Supplement Spotlight: Hilo Nutrition Muscle Builder Gummies

November 25, 2019
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Supplement Spotlight: Hilo Nutrition Muscle Builder Gummies




We've taken HMB — one of the world's most researched and effective ingredients proven to improve strength, reduce muscle damage and promote recovery, and combined it with GanedenBC30 — a probiotic proven to enhance protein utilization, boost immune system and gut health and ultimately improve the effectiveness of HMB.



HMB is one of the most researched performance ingredients and has been studied to improve strength, reduce muscle damage, and promote recovery.



Beyond the benefits of digestive and immune health and protein utilization, the probiotic GanedenBC30 has been tested on Special Forces and shown to improve the muscle benefits of HMB.



Take 1-2 servings daily to grow and recover muscle.





About Hilo Nutrition

Whether it’s forgetting your shaker (or forgetting to clean it), spilling and staining your counter, or resorting to a dry shot of powder, we knew there had to be a better option. Our first gummy batches we made for ourselves in ice cube trays. They were "solid" but weren't quite ready for prime time. Over hundreds of iterations, we became gummy scientists and perfected the process into an art. We shared with our friends and word spread. Hilo (hee-low) was born! Read More



Company: Hilo Nutrition
Brand: Hilo Nutrition
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 90 Gummies
Claims: Gluten Free. Allergen Free. Vegan
Variants: View Product Range Here
Price: $39.99
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