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Food Spotlight: Veggies Made Great Introduces New Veggie Cake Flavors



RAHWAY, N.J., Dec. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Veggies Made Great, the leader in unique, veggie-rich foods announces three new 12-count flavors to the successful Superfood Veggie Cake line. The expansion of the company's best-selling product line is a result of the marked success of the veggie-packed, remarkably delicious and nutritionally smart Veggies Made Great brand, all made with vegetables as the first and primary ingredient. The three new Veggie Cake flavors will be available in the refrigerated sections of participating Costcos beginning in January 2020.

With strong consumer acceptance of the first foray into "savory muffins" in 2015, the company expects the new varieties to follow the same trajectory of the #1-selling Superfood Veggie Cake, which was originally introduced to Costco stores in October 2015 and has since successfully expanded to retailers nationwide. The newest flavors in the company's already established line of Veggie Cakes include Quinoa, Butternut Squash, and Harvest Root. These new items, like all Veggies Made Great products, are veggie-packed, allergy-friendly, and low in calories, making them the perfect breakfast, snack, or side dish.

The Quinoa Veggie Cakes are a savory blend of nutrient-dense ingredients, including kale, quinoa, and carrots. Veggies Made Great Quinoa Cakes are made with clean and simple ingredients, only 90 calories and allergy-friendly (gluten free, soy free and nut free).

Sweet and savory, low in calories, and veggie rich, these veggie cakes are sure to be a fan favorite. The Butternut Squash Veggie Cakes are made with a delicious blend of butternut squash, carrots, and a hint of brown sugar, making them the perfect breakfast, snack or side dish.

The Harvest Root Veggie Cakes are a delicious blend of root vegetables, including beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes. This is the first Veggies Made Great product to feature beets, a nutritionally smart vegetable packed with essential nutrients and vitamins and tons of heart-healthy fiber.

Driven by tremendous growth and best in class velocity in existing customers, and distribution in new accounts, Veggies Made Great has expanded rapidly since 2015. The focus on three main segments (Muffins, Veggie Cakes and Frittatas) has led to nationwide growth in the Frozen and Refrigerated sections, more than tripling the company's distribution. Veggies Made Great expects the new varieties to follow the same trajectory of the #1-selling Superfood Veggie Cake, a huge success that left retailers clamoring for more flavors. The launch of three additional flavors responds to the increasing consumer demand for plant-based foods and more veggie-rich offerings.

Veggies Made Great believes the most significant way to improve health in this country is to increase consumption of veggies. Currently only one in ten Americans eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables. The company has developed veggie-based products to address the key barriers that people have to eating more veggies, including knowing how to cook vegetables, minimizing waste with perishable products, and making them taste amazing. The health-food company creatively combines clean and simple ingredients to create a remarkably delicious line of veggie-rich prepared foods for everyday snacks and meals.

For more information about Veggies Made Great, and to find out where to buy them, visit www.veggiesmadegreat.com

Veggies Made Great

Veggies Made Great ® is a New Classic Cooking, LLC brand based in Avenel and Rahway, New Jersey. Since 2008, Veggies Made Great has raised the bar in healthy foods by delivering surprisingly delicious veggie-rich foods. Veggies Made Great is the recipient of numerous awards, including; Women's Health Top Health Picks; Cooking Light - The Healthiest Frozen Foods in the Supermarket: Breakfast; Grocery Headquarters Trailblazer Award; Parents Magazine 25 Best Frozen Food for Families; Gluten Free Digest Chocolate Muffins; 2015 Pioneers of Better For You: Refrigerated and Frozen Foods, and Runner's World Editor's Pick.

