Supplement Spotlight: Nourish Me Superfood Supplement

December 9, 2014
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Supplement Spotlight: Nourish Me Superfood Supplement



An Organic and Powerful Supplement for Kids (and grown ups!)

We all want our kids to be vital, no matter what. With one hearty scoop of Nourish Me powder you can rest assured that your child's day has been fortified with essential nutrients for healthy growth and healing. Simply eight organic ingredients: whole superfoods with minimal processing and intense nutritional value. One bite is worth its weight in gold- so SCOOP IT ON!




What is it made of?

It's actually pretty simple. I chose eight of the earth's most powerful organic superfoods- painstakingly selected for their nutritional accolades, quality and safety for children.  With minimal extraction, smooshing, processing or messing around, you are getting intense nutrition in its whole form, the way nature intended. Read More


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About Dr. Erika Siegel

Dr. Erika Siegel, Naturopathic doctor, Northwest mom and enthusiastic educator.

I am a mom, physician, health educator, and wife: by nature, a juggler of life’s abundance. I have the honor to practice and preach Naturopathic medicine in Portland, Oregon, where I focus on family medicine. I studied both Western and Eastern Medicine at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine and practice a lively marriage of the two.  My patients, family, community and the magical Northwest inspire me into action and fill my heart. Read More



Company: Nourish Me
Brand: Nourish Me
Origin: USA
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 330 grams
Claims: Organic ingredients. Nutritional
Price: $48.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online




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