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Industry Spotlight: “Better for You Beverages”. Alkaline, paleo-approved and nutritious



The following drinks will keep you going throughout your busy day.



*   Flow Water is a premium brand of boxed alkaline spring water sourced from the founder's family-owned aquifer in Southwest Ontario. The unique conditions of this source pack Flow Water with electrolytes, essential minerals, and an alkaline pH of 8.1. The low acidity found in alkaline products is also known to increase oxygen levels in the bloodstream, lubricating muscles and giving you the increased energy to power through your day.




*   Skip the sugar laden juices and reach for a healthful 100 percent organic, cold-pressed juice from JuiceBrothers . The brand,crafted by a group of friends inspired by the chic juice bars and exotic flavors they found on their international travels, provides a distinctly Dutch juicing experience filled with a variety of nutritious ingredients in every bottle! A few of the brands distinctly Dutch flavors include: Unicorn Blood, Dutch Spice, Prince of Persia and more!




*   Skip your iced coffee or chocolate mylk and reach for a Rebel Kitchen "Mylk!" This award-winning brand is already a huge sensation in the UK and makes vegan and paleo-approved Coconut Mylks in Chai, Chocolate and Coffee. Rebel Kitchen hopes to "redefine health" here in the USA with their delicious and simple ingredients -- each mylk is made in a plant that runs on the husks of the coconut they use in their tasty drinks. Plus, you can count the USDA organic ingredients Rebel Kitchen uses on one hand - coconut milk, spring water, sweet date nectar and spices and/or coffee and cacao.







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Drink Spotlight: TISANE TEAS Launches First-To-Market Organic Alkaline Tea Line In Southern California



LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- TISANE TEAS (pronounced tea-sahn), a Southern California based beverage company, just announced the launch of its new ready-to-drink "Alkaline Tea" line. The launch comes in the wake of the booming alkaline water movement as a first-mover in the flavored alkaline beverage space.

TISANE launched two refreshing tea profiles, Hibiscus Berry and Vanilla Chai, both of which are extremely hydrating due to their alkaline nature (8.0ph+). Both products are built on a premium Organic Rooibos Tea base, making them naturally high in antioxidants and caffeine-free. TISANE uses a blend of organic sweeteners to keep calorie counts low at only 50 calories per 16.9oz (500ml) container, making them a great tasting complement to a balanced, fit, and healthy lifestyle. The products are USDA Certified Organic, Non-GMO Verified, and Gluten-Free.

Both flavors are now available on shelves in Southern California, namely at the entire Gelson's Markets chain, and will be expanding into additional high-end grocery chains in the coming weeks.


TISANE's journey began in 2013 when the founder, Stephen Boyd, learned that his father had been diagnosed with two different forms of Cancer. Being that he knew nothing of the medical industry at the time, he felt there was little he could personally do to remedy the situation other than to play an emotionally supportive role for both his father and the rest of his family. However, after doing some extensive research on the correlation between cancer and the positive effects of an alkaline diet, it became clear that he may be able to do more for his father; he could help him eat as healthy as possible.

Since most vegetables are actually alkaline by nature, the two started by juicing fresh vegetables together on a daily basis and drinking alkaline water regularly, but quickly found themselves adding different assortments of tea to the mix in order to give the water some flavor. By adding tea, they found that they naturally consumed more water, which was one of their main goals in the first place - to stay hydrated.

Nowadays, the father is in remission from both forms of cancer, and they both personally feel better than they can ever remember. It's Stephen's passionate goal to share those feeling with others, which is why he developed TISANE, a completely organic line of tasty alkaline teas.


TISANE - Alkaline Teas 8.0ph+, Hibiscus Berry & Vanilla Chai (PRNewsfoto/TISANE TEAS)

TISANE - Alkaline Teas 8.0ph+, Hibiscus Berry & Vanilla Chai (PRNewsfoto/TISANE TEAS)




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Drink Spotlight: Zoe Alkaline Water




Zoe Water. Created with the most advanced water purification process for people like you that take care of your health.  Zoe Water is alkaline water with a pH of 8.5 which provides for a more efficient hydration process, maintaining your body in balance.

  • Alkaline - pH 8.5
  • Antioxidant
  • Light
  • Does not contain Chlorine


Zoe SPORT® Water is intelligent hydration. You cooked for you that you run, go to the gym , practice yoga , play fut 're active or exercising your body. It is the perfect water to hydrate during and after exercise , thanks to the combination of elements with which it was designed.




kidsZoé Water Kids.
Your kids played , ran , jumped and you thirsty ? Zoe Kids® Water is a healthy , practical and fun option to hydrate longer. Zoe Kids® Water hydrates effectively, for those who want to continue playing.




Water Zoe BOX is an ecological packaging developed especially for the water does not come into contact with the air and you obtain all the benefitsto the last drop !




Company: Zoe
Brand:  Zoe
Slogan: It's not just Water, it's Life
Origin: Mexico
Category: Water
Packaging:  500ml, 900ml
Claims:  Alkaline, Ionized, Sodium Free, Antioxidant, Light, BPA Free
Variants: Original, Sport, Kids
Price:  View Current Pricing Here
Where to Buy: Mexico, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: tomazoewater.com









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Supplement Spotlight: Amazing Grass Alkalize Detox Green SuperFood



Green SuperFood Alkalize and Detox, offers amazing alkalizing and detoxifying ingredients to help restore your pH balance and help rid your body of harmful toxins.

Green SuperFood Alkalize and Detox, offers amazing alkalizing and detoxifying ingredients to help restore your pH balance and help rid your body of harmful toxins.



Why use an alkaline and detox blend?