For more information on Veggies Made Great visit www.veggiesmadegreat.com

"Like" Veggies Made Great on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/veggiesmadegreat

Follow Veggies Made Great on Instagram @veggiesmadegreat

Follow Veggies Made Great on Twitter @veggiesmadegr8



Veggies Made Great-Harvest Root Veggie Cakes

Veggies Made Great-Harvest Root Veggie Cakes


Veggies Made Great-Quinoa Veggie Cakes

Veggies Made Great-Quinoa Veggie Cakes






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Featured News: And The Bakers Gonna Bake, Bake Bake….With Warm Gingerbread Avocado Oil Spray



Chosen Foods, the avocado-centric brand known for their signature avocado oil and roster of sprays, mayos and dressings, has launched a Warm Gingerbread Avocado Oil Spray that will be your new pantry staple. The spray provides a cozy blend for everyday cooking and holiday baking, full of winter spices (cinnamon, ginger, clove). The holiday-inspired variety is perfect to spice up cookies, pancakes, waffles, overnight oats—and just about anything else you can think of! Avocado oil is also great for baking as it has a high smoke point (500°F) and can handle the heat in your oven (olive oil has an average of 375°F), which means no more smoke detectors or running the fan. The sprays are Non-GMO The Warm Gingerbread variety (along with other sprays including Spiced Chai, Simply Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice and more) are available on the Chosen Foods website, Amazon and retailers nationwide.




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Skin Care Spotlight: Schmidt’s Releases Natural Deodorant Co-Created With Justin Bieber



This first-of-its-kind launch aims to inspire a new generation of natural deodorant users.

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J., Nov. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Schmidt's has released Here+Now, a baking soda-free natural deodorant co-created with international superstar Justin Bieber. The Grammy-nominated artist helped select the gender-neutral fragrance and co-design the packaging. With Justin as a partner, the brand is furthering its mission to make effective natural products accessible to everyone.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCbkirajnbg

Schmidt's prioritizes physical and mental wellness, and the name of the new deodorant is intended to celebrate small, yet intentional, choices that lead to happier and healthier lives. The packaging boasts the words "Be Kind. Stress Less. Hug More." as a means to inspire a conversation around wellness and optimism for the future.

"Here + Now is all about living in this moment we've been given and making the most of it," says Bieber. "I try to share that message through my music, my lifestyle and through the partners I choose to collaborate with. Schmidt's is a great brand whose products promote natural self-care, which is something I really believe in: take care of yourself, live your best life, and always be Here + Now."

"At Schmidt's, we believe in the power of self-care, and each and every one of our products is crafted based on that passion, including Here+Now," says Ryu Yokoi, CEO of Schmidt's Naturals. "We're thrilled to introduce a natural deodorant that is not only effective, but also serves as a call to mindfulness and living in the moment. As a co-creator, Justin has been integral in the development of Here+Now by bringing his own personal journey with self-care to the table."

Here+Now marks the introduction of a sensitive-skin version of Schmidt's best-selling activated charcoal deodorant, enriched with magnesium. The natural deodorant is free of baking soda and neutralizes odor, and offers an essential-oil derived spicy citrus and warm floral scent, anchored by deep and sophisticated woodsy base notes. During a pre-sale in September, the product became Schmidt's fastest selling launch of the year within the first day.

Like all Schmidt's products, Here+Now is plant-based, certified vegan and cruelty-free, and never formulated with aluminum or artificial fragrance. The product is now widely available at Schmidts.com, CVS, Target, Walgreens, Whole Foods and select retailers in Canada.

Here+Now sensitive-skin natural deodorant is the latest addition to Schmidt's portfolio of deodorant, body wash, bar soap, tooth+mouth paste, mouthwash and home care products.

About Schmidt's Naturals:

With the mission to "change the way you think about natural," Schmidt's believes the future of self-care is in quality, plant-powered products—without compromising on ingredients or user experience. With alluring scents derived from natural botanicals and innovative formulations, Schmidt's makes personal and home care products fun, accessible, and rewarding for everyone. Follow Schmidt's Naturals (@SchmidtsNaturals) on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Unilever United States, Inc.

