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Advertisement: HGH Benefits: How HGH Can Help You Grow Muscle, Lose Fat, and Live Better



The recent decades saw the rise in popularity of recombinant human growth hormone, often commonly named as rHGH or somatropin. Originally created for treating children with growth hormone deficiency, it is more and more used for muscle growth by athletes, as well as for weight loss, anti-aging, and various other purposes. Even though rHGH causes some controversies among the scientists, researchers have proved that growth hormone has many benefits for our health. In this article, we will review some of the most important benefits of growth hormone.


Muscle gain
Muscle growth is the most popular and perhaps the most important benefit of growth hormone. Even after a brief cycle of taking HGH, you will experience muscle gain, especially if you combine your HGH cycle with consistent training and proper diet. The scientists have found some good proofs for that. A body of scholarly research shows that taking HGH is directly connected with enhanced muscle strength and increased muscle gain in healthy adults.

For example, the study conducted by Tavares et al. for the International Journal of Endocrinology showed that a group of healthy men taking HGH experienced significant increase of leg press responsive muscles. By contrast, participants who had not used HGH during this research did not have any meaningful muscle gain. Velosso emphasizes that growth hormone induces muscle growth by raising levels of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I). That is the reason why growth hormone is so popular among athletes and people aiming to increase their exercise capacity, as well as simply make their body look more athletic.


Improved immune system
The third significant benefit of using growth hormone is that it improves your immune system and, particularly, has a highly positive effect on strengthening bones. For example, somatropin reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides, our natural growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland, is an important regulator of skeletal growth. Therefore, taking HGH is linked to enhancing bones strength and increasing bone mass. It is especially important for older people, who often need help in recovery of bones lost by resorption.


As shown by several studies, HGH can be very beneficial for muscle growth, weight loss, and improving immune system. Those are only some of the most important HGH benefits, while growth hormone has much more advantages. Although the exact effect of HGH depends on many different factors, such as your diet and training, it is obvious that growth hormone can be instrumental in improving health and well-being.





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Advertising Spotlight: The Bud Light Party: Equal Pay


On average, women who work a 9 to 5 job only make $.79 to every $1 men make. So shouldn’t they only have to work 79% of the time?

If women only worked 79% during the month of June (139 hours and 17 days), their work month would have ended this past Thursday, June 23. To shine a light on this issue, Bud Light is launching its newest spot, “Equal Pay” as part of the ongoing Bud Light Party campaign featuring Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan.

The Bud Light Party is about Raising One to Right Now and leveraging timely cultural moments— in a light-hearted way— and of course, bringing all people together, for fun, over an ice-cold Bud Light. The Bud Light Party supports equal pay. Because Bud Light costs the same whether you are a lady or a dude. Because if you pay the same, you should get paid equal.

Join the Bud Light Party in sharing our stance on equal pay by using the hashtag #CheersToEqualPay on social from 6/27/2016-7/1/2016, up to a maximum of $150,000. For each social post, Bud Light will donate $1 to Catalyst, an organization that champions equal pay initiatives.








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Product Spotlight: Sumo Calorie Burning Drinks


Sumo is a revolutionary health drink that will change the way you drink, the natural functional ingredients combined raise your natural metabolism so you burn calories fast, in two great flavors summer fruits and tropical, sumo can be enjoyed as a refreshing drink or as a mixer, sumo is noncarbonated/no sugar/diabetic safe/and has only 2.5 kcal’s per can, while you enjoy the taste you are drinking away the calories,




Company: Sumo Drinks Ltd
Brand:  Sumo Drinks
Slogan: Calorie Burning Refreshment
Category: Functional Beverages
Origin: UK
Packaging: Can
Varieties: Summer Fruits, Tropical
Claims: No Carbs, No Sugar
Website: sumodrinks.com




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Pepsi, Budweiser Team Up Against Coca-Cola for Super Bowl

Looks like Pepsi is buddying up to Bud Light; according to Ad Age, giant food companies Anheuser-Busch InBev (of Budweiser) and PepsiCo are teaming up against Coca-Cola to market for the Super Bowl.

The partnership involves joint promotions, in-store marketing, and advertisements building up to the big game. Sample ads involve images with two bags of Doritos, two bottles of Pepsi and two bottles of Bud Light, the Super Bowl Logo, and the catchphrase "Super Bowl. Super Team. Super Party."

Coca-Cola has yet to comment on this joining of forces, but this is the first time Bud Light and Pepsi will be marketed together.

"We've worked well together as official [NFL] sponsors," said Paul Chibe, AB- InBev's VP for U.S. marketing, told Ad Age. Of course, despite all this talk of "working well together," Budweiser and Pepsi will still air separate commercials during the game. How very Gretchen Weiners of them.

According to Ad Age, this isn't the first time the two companies have jumped in bed together. In 2009, the two companies reportedly signed a "joint-purchasing agreement" to save on travel, computers, and office supplies. We wonder if Coca-Cola will team up with PBR. That might just be the dream team, right there.

Full Article @ TDM

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Star Gum

Young Old Guy in Mexican Star Gum Commercial

The new Mexican brand Star Gum is making its presence known through a popular advertising campaign on the theme of  youth lasting for too long. The character featured in the commercial is known as Chavoruco, which is Mexican Spanish for young old guy. The commercial shows the guy speaking arrogantly about himself for a couple minutes before he is hit across the back of the head by a giant (and rather cute looking) star gum.

Fans of the Star Gum are invited to send in their own photo, video or story of someone they know who is Chavoruco, with the chance to win a tablet. Participants base their ideas around the character in the original Star Gum commercial, shown here with English subtitles.

Despite their advertising campaign and popular commercial, Star Gum is almost impossibly hard to find. After looking in several supermarkets, convenience stores and numerous street stands, I finally discovered the gum in the K, and even then, they only had the gum in one flavor. Star Gum seems to be suffering from heavy competition from the more well known brands that dominate the Mexican market.

Brand: Star Gum.

Presentation: 8 g; eight pieces.

Price: $5.00.

Purchased at: K.

Claims: Intense flavor that lasts for longer.

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South Korean Oreo Breastfeeding Ad

Scratch that kid-friendly vibe you’ve been accustomed to from OREO. A recent ad emerging from South Korea pictures a young baby getting breastfed, mother’s nipple exposed, and OREO cookie in hand. Best of all, the slogan for the ad is: “Milk’s favorite cookie.” Even more best of all, check out the kid’s sly look at the camera. He knows what’s going on

Full Article @ FB

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