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Tech Spotlight: Looney Tunes Soccer Android



The Looney Tunes México Android is one of the latest in budget tablets for kids. Reflecting the excitement that came with the World Cup (and the appreciation for soccer that lasts long after the games are finished), this 7-inch tablet features Looney Tunes characters in soccer apparel.


  • 4 GB memory
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Android 4.1
  • 800 by 400 resolution screen
  • WiFi but no bluetooth
  • Cameras on front and back


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Company: Looney Tunes
Brand: Looney Tunes
Origin: Mexico
Category: Tablet
Price: $1,991.00 MXN in store; $1,424.00 MXN online
Where to Buy: Buy online and in-store
Website: www.sanborns.com.mx




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Over 90% of Smartphones in China Running Android

Google’s Android platform has taken more than 70% share of the global smartphone market. In the Chinese market, it owned more than 90% of China’s smartphone market, which is up from 58.2% in third-quarter of 2011. The increase in percentage is because there’re more Chinese companies focuses on making smartphone over the year and China’s homegrown smartphone makers (Such as Xiaomi, Meizu and OPPO) are getting more reliable and recognizable.


Handset makers believed Android has been excelling in market share is also because iPhone and Windows Phone have been transitioning to new models. But perhaps, that isn’t the only barricade that Apple and Microsoft are facing in China. For those in China who could not afford an expensive phone would tend to buy a low-price Android handset, including knockoff phones, Meizu’s smartphone or Xiaomi’s smartphone, since they still can offer high-end hardwares and quality user experience. With the high-end consumers segment in China, they are willing to spend more money to buy popular smartphone like Apple’s iPhone 5 from the grey market. But as iPhone 5 brings less excitement than the iPhone 4 and it’s very difficult to buy one in China, consumers are changing their focus on Samsung Galaxy S3 and some other Samsung smartphones, which is what making Samsung the top smartphone vendor in China. At the moment, Apple’s iOS only owned 4.2 percent of the smartphone platform market in the third quarter.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is set to launch on the 20 Nov via China Unicom and China Telecom, and a bunch of Windows Phone 8 will arrive around Christmas time. That said, Android’s market share is expected to decline, but maybe not much.

Source: Digitimes

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