Unilever is one of the world's leading suppliers of Beauty & Personal Care, Home Care, and Foods & Refreshment products with sales in over 190 countries and reaching 2.5 billion consumers a day. In the United States, the portfolio includes brand icons such as Axe, Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, Caress, Degree, Dollar Shave Club, Dove, Good Humor, Hellmann's, Klondike, Knorr, Lever 2000, Lipton, Love Beauty and Planet, Magnum, Nexxus, Noxzema, Pond's, Popsicle, Pure Leaf, Q-tips, Schmidt's Naturals, Seventh Generation, Simple, Sir Kensington's, St. Ives, Suave, Sundial Brands, Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto, TAZO, TIGI, TONI&GUY, TRESemmé and Vaseline. All of the preceding brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Unilever Group of Companies.

Unilever employs approximately 8,000 people in the United States – generating more than $9 billion in sales in 2017.

Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan underpins the company's strategy and commits to:

  • Helping more than a billion people take action to improve their health and well-being by 2020.
  • Halving the environmental impact of our products by 2030.
  • Enhancing the livelihoods of millions of people by 2020.

The USLP creates value by driving growth and trust, eliminating costs and reducing risks. Globally, the company's sustainable living brands grew 46% faster than the rest of the business and delivered more than 70% of the company's growth in 2017.

For more information on Unilever U.S., its brands, and the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan visit: www.unileverusa.com


(PRNewsfoto/Schmidt's Naturals)

(PRNewsfoto/Schmidt's Naturals)



(PRNewsfoto/Schmidt's Naturals)

(PRNewsfoto/Schmidt's Naturals)

(PRNewsfoto/Schmidt's Naturals)

(PRNewsfoto/Schmidt's Naturals)








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Oral Care Spotlight: Tom’s of Maine Brings First-of-its-Kind Recyclable Toothpaste Tube to the Oral Care Aisle


Tom's of Maine is Pioneering the Movement to Make Tubes Widely Accepted for Recycling

KENNEBUNK, Maine, Nov. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tom's of Maine has begun shipping a first-of-its-kind recyclable toothpaste tube recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers. The tube is designed to be compatible with the #2 HDPE plastic stream and will begin shipping just ahead of National Recycling Day on November 15.

Until now, toothpaste tubes haven't been recyclable because most are made of a mixed material that doesn't have a second life and has to be landfilled. The #2 plastic continues to have a strong recycling stream and is the same material used in most laundry detergent bottles. The new Tom's of Maine recyclable tube is designed to be "circular," so that the material can be re-processed into new products and packaging.

"We're thrilled to offer a first-of-its-kind recyclable toothpaste tube that's been recognized by the Association of Plastic Recyclers, which sets the standard for North America. There is no oral care or personal care tube on the market with this APR recognition," said Esi Seng, general manager at Tom's of Maine. "We're already hard at work engaging with The Recycling Partnership and their network to communicate with recycling centers and win their acceptance of our recyclable tube. We're proud to be blazing a trail for other toothpaste brands to follow," Seng added.

Tom's of Maine Antiplaque & Whitening Peppermint Natural Toothpaste will be the first variant in the new tube, available on shelves in the coming weeks, with all full size Tom's of Maine toothpastes in the new recyclable tube by the end of 2020. For more information, please visit: https://www.tomsofmaine.com/our-promise/caring-for-the-planet.

"When it comes to recycling, shoppers interested in natural products are also more committed, active participants in working to keep waste out of landfills," said Julie Sprague, stewardship manager at Tom's of Maine. "This is another commitment we're making as a company guided by a rigorous set of standards called our Stewardship Model, which ensures we're operating sustainably and responsibly every day. Taking care of the planet is a goal we all share and this exciting launch is a new way we can work together in this ongoing effort," Sprague added.

