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Industry News: Expresco ProSticks Brings On-The-Go Chicken Skewers to 7-Eleven Convenience Stores



Expresco, A Leader in the Value-Added Meat Category, Expands High-Quality Protein Options in Convenience Stores throughout Canada

Montreal, QC, Canada (October 31, 2017) – ProSticks, the latest creation from Expresco Foods, has announced its continued expanded distribution into two convenience stores across Canada. Now, 7-Eleven stores will carry these portable chicken skewers with dipping sauce and redefine convenient protein snacking. Beginning this November, busy shoppers will be provided this grilled to perfection, grab-and-go product, packed with 21 grams of protein for their convenience. Giving consumers a taste of a brand not previously offered at 7-Eleven, shoppers will now be to able to try ProSticks’ variety of chicken skewers at an SRP of $2.99 for each 115 g package.

“It’s exciting to begin each new partnership,” shared Michael Delli Colli, Marketing Manager at Expresco Foods. “7-Eleven is a leader in the convenience market world, and we know our products are in good hands. High-protein convenience store shoppers are actively looking for ways to bring functionality to their on-the-go snacks, and with 21 grams of protein, ProSticks are the perfect way to do so. Nothing else quite comes close.”

The snack food industry is growing at a double-digit rate, and the trend is expected to continue – with protein being the most sought after ingredient. Snacks packed with protein offer a wide range of benefits aimed at fueling the everyday active lifestyle. Furthermore, according to NutraIngredients, “Functional foods and drinks are becoming more widely accepted as a part of every day life.”

In that light, ProSticks delivers a nutritious, satisfying and savory snack that is free of preservatives. Street food-inspired skewer flavors and sauce pairings include: Mediterranean with Sweet Teriyaki sauce, Sweet Sriracha with Sriracha sauce and Chipotle with Chipotle BBQ sauce.


About Expresco Foods
For over 30 years, Expresco Foods has been committed to creating top quality, portion controlled, value-added convenient meal and snack solutions. Expresco’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit has guided the development of fully cooked grilled protein products, frozen and fresh for foodservice, retail and deli across North America. Visit www.exprescoprosticks.com for more information.













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Energy Spotlight: Vitamin Water Strawberry Lime Energy in a Can

Vitaminwater, a leader in the nutrient-enhanced water beverage category, is making its way into the energy category with Vitaminwater Energy, a lightly carbonated beverage that the brand says features a natural energy boost from green coffee bean extract.

Vitaminwater Energy features natural flavors and sweeteners without added preservatives or sodium. The beverage is sweetened with a blend of cane sugar and stevia leaf extract, and contains 80mg of caffeine and 50 calories per can.

“There is a large contingent of people that like the functionality of energy drinks, but are looking for one that is straightforward and simple—one that’s going to give them a kick from a source they can understand,” said Scott Hargrove, group marketing director for Vitaminwater. “Vitaminwater Energy has a clear-cut formula that gives people a natural energy boost so they can get the most out of their natural talents.”

Offered in a sleek 11.5-fl. oz. can, Vitaminwater Energy is available at convenience stores around the country in three flavors: Strawberry-Lime, Berry-Punch and Orange-Mango; a fourth flavor, Raspberry-Citrus, is available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores. SRP: $2.29.


Company: The Coca Cola Company
Brand: Glaceau Vitamin Water
Origin: USA
Category: Energy Drinks
Packaging: 11.5oz can
Claims: Naturally Sweetened with Stevia, contains 80mg of caffeine and 50 calories per can.
Variants: Strawberry-Lime, Berry-Punch, Orange-Mango, Raspberry-Citrus
Price: $2.29
Where to buy:  Available at Convenient Stores, Raspberry Citrus variety available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores
Website: vitaminwater.com






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7-Eleven Makes Election-Themed Coffee Cups

Why wear your politicial affiliation on your sleeve when you can wear it on your 7-Eleven coffee-cup sleeve? The newest campaign from 7-Eleven lets you vote early, by picking between an Obama- or Romney-themed cup.

Fast Company reports that the election-themed coffee cups will be at selected locations, where a cup choice can be an official endorsement. What's even crazier? On its website, 7-Eleven is tracking how many Obama and Romney cups are sold and showing the percentages "won." So far, President Obama is leading 58 percent to Mitt Romney's 42 percent — could 7-Eleven accurately predict the next president? We guess so: the 2008 7-Eleven campaign predicted Obama's win.

Be sure to mark Sept. 28 on the calendar to get a free cup of coffee from 7-Eleven, political affiliations aside. We'll be watching people's coffee cups now.

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7-Eleven Opens a New Store Every 2 Hours, Aims For World Domination

Somewhere in the world, every two hours, a new 7-Eleven opens.

That’s right; the favorite retailer of highway road stops, street corners and late-night Big Gulp sodas is quietly taking over the world. In 2011, 4,600 7-Eleven stores opened, bringing the retail brand to more than 46,000 locations across the globe. That’s the most units of any company in the world, 7-Eleven Inc. claims.

In today’s busy world, convenience has become a universal value. While other retailers struggle to export their store concept away from home, 7-Eleven has expanded into 16 countries. The company started out in Dallas in 1927 selling blocks of ice but now is based in Japan, where its parent company Seven & I Holdings Co. is headquartered.

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7-Eleven Adds Low-Calorie Slurpee Version Nationwide

The national infatuation with all things skinny has finally come to this: Slurpee Lite.

The brain-freezing drink best known for its weird colors, wild tastes and wacky name now wants to also be known for at least one redeeming feature: fewer calories.

In an unlikely national platform pegged for summer but rolling out this week, 7-Eleven, the nation's largest convenience chain, will announce a low-cal line of Slurpees. While 7-Eleven has sold low-cal, saccharin-based Slurpees regionally, this is the 45-year-old drink's first national, low-calorie line — and this one's made with Splenda.

Full Article @ USAT

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