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Spirits Spotlight: Patrón Extra Añejo Tequila, the First New Addition to Patrón’s Core Tequila Range in 25 Years



From the Brand that Created the Ultra-Premium Tequila Category, a New Tequila that's Aged for More than Three Years in American, French and Hungarian Oak Barrels

ATOTONILCO EL ALTO, Jalisco, Mexico, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As consumers across the globe have increasingly discovered the complexity, versatility and sophistication of ultra-premium tequila, the category has continued to innovate and evolve. At the same time, consumer preference for aged spirits has rapidly grown and today's range of aged tequila styles and tastes arguably rivals those of the world's finest bourbons, scotches and cognacs.  To meet this demand, Patrón - the global leader in ultra-premium tequila - today introduces Patrón Extra Añejo tequila.

Aged for more than three years, Patrón Extra Añejo is the first new addition to Patrón's core range of tequilas in 25 years, expanding an iconic line that includes Patrón Silver, Patrón Reposado (aged at least two months), and Patrón Añejo (aged for more than 12 months).  Extra añejo tequila, a classification that the Consejo Regulador de Tequila (Mexico's governing body for tequila) created in 2006, represents the fastest-growing category in aged tequila today.

"When Patrón launched nearly three decades ago, the world was a very different place for tequila," said Lee Applbaum, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Patrón Spirits. "Fast forward to today, the evolution of the ultra-premium tequila category has been extraordinary, as more people across the globe have come to recognize and value the sophistication of this world-class spirit.  Patrón Extra Añejo is an excellent example of this rapidly changing consumer appreciation for fine tequila, and we're delighted to share this new expression with spirits aficionados everywhere."

Patrón Extra Añejo tequila is crafted from the highest-quality 100 percent Weber Blue Agave and distilled using the ancient tahona process and the more modern roller mill method. It is then aged for more than three years in a combination of new and used American, French and Hungarian oak barrels to impart an aroma and taste of dry fruits, banana, honey, and vanilla, together with the distinctive flavor of light agave and oak, making it perfect for enjoying on its own or mixing into cocktails such as the Patrón The Oldest Fashioned, made with vanilla simple syrup, chocolate bitters, orange peel, and grapefruit peel.

Patrón Extra Añejo is packaged in the same iconic bottle as Patrón's other core tequilas, hand-numbered and hand-labeled to ensure quality.  It is available at fine spirits and liquor retailers across the country for the suggested retail price of $89.99 (750ml). Patrón Extra Añejo tequila is also available in a 375ml size. For more information, please visit www.patrontequila.com.

About Patrón Tequila
From hand-harvesting the highest-quality 100 percent Weber Blue Agave, to the traditional, time-honored distillation process and individual labeling, numbering, and inspection of each bottle, Patrón tequila is crafted with meticulous precision and care. Though Patrón has grown to become one of the most-recognized and respected luxury spirits brands in the world, it is still exclusively produced in the Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, in the same small batches and with the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship. For more information about Patrón tequilas and liqueurs, please visit www.patrontequila.com.

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SOURCE Patrón Tequila

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Patrón Extra Añejo is the first new addition to Patrón’s core range of tequilas in 25 years (PRNewsfoto/Patrón Tequila)

Patrón Extra Añejo is the first new addition to Patrón’s core range of tequilas in 25 years (PRNewsfoto/Patrón Tequila)




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Spirits Spotlight: Kimo Sabe ‘Anejo’ Set For September 15 Launch


Kimo Sabe 'Anejo' Takes Double Gold 94 Pt. Rating

LOS ANGELES and ZACATECAS, Mexico, Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Kimo Sabe Mezcal, the fastest growing Mezcal in the United States, will launch Kimo Sabe Anejo, on September 15th.  Previewed by celebrated wine and spirits connoisseur Anthony Dias Blue, Kimo Sabe Anejo received a coveted 'double-gold', 94 rating, which will be published later this month on the renowned Blue Lifestyle website.

Kimo Sabe Anejo is aged for 18 months in American Oak casks – which have already been seasoned aging Kimo Sabe Reposado.  Its nose: refined notes of vanilla pod and sweet grass. Tasting notes include:  spicy vanilla, tropical banana, licorice with a butter crème finish. This ultra-premium Kimo Sabe Mezcal Anejo is 41.5% ABV and has a MSRP of $54.99.

Kimo Sabe Anejo joins Kimo Sabe's award winning Joven, Reposado and limited edition, super luxury expression, Cinco de Noviembre, giving it four Mezcal offerings in the marketplace.

"We're very proud to continue enhancing our line of exceptional mezcals, with our Anejo which builds on the quality, taste and smoothness of our gold medal-winning Reposado," said Jim Walsh, CEO of Kimo Sabe. "A great deal of care, innovation and quality goes into every bottle of Kimo Sabe. We want to attract the largest following possible to our spirit line, and that is why all of our mezcals are meticulously crafted while offering tremendous value."