To recycle the tube at home, people should check the back of their tube for the blue "flag" that tells you what to do: once empty, replace cap and recycle with #2 plastics. Tom's of Maine tubes without the blue flag haven't yet transitioned to the new recyclable material. Recycling practices vary by municipality and if a town doesn't accept #2 plastic, the Tom's of Maine Natural Care Recycling Program, a partnership with TerraCycle, is a recommended option for recycling all personal and oral care packaging regardless of the brand.

Tom's of Maine recently became a Certified B Corporation®, joining the ranks of top socially responsible companies. Through this accreditation, the company continues its commitment to transparency, caring for the planet and communities, and setting a positive example for future generations. 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the brand still headquartered in Kennebunk, Maine. You can learn more about Tom's of Maine, its complete product portfolio and how the company makes its products by visiting www.TomsofMaine.com and www.Facebook.com/TomsofMaine.

About Tom's of Maine
Tom's of Maine has been making safe, effective natural personal care products for 49 years.  It all began when Tom and Kate Chappell moved to Maine in 1968 looking for a healthier, simpler life for their growing family. And when they couldn't find personal care products that were free from artificial flavors, fragrances, sweeteners, colors and preservatives, they decided to make their own. Tom's of Maine products – including toothpaste, deodorant, mouthwash, antiperspirant, bar soap, body wash, dental floss, and toothbrushes – are made from naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients and never tested on animals. A Certified B Corporation, Tom's of Maine is committed to upholding a purpose-driven business and has a long-standing commitment to supporting nature and healthy families. Tom's of Maine has supported hundreds of nonprofits by giving back 10% of its profits, and employees are encouraged to use 5% of their paid time (12 days) volunteering for causes they are passionate about. Most Tom's of Maine products are vegan, kosher, halal-certified and gluten-free. All packaging is recyclable through a partnership with upcycling leader TerraCycle or participating municipalities.   Visit us online at http://www.tomsofmaine.com/ or at http://www.facebook.com/TomsofMaine.

SOURCE Tom's of Maine

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Tom’s of Maine Brings First-of-its-Kind Recyclable Toothpaste Tube to the Oral Care Aisle

Tom’s of Maine Brings First-of-its-Kind Recyclable Toothpaste Tube to the Oral Care Aisle





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Packaging Spotlight: Chocolate Company Madécasse Announces Its New Name, Beyond Good, Developed by Brand Naming Agency River + Wolf


The name reflects the products' exceptional taste and quality, as well as the company's dedication to impact the continent of Africa.

NEW YORK, Nov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- New York City brand naming agency River + Wolf is proud to announce its role in developing the brand name, Beyond Good, for the Direct Trade chocolate company formerly known as Madécasse. Madécasse unveiled its rebrand at Salon du Chocolat in New York, a yearly trade fair for the international chocolate industry.

Beyond Good partnered with River + Wolf in the spring of 2019 to replace their current name Madécasse—the old French word for Madagascar—which was challenging to pronounce and did not reflect the company's ethos.

"River + Wolf's dynamic portfolio exemplified the experience we were looking for in a naming agency. They crafted a plethora of potential names and Beyond Good stood out as the front runner because it defines both the distinct flavor profile and business model our chocolate offers. Multiple rounds of consumer testing confirmed Beyond Good as the clear winner," said Perry Abbenante, VP of Marketing.

"Beyond Good is a simple name, but the process of developing a product or service name is incredibly complicated. It took time, creativity, legal counsel, and collaboration with the Beyond Good team, whom were incredibly thoughtful, intelligent, and kind. We believe the new name honors the company's purpose and ethos, as well as the taste of its chocolate, which truly is beyond good—just ask anyone in our office," said Wolfson.

Beyond Good sources heirloom cocoa harvested in Madagascar to create its bold and flavorful chocolate. The company works directly with almost 100 Malagasy farmers which allows them to earn wages well above the industry average for their cocoa.  The entire process is verified with the farmers by a 3rd party. Abbenante noted that although the company has changed its name, its "mission to change the way the world experiences chocolate, from the cocoa farmer to the consumer, stays the same."

