to have similar success and is excited to further extend Ritas into the popular margarita space, as well as tap the current consumer popularity of ciders/apple.


“As evidenced by the current cider trend, apple is an immensely popular flavor amongst consumers, even more so for the fall,” said Tyler Simpson, director of marketing for Bud Light extensions. “In addition to Lime-A-Rita, Straw-Ber-Rita, Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber-Rita, we wanted to offer Ritas fans a special drink fitting for the season - similar to last year’s creation of the extremely successful Cran-Brrr-Rita for winter months. Apple-Ahhh-Rita is crisp and refreshing. It’s a Bud Light Lime margarita twist on a popular apple beverages that’s as simple as ‘pop, pour over ice and enjoy’.”


As part of Bud Light Lime Ritas’ larger “Fiesta Forever” marketing campaign, a new TVC for Apple-Ahhh-Rita will begin airing today. You can see it online here: http://youtu.be/xaxccgvItCU


“We’ll support Apple-Ahhh-Rita with our new, integrated advertising campaign called Fiesta Forever,” said Tyler Simpson, Director of Marketing, Bud Light Extensions at Anheuser-Busch InBev. “We spent the past two years introducing consumers to Ritas with product-focused creative. Now, with four core Ritas flavors in stores and leading the FMB category - as well as two seasonal offerings for fall and winter - the new Fiesta Forever campaign focuses on the spirit of the Ritas brand, encouraging consumers to embrace moments to let go and celebrate. Fiesta Forever is the most significant marketing campaign behind Bud Light Lime Ritas since we first launched Lime-A-Rita in 2012.”




Company: Anheuser-Busch
Brand:  Bud Light
Category: Alcohol Beverages
Origin: USA
Packaging: 8 fl oz
Alcohol Volume: 8%
Varieties: Lime-a-rita, Straw-ber-rita, Mang-o-rita, Apple-Ahhh-Rita
Price: $13.99 for 12 cans
Website: anheuser-busch.com









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