Supplement Spotlight: XALO Functional Drinks

December 26, 2013
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Supplement Spotlight: XALO Functional Drinks


Complete wellness. From addressing aging, combating muscle loss, enhancing mental stamina or sustaining cardiovascular performance—XALO is designed with you in mind.



XALO® Ageless
CELLULAR REGENERATION BLEND works at the cellular level by supporting healthy DNA function and cellular energy production.*
REJUVENATION BLEND accelerates muscle regeneration, enhances mental and physical stamina and balances hormone levels.*
CARDIOVASCULAR BLEND supports improved circulation while providing powerful antioxidant support.*


XALO® Limitless
Fueled by mangosteen, Limitless provides a natural energy boost from Korean ginseng, taurine and green tea extracts.*
Focused with GABA and gotu kola to give you that extra edge throughout the day.*
Flowing with natural electrolytes from coconut water, Limitless hydrates your muscles for peak performance.*


XALO® Reload
Glutamine and BCAAs aid muscle-tissue repair and reduce muscle breakdown*
D-ribose helps regenerate muscles and restore energy – promoting a lean and strong physique*
Naturally sourced coconut water and mangosteen provide electrolytes and antioxidants, hydrating the muscles and neutralizing free radicals to optimize muscle strength.*




XALO® Ignite
Promotes oxygen and nutrient delivery while supporting muscle growth and enhanced cardiovascular performance.*
Formulated with L-Arginine to encourage optimal body-oxygen circulation, aid mental acuity, and endurance for peak performance.*
Supports superior exercise performance and accelerated recovery.*



With sound science and research, XALO Ageless is built on safe, natural ingredients that help the body to age the way it was intended to age.


Aptly named the Queen of Fruits. Known traditionally for its health-promoting properties, the mangosteen contributes to healthy function of the body’s immune, intestinal and respiratory systems among others—combating free radicals that damage optimal cell functioning*.
Lychee Polyphenol
High in antioxidants, lychee fruit studies suggest that the fruit positively addresses the outward signs of aging, namely skin appearance*.


Used for centuries on the Indian subcontinent, Shilajit has shown to have a host of numerous health benefits. A rejuvenator and adaptogen, Shilajit helps the body adapt to stress at a cellular level by improving mitochondrial function and reducing oxidative stress*.

Along with the supported benefits, the proprietary blend of ingredients in XALO® Ageless has also been scientifically shown to improve blood circulation, enhance skin appearance and combat visceral belly fat.
Research suggests lychee polyphenol may act as a vasodilator, improving blood circulation. Improving overall body circulation is important for sustaining healthy bodily processes.

Skin appearance is markedly improved after four weeks. Results were more visible in participants aged 40 or older.

Waist circumference and visceral fat decreased significantly over ten weeks as compared to placebo. In turn, the reduction improved blood lipid levels as well as blood pressure levels.


Company: Xango
Brand: XALO
Slogan: Life is for Living
Origin: USA
Category: Supplement
Claims: Anti Aging, Mental Stamina, Heart Health
Variants: Ageless, Limitless, Reload, Ignite
Where to Buy: Call to order: 1.877.GO.XANGO



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