To learn more about River + Wolf or the business of brand naming, please contact Jacqueline Lisk at info@jrlisk.com.

About River + Wolf
River + Wolf is an award-winning brand naming agency that creates product names, company names, and service names. River + Wolf is based in New York City, but works with clients across the globe. For more information, visit https://riverandwolf.com/.

About Beyond Good
Initially founded in 2008, Beyond Good is on a mission to change the way the world experiences chocolate from the cocoa farmer to the consumer. By sourcing the finest heirloom cocoa from farmers and a production factory in Madagascar, Beyond Good is redefining what "good" means to the chocolate industry and is the only U.S. company producing premium bean-to-bar chocolate in Africa. It's not just good, it's Beyond Good. For more information, visit http://beyondgood.com/.



Madécasse reveals its new brand name, Beyond Good, developed with brand naming agency River+Wolf (PRNewsfoto/River + Wolf)

Madécasse reveals its new brand name, Beyond Good, developed with brand naming agency River+Wolf (PRNewsfoto/River + Wolf)






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Courtesy of Pop-Tarts

Snack Spotlight: Pop-Tarts® Stays Sweet – And Gets A Little Salty – With New Snacking “Fix”


Available in two flavors - Chocolate, and Cinnamon Sugar - new Pop-Tarts Pretzel adds a unique flavor twist for a delicious snack fix any time of the day

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Since their creation in the seventh century, the history of pretzels can be summed up in one word: "stale." But no longer, as Pop-Tarts® announced it's giving the classic snack a 'sweet' new makeover with the launch of Pop-Tarts Pretzel.

Imagine the classic, beloved sweetness of Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries combined with a slight saltiness from a pretzel crust. It's literally the best of both flavor worlds in not one, but two delicious varieties: Chocolate and Cinnamon Sugar.

"Pop-Tarts is always ingeniously creating new ways to enjoy familiar, loved foods," said Joe Beauprez, marketing director, Pop-Tarts. "With the debut of Pop-Tarts Pretzel, we've fixed a snacking staple, and added two more delicious options to our line-up of flavors."

A craveable flavor combination perfect for any time of day, Pop-Tarts Pretzel puts sweet and salty together in a way that's nothing short of crazy good - and everything fans of the delicious toaster pastries never knew they always wanted.

Pop-Tarts Pretzel lands in stores nationwide in January 2020 at a suggested retail price of $3.49. For more information on Pop-Tarts® Pretzel follow Pop-Tarts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Kellogg Company

At Kellogg Company (NYSE: K), we strive to enrich and delight the world through foods and brands that matter. Our beloved brands include Pringles®, Cheez-It®, Special K®, Kellogg's Frosted Flakes®, Pop-Tarts®, Kellogg's Corn Flakes®, Rice Krispies®, Eggo®, Mini-Wheats®, Kashi®, RXBAR®, MorningStar Farms® and more. Net sales in 2018 were approximately $13.5 billion, comprised principally of snacks and convenience foods like cereal and frozen foods. Kellogg brands are beloved in markets around the world. We are also a company with Heart & Soul, committed to creating Better Days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030 through our Kellogg's® Better Days global purpose platform. Visit www.KelloggCompany.com or www.OpenforBreakfast.com.

SOURCE Kellogg Company

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Food Spotlight: King Arthur Flour Launches New Paleo Baking Flour and Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cups


New Paleo Baking Flour and Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cups Offer Delicious Flavor and Feel-Good Ingredients in Each Bite

NORWICH, Vt., Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- This fall will be the most delicious season yet, because today, King Arthur Flour, the country's oldest flour company and #1 in gluten-free baking, is launching two new products: Paleo Baking Flour and Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cups.


"At King Arthur Flour, we are dedicated to providing products that meet our consumers changing needs," said Bill Tine, King Arthur Flour's Vice President of Marketing. "As the #1 gluten-free baking brand, we are excited to be able to offer our customers a more portable, convenient way to enjoy gluten-free baked goods with Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cups. We are also excited to make baking easier for our Paleo and grain-free consumers with our new Paleo Baking Flour."