Kimo Sabe has won back-to-back American Distilling Institute Best In Class honors in the agave spirit category. Kimo Sabe Joven took top honors in 2016 and the super-luxury expression Kimo Sabe Cinco de Noviembre won in 2017.  With Kimo Sabe Anejo getting the double gold 94 rating, it gives Kimo Sabe three award winning Mezcals.

Kimo Sabe is currently distributed in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Florida and Colorado.




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Spirits Spotlight: Dos Alas Tequila





Bottled immediately after distillation to capture the full 100% agave flavor.

Bright, clean, good transparency with silver shades.

Sweet aromatic notes of honey, as well as herbal notes of artichoke and olives, appearing slightly citrus flavors of grapefruit and lemon.

Honey flavors with hints of herbal and citrus notes.

Pleasant and moderately lingering.




Reposado meaning rested is aged for eight to nine months.

Golden straw-colored hues, with good transparancy, brightness and cleanliness.

Eight months

Aromatic notes of fine woods, almonds and walnuts, spicy notes of pepper, nutmeg, with hint of vanilla and cinnamon

Pleasant with a continuous duration, gently impacting sensitive areas, perceiving the sweetness from the agave. The flavors projecting a soft, warm and harmonious profile with connotations of quality that may be awarded as a result of diligent process and patience in the rest.

Pleasant, rounded, and moderately lingering.




Anejo is our vintage batch and is aged for eighteen to twenty months.

Amber along with hints and shades of soft old gold and copper tones.

Eighteen months

Emerge notes of vanilla and nuts, highlighting the aroma of hazelnuts and walnuts; shows aromas to dairy like butter. You can identify other flavors, such as honey, fine woods, chocolate, very faint herbal notes.

Honey notes of cooked agave (sherry) and woody notes are intensified.

Nice and clean with moderate duration. Aromas and flavors, producing an elegant figure of distinction with unbeatable presence that exceeds expectations.



About the company

We are passionate, independent and small batch distillers of tequila and growers of agave.

Spread your wings and explore the rich flavors of our freshly created concoctions made from
100% Blue Weber Tequilana Agave.


Company: Dos Alas Tequila
Brand:  Tequila
Origin: US
Category: Spirits
Packaging: Coming soon
Claims: Aged for 8 - 12 months.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: http://www.tequiladosalas.com/index.php





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Alcohol Spotlight: Dulce Vida’s Extra Añejo




Dulce Vida’s Extra Añejo is a celebratory Limited Edition rested for just over five years in single barrels from a respected Napa Valley winery. This unique craft approach is unmatched in the marketplace, creating a truly unique, complex extra añejo with the great characteristics expected of truly authentic, traditional Añejos. This Extra Añejo provides a soft nose, like a cognac or whiskey, and the full body of a 100 proof tequila.

This Limited Edition commemorates Dulce Vida’s five-year anniversary in the marketplace. Truly, an unrivaled fine sipping tequila.

Color: Amber/Saffron
Aroma: Cognac & Oak
Taste: Bold Agave Sweetness
Finish: Fine Port





About the Company – Dulce Vida Tequilas sources its 100% organic agave from the Los Altos highlands in the Tequila region of Mexico. Because of the unique climatic characteristics and the air & soil, this area is well known for producing larger, fruitier agave, ideal for tequila. This organic agave ensures Dulce Vida makes tequila the way tequila has always tasted best: pure and powerful, free of any additives.

Dulce Vida produces the only 100° proof, 100% organic tequila in the world and has been nationally recognized as a brand rich in tequila heritage, earning top awards in numerous competitions. What sets Dulce Vida apart is a combination of product attributes, packaging, and taste profile – including Handcrafted Distillation, 100° Proof/Navy Strength, and Organics. 100° Proof provides Dulce Vida the purity, authenticity, and full agave taste that is the cornerstone of our brand. We make our tequila at 100° proof to fashion our spirit in an old-world means, cask-strength, the way spirits were enjoyed years ago.




Company: Dulce Vida
Brand: Extra Añejo
Slogan: The Most Awarded Tequila
Origin: Mexico
Category: Spirits
Packaging: 750ml Glass Bottle
Alcohol Volume: 100 proof
Claims: 100% organic, handcrafted tequila
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $160
Where to Buy:  Store Locator








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Alcohol Spotlight: Arta Tequila Añejo


Two years of aging in unique, 150 liter, American oak barrels lends a refined air layered with complexity and hints of vanilla and caramel to Arta Añejo. The smaller barrels provide greater wood-to-tequila surface area, creating Arta’s award-winning infusion of flavor.

Unlike many other Añejo’s, Arta’s Añejo is aged to the farthest edge for its variety (any more and it would be ‘Extra Añejo’) and should be reserved for slow and peaceful sipping.


