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Supplement Spotlight: Urban Monk Nutrition Alkalizing Greens



Alkalizing Greens

Powerful Blend of Grass, Greens, and Cruciferous Vegetables

This powerful formula combines the alkalizing properties of all-natural grass & greens with the nutrient-rich, health boosting effects of cruciferous vegetables. Alkalizing Greens supports your body’s ability to maintain optimum pH — a key element of maintaining organ health, immune function, and energy levels.

Alkalizing Greens contains a high-potency blend of ingredients known to promote the most ideal balance of alkalinity in the body while also providing a host of other benefits… including all-day energy, smooth digestion, a razor sharp mind, and even healthier looking skin.

One glass a day and this incredible combination of ingredients goes to work in your body, helping to create an energy boost you can feel. With increased energy, a more focused mind, and healthier looking skin, you’re going to love making Alkalizing Greens part of your daily routine.

Simply mix a small scoop of Alkalizing Greens in 8 oz of water. It dissolves quickly and has a robust yet refreshingly sweet taste you’re going to love.


  • Supports a healthy immune system — providing the balance and harmony your body needs so you can live a happier, healthier life
  • Promotes improved digestion — so you’re not bogged down by that “gassy” bloated feeling.
  • Helps boost natural energy — so you’ll have the fuel you need to do the things you love. No more “midday slumps” getting in the way of your favorite activities.
  • Helps improve skin health & appearance — that way you’ll have the confidence of knowing you look your best
  • “Quick-Dissolve” Mix — plus a deliciously robust flavor of greens with a refreshing hint of sweetness



About the company

Urban Monk Nutrition is all about you. I blend ancient traditions with modern practices in order to help you boost your energy, increase your strength, improve your focus, feel better, and live the best life possible. You see, I was a Taoist monk for years but decided my place was back here in the real world… where I could make the biggest impact in people’s lives. I’m here for you. It is with this thought in mind that I empower you to use nutrition to become the type of person others are inspired by and look up to… Whether that’s someone who climbs mountains and skis down them or the parent of three who has the energy and vitality to tackle work, play, and family time without skipping a beat. That’s my goal. That’s my dream. That’s the Urban Monk way. Your journey starts here. Read More



Company: Urban Monk
Brand: Urban Monk
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 8.47 oz (240 g)
Claims: Supports a healthy immune system. Promotes improved digestion
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: $69.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: urbanmonknutrition.com





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