King Arthur Flour's Paleo Baking Flour can be substituted 1-to-1 for all-purpose flour (except in yeasted recipes) and its precisely formulated blend of cassava, almond and coconut flour takes the guess work out of baking paleo and grain-free recipes. With four grams each of protein and fiber per serving, every baked good made with Paleo Baking Flour is packed with nutrition and made with no preservatives. Paleo Baking Flour was designed by bakers to help other bakers create the most delicious paleo baked goods at home, and a collection of baker-tested Paleo-Friendly Favorite recipes are available on King Arthur Flour's website.

The deliciousness doesn't end there, either: King Arthur Flour's Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cups bring instant dessert gratification filled with feel-good ingredients and no preservatives. Available in Super Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie flavors, each Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cup can be eaten whenever and wherever. The easy-to-make desserts only need water, a quick stir and 30 seconds of microwave heat to create a scrumptious, gooey treat – without the prep work or clean-up.

King Arthur Flour's Paleo Baking Flour and Gluten-Free Single Serve Dessert Cups are both Certified Gluten-Free, Non-GMO Project Verified and downright delectable. Both products are available for purchase in major retailers nationwide and on King Arthur Flour's website: Gluten Free Single Serve Dessert Cups are $2.59 MSRP and can be found in Target, Kroger, Wegman's and Harris Teeter and Paleo Baking Flour is $11.99 MSRP and can be found in Publix, Walmart, Meijer and Harris Teeter. To learn more about King Arthur Flour, its latest products, and find new recipes go to www.kingarthurflour.com or visit Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. To find the nearest King Arthur Flour products near you, visit www.kingarthurflour.com/wheretobuy.

About King Arthur Flour:
King Arthur Flour has been sharing the joy of baking since 1790. Headquartered in Norwich, Vermont, a certified B Corp, and 100% employee-owned, King Arthur is the ultimate baking resource, providing the highest quality ingredients for the most delicious baked goods, while inspiring connections and community through baking. King Arthur's superior flour and mixes are available in supermarkets nationwide. Visit KingArthurFlour.com for more specialty baking items, mixes, gluten-free products, recipes, guides, and more for bakers of every level.  Follow King Arthur Flour on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

SOURCE King Arthur Flour

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King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Single Serve (PRNewsfoto/King Arthur Flour)

King Arthur Flour Gluten-Free Single Serve (PRNewsfoto/King Arthur Flour)



King Arthur Flour Paleo Baking Flour

King Arthur Flour Paleo Baking Flour



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Sweetener Spotlight: D’vash Organics Sweetens Holiday Cooking The Healthy Way


Named One Of Whole Foods & Martha Stewart's 'Top Food Trends' for 2020

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Ditch the sugar this holiday season for D'vash!

D'vash Organics has created a natural line of superfood sweeteners that are delicious, healthy and made with upcycled Medjool dates and Carolina sweet potatoes! Each bottle of syrup and nectar has organic, non-GMO, gluten free, fat free, vegan and paleo-friendly ingredients.  D'vash has 25% less sugar than honey, agave nectar and maple syrup!

"With demand for superfood sweeteners on the rise, we are committed to creating products for every consumer's taste and lifestyle," said Brian Finkel, co-founder and CEO of D'vash Organics.

D'vash products include an original date nectar, date nectar with cayenne pepper for a little sweet & spicy kick, sweet potato nectar and original date syrup, which has a thicker consistency. D'vash is perfect for sweetening tea or coffee, baking holiday desserts, drizzling on pancakes or yogurt, marinating meats and using in salad dressings. The recipes are endless!