Tasting Notes
Appearance: Dark amber, with structured, slow tears.
Aroma: Sweet, with pepper and berries.
Initial Taste: Melted caramel vanilla and agave.
Spirit Body: Agave, light oak, smoke and berries.
Finish: Sweet orange and cinnamon finish, with a vanilla bean finish.


About the Company
Originating exclusively from the birthplace of tequila itself, and borne of a desire to create an authentic and high quality tequila rich in heritage and tradition, Arta Tequila has created a line of pure, small-batch, single-estate tequilas.

Our Master Distiller learned the skills of producing tequila from his father who, in turn, learned from his father. The single estate that produces 100% of the agave for our tequilas has been in the same family for over 250 years. We go to great lengths to find unique 150 liter barrels, smaller than other producers, to create an aging environment that further infuses our tequila with the subtleties of the wood. Even our bottles are handcrafted from recycled glass.

These unique characteristics stand Arta Tequila apart as a singular producer of premium, 100% Weber blue agave tequila.



Company: Arta Tequila
Brand: Arta Tequila
Origin: USA
Category: Alcohol
Packaging: 750ml bottle
Variants: Silver, Reposado, Añejo
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Price: $49.99 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator on Website
Website: artatequila.com







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Product Spotlight: Illegal Mezcal


Desperate for a good agave-based spirit to stock at his bar (Café No Se) in Antigua, John Rexer began smuggling artisanal mezcal from Mexico to Guatemala using banditos, river rafts, bribes, disguises, and late night drop points. As word spread about Rexer’s illegal mezcal, travelers and tourists, journalists and photographers and lawyers and businessmen began patronizing Rexer’s bar and smuggling the mezcal from Guatemala back to the United States. Simply put, Ilegal Mezcal began as an illegal pursuit to stock Café No Se with some of the finest spirits being distilled in Mexico.

Today, the journey of Ilegal Mezcal begins in the agave fields of Tlacolula, Mexico. There, under the watchful eye of master distiller Eric Hernandez, expert mezcaleros harvest agave plants that are nearly a decade old and have reached their peak of maturity. After the agave have been harvested, the hearts of the agave, or piñas, are transported to Hernandez’s distillery.

At the distillery, the piñas are cooked in a pit oven for approximately five days. The oven is heated by a wood furnace dug below the pit, and kindled with oak, mesquite and eucalyptus (this gives the mezcal its signature, smoky flavor). After the piñas have been cooked, they are chopped into smaller pieces and finally crushed to a mash by a tahona, a stone mill drawn by a horse (Hernandez’s horse is named Caballo Sin Nombre, which means “a horse with no name”). The mash is then fermented for up to two weeks by airborne yeasts before it is distilled twice, first through small, stainless steel alembic stills and then again through copper alembic stills.

Ilegal Mezcal Joven is unaged and has notes of sweet agave, eucalyptus and minerals, complimented a light floral note. The notes of rich agave are well-balanced with hints of pear, apples and citrus, and are followed by a long finish.

Ilegal Mezcal Reposado is aged for four months in 200-liter, medium-charred American oak casks. It has notes of smoky agave, along with a touch of green apple, mesquite, and oak.

Ilegal Mezcal Añejo is aged for thirteen months in medium-charred American oak, medium-charred French oak and used bourbon casks. As a result, while each batch of Ilegal Mezcal Añejo is slightly different, the mezcal boasts expressive notes of roasted pineapples, citrus and smoke. The flavors open up to notes of figs, tobacco, and slight hints of caramel, which are layered over a chocolate, peppery finish.

Each Ilegal Mezcal is certified by COMERCAM (Mexico’s regulatory body for mezcal) as being produced naturally — the only ingredients in the mezcal are 100% wild espadín agave, Oaxacan sun, water and time.

“Mezcal is very small, very artisanal,” says Rexer. “You can taste the difference from village to village, because of the water, because of whether the agave are processed in a clay pot or a copper pot. It’s handcrafted.”



Tasting Notes

Joven: Notes of sweet agave, eucalyptus and minerals, complimented a light floral note. The notes of rich agave are well-balanced with hints of pear, apples and citrus, and followed by a long finish.
Reposado: Notes of smoky agave, along with a touch of green apple, mesquite, and oak.
Añejo: Expressive notes of roasted pineapples, citrus and smoke. The flavors open up to notes of figs, tobacco, and slight hints of caramel, which are layered over a chocolate, peppery finish.



Company: Illegal Mezcal
Brand: Illegal Mezcal
Origin: Mexico
Category: Alcohol
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Variants: Joven, Reposado, Añejo
Packaging: 750ml bottle
Price: $46.99 (Joven), $64.99 (Reposado), $95.99 (Añejo)
Where to Buy: View Locations, Buy Online
Website: illegalmezcal.com

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