Poor diet and exposure to environmental pollutants, preservatives, heavy metals, industrial waste affect metabolism and organ function, attributing to most disease.
Tissues and cells store chemical pollutants, which commonly enter the body through inhalation, skin absorption or eating.
Consuming foods rich in alkalizing and detoxifying functions supports the removal of these contaminants, by chemically binding to them, neutralizing their toxicity or preventing their storage in the first place.

Each serving contains over 12 cleansing plant-based ingredients per serving, some of which are beet root, aloe vera, parsley, lemon peel cayenne, tumeric, coconut water, apple pectin and more.


Suggested Use
Contains 30 servings, 8 grams each. Mix a packet with 8-16oz of your favorite juice, a smoothie or milk beverage.




Company: Amazing Grass
Brand: Amazing Grass
Slogan: Organic Green Superfoods
Origin: USA
Category: Supplements
Packaging: 8.5oz (30 servings)
Claims: Organic, Alkaline, Detox
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $29.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: amazinggrass.com





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Drink Spotlight: pHenOH 7.4 Alkaline Sports Drink



Phenoh 7.4 is the World’s first sports drink focused on balancing pH, using only the finest, healthiest ingredients that your body needs and your taste buds crave during and after exercise. The ingredients in 7.4 have been shown to improve oxygen delivery to your muscles during exercise, allowing for not only better performance but also improved health and wellness. We believe that you shouldn't sacrifice health to reach your performance goals. With just 7 premium ingredients and a pH of 7.4, Phenoh 7.4 is everything that athletes and active individuals need to keep balanced, without the detrimental additives all too common in today’s products. Make the choice today to let Phenoh 7.4 be your healthy alternative to hydration beverages.


• The first alkaline sports drink with a pH of 7.4.
• Helps your body maintain its natural pH level of 7.4.
• Healthy, balanced, and refreshing!



• Research shows that Phenoh 7.4
• Increases VO2 Max (oxygen metabolism) by up to 10%.
• Boosts your endurance.
• Enhances your peak athletic performance.
• Offsets the effects of altitude on performance.
• Buffers your acidic metabolic waste during exercise and stress.



• Made with just SEVEN natural ingredients.
• Non-acidic formula helps to balance the body’s pH level.
• Organic Aloe vera provides anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as important nutrients needed for healthy recovery during and after exercise.
• Promotes both physical and oral health and wellness.






Company: pHenOH
Brand: pHenOH
Origin: USA
Category: Sports Drink
Packaging: 16.9 fl oz (500 ml)
Claims: Non-acidic. Organic Aloe vera.
Price: $ 26.00 x 12
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: phenoh.com





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Drink Review: Evamor Natural Artesian Water


Know Better Water
At evamor, we believe in a better water. As not all bottled waters are the same, we challenge you to rethink and redefine your choices when it comes to water. evamor is an alkaline artesian water, alive with minerals that neutralize acidity and balance the body and life.


Can’t Tap This
Drinking harshly re-filtered tap or municipal water? Come on, You know better.


Sip In the Right Direction
We believe a better you....starts with a better water. Take a sip in the right direction and harness the power of alkalinity and minerals to balance your body and your life.
Evamor's rare alkaline source delivers the power of alkaline goodness in a smooth tasting, refreshing artesian water from a protected, rare aquifer. Now you can have the only naturally alkaline water, from a domestic artesian aquifer, delivered to your door by Amazon.com!

This multipack contains (6) 20oz bottles of Evamor Water. PRICE PER OUNCE IS $.099/OUNCE.

All Natural, Nothing added
Naturally Alkaline pH of 8.8 - 9.1
Highly recyclable PET1, BPA free plastic bottle
Bottled at the rare arestian US source




About the Company
Evamor Natural Artesian Water is captured and bottled by Evamor Products Inc., a privately held company based in Covington, La. and is a subsidiary of Wm. B. Reily & Company, Incorporated.

The mission of Evamor Products Inc. is to produced the best quality food and beverage products that have the powerful health benefits of natural alkalinity. Our Evamor Natural Artesian Water – rare alkaline source – is the finest naturally alkaline water from a protected artesian aquifer.

About Evamor pH levels: Evamor is now a Natural Artesian Water that is bottled at the source in a brand new state of the art bottling plant. The natural artesian source of Evamor can fluctuate between 8.6 and 9.1 over time. Because Evamor follows all Federal, State and Local laws, the lowest pH measurement is stated on the label. Be assured that the New Evamor is the finest alkaline water available.





Company: Evamor
Brand: Evamor
Slogan: Know Better Water
Origin: USA
Category: Water
Packaging: 20oz
Claims: Natural, Artesian
Price: $11.99 USD (6 x 20oz)
Where to Buy: Store Locator, Buy Online
Website: evamor.com







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Product Spotlight: Alkaline Water Co.


Outperforming the Competition with Outstanding Products

3 LITER (101 oz)

Easy to hold grip handles
Fits easily in your refrigerator
Easy pour spout
Clear PET, BPA Free recyclable plastic bottle

1 GALLON (128 oz)

Easy grip plastic handles
Standard 1 Gallon size
Reusable bottle
Clear PET, BPA Free recyclable plastic bottle

Convenient 4 Pack Case
About our products

ALKALINE84 is now available in two convenient sizes.

3L and 1 Gal

By creating a more affordable option for alkaline water consumers, we are enhancing healthy lifestyles at a reasonable cost.

It’s clear there is a growing demand for alkaline water and this is our response to that demand by offering an economical bulk solution that’s also better for the environment.

Everyone deserves an affordable opportunity to make alkaline water a part of their daily hydration.


Company: Alkaline Water Co.
Brand: Alkaline Water Co.
Origin: USA
Category: Water
Claims: Eco Friendly, Ease of Use, Economic
Packaging 1 Gallon, 3 Liter
Website: thealkalinewaterco.com

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