Date nectar has a rich history that spans thousands of years and has been a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine since the biblical era. D'vash co-founders David Czinn and Brian Finkel, studied abroad in the Middle East and both shared a passion for local cuisine which led them to discover the region's best-kept culinary secret. Visit, www.dvashorganics.com to place an order or find D'vash sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans, Jewel-Osco and Meijer. It is also sold via Amazon and Thrive Market. D'vash was recently named one of Whole Foods & Martha Stewart's 'Top Food Trends' for 2020 in the sugar alternatives category.

D'vash Organics is one of the leading alternative sweetener brands in the US today. The company, which was founded by David Czinn and Brian Finkel in 2016, creates healthy sweeteners using only natural ingredients. The company's flagship product, D'vash Date Nectar, contains only one ingredient - organic California dates - and is Non-GMO Project Verified, paleo-friendly, vegan, low-glycemic and contains 25% less sugar than honey. D'vash Organics products are carried in over 4,000 stores nationwide, including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans, Jewel-Osco and Meijer, and is sold online via Amazon, Thrive Market and at www.dvashorganics.com. Visit us on Facebook and Instagram @dvashorganics.

SOURCE D’vash Organics

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D'vash is perfect for pancakes, tea, meats and more.

D'vash is perfect for pancakes, tea, meats and more.






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Industry News: Groundbreaking New Plant-Based Dairy Brand Eclipse Foods Debuts Nationwide


Eclipse Partners With Ice Cream Leaders OddFellows and Humphry Slocombe To Introduce New Plant-Based Ice Cream That Is Indistinguishable From Dairy Counterparts

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Groundbreaking new plant-based dairy brand Eclipse Foods debuts nationwide, partnering with the country's leading ice cream brands including OddFellows and Humphry Slocombe to introduce a new plant-based ice cream that is indistinguishable from its dairy counterparts. Eclipse is launching in collaboration with OddFellows in New York City, and at Humphry Slocombe in San Francisco on November 8th. Eclipse ice cream has caught the attention of leaders in the ice cream world because of its unparalleled taste and texture, clean label, as well as its overall mission to create a more sustainable food system.

Backed by Reddit co-founder and Managing Partner at Initialized Capital Alexis Ohanian, Gmail creator Paul Buchheit, and Daiya Foods' former chairman of the board Eric Patel, Eclipse Foods is co-founded by two alternative protein experts, Aylon Steinhart and Thomas Bowman. Steinhart is one of the top experts in the alternative protein industry and was previously at the Good Food Institute, the leading non-profit in the plant-based space, speaking regularly on food innovation at conferences and universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Berkeley and Stanford. Bowman was a chef at Michelin-starred restaurants before becoming Director of Product Development at JUST, where he created and scaled some of the best selling plant-based products in the world such as JUST Mayos, Cookies, and Dressings.

What Makes Eclipse Different: Eclipse uses a unique blend of plants to replicate milk on a molecular level, creating a true dairy replacement that tastes, feels, and functions just like conventional dairy. The process is completely revolutionary, yet uses extremely common and sustainable ingredients like ancient corn and cassava to create milk that is indistinguishable from traditional dairy. With their first product, Eclipse is using their milk to create a liquid ice cream base that spins in any type of ice cream machine, and makes everything from soft serve to gelato and more. Since Eclipse milk [and ice cream base] is made without soy, nuts, coconut, gluten, GMO's, gums or stabilizers, it's also a much cleaner product that is free from all common allergens. Eclipse gives people the chance to enjoy the creamy texture and indulgent flavor of ice cream without the health, environmental, and welfare issues attached to traditional dairy.

"We founded Eclipse Foods because we want to make it easy for consumers to make sustainable, healthy and humane choices. Delicious plant-based foods that actually appeal to all types of eaters can and will change the world," said co-founder Aylon Steinhart. "While there are a growing number of excellent replacement meat options with brands like Beyond and Impossible, dairy has lagged behind. There are clearly alternative milks, cheeses, and ice creams out there made from nuts and other plants, but there are no true replacements that are indistinguishable from their dairy counterparts. And that's exactly what we're doing. It's been incredible to watch people try our ice cream for the first time, and see the total disbelief on their faces when we tell them it is made of plants."

"I'm excited to be investing in more plant-based foods," said Alexis Ohanian. "Aylon and Thomas were immediately impressive as accomplished experts in food science and the quality of the ice cream is already near indistinguishable from it's dairy counterpart and it's only going to get better. This is filling a need in the surging plant-based food space that is competitively priced, sustainably produced, and - most importantly - delicious."

Eclipse's revolutionary, plant-based ice cream launches in collaboration with the following brands:

  • OddFellows (available at all five locations throughout New York City; starting November 8th, 2019): Ice cream flavors include Miso Cherry and Olive Oil Plum.
  • Humphry Slocombe (available at all five locations throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area; starting November 8th, 2019): Ice cream flavors include spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate.

About Eclipse Foods
Eclipse Foods are the groundbreaking, plant-based dairy innovators creating products that are indistinguishable in taste, texture and functionality from their dairy counterparts. Created by co-founders Aylon Steinhart, a senior advisor at the Good Food Institute, and Thomas Bowman, an award-winning chef and former Director of Product Development at JUST, the duo is on a mission to create plant-based dairy products with the creamy texture and indulgent flavor of dairy but without the health, environmental, and welfare issues attached to traditional animal products. Eclipse Foods' products are made without soy, nuts, coconut, gluten, GMO's, gums or stabilizers, making them free from all common allergens and much cleaner than other products. They are backed by Reddit co-founder and Impossible Foods investor Alexis Ohanian. For additional information, visit www.eclipsefoods.com and follow them on Instagram @EclipseFoods.


Eclipse's new ground-breaking ice cream

Eclipse's new ground-breaking ice cream








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Love Grown

Packaging Spotlight: Love Grown Unveils Fresh, New Look for Its Cereal and Granola


DENVER, Nov. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Love Grown, maker of cereal, granola and oatmeal, proudly introduces a brand-new look. Love Grown is 'Growing Better. Bite by Bite.™' and their delicious new look is just part of the journey.

"At Love Grown, we strive to bring better nutrition to everyday foods," said Lance Palumbo, CEO at Love Grown. "Our new look emphasizes our simple ingredients and better-for-you attributes. The rebrand also showcases a cohesive brand image so customers can quickly find our products wherever they are in the store." 

Love Grown worked closely with Saturday Insights, a consumer research agency, on the rebrand. The first step was to understand what their current brand was communicating to their customers and then improve upon the solid foundation they already had. "We really wanted to bring a consumer focus to this project, so we listened closely to understand what our brand was saying," said Palumbo. "Alicia Potter, at Faven Creative, is responsible for creating the new look and completely understood how to bring to life the great products we make."

Love Grown is here to bring 'better' to breakfast and beyond. It's why they create foods that feed your potential using simple, wholesome ingredients like beans, brown rice and toasted oats. With the increasing need for brands to be transparent about their ingredients, quality and production standards, Love Grown strives to bring the transparency of their products front and center with the rebrand. The brand is showcasing the great taste and texture of their cereal by enlarging it on the front of the package. All of their products are Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan and have Plant-Based Protein. "We're proud of our ingredients and want our customers to feel that. Creating products that we are proud of is at our core," said Palumbo.

Love Grown's new look is hitting shelves nationwide this month at major retailers, including Kroger, Sprouts, Safeway, Albertsons, and Natural Grocers.

To learn more about Love Grown and its line of products, please visit www.lovegrown.com.

Love Grown is a small, homegrown company working hard to provide honest nutrition, lovable taste and an opportunity for improvement in every bite. Distribution in the U.S. exceeds 12,000 locations nationwide and includes retailers such as Kroger, Sprouts, Safeway, Albertsons, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods Market, Publix, Wakefern, Wegmans, Stop and Shop and many others. For more information, visit www.lovegrown.com or follow @lovegrown on social media for new product releases and deals.








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