Supplement Spotlight: Dropi Natural Cod Liver Oil

October 29, 2016
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Supplement Spotlight: Dropi Natural Cod Liver Oil


Dropi’s oil is a pure natural Cod liver oil. The texture has a clear yellow and reddish tone without any cloudy appearence at room temperature. When refrigerated, the oil may become cloudy and thicken, due to the presence of natural stearin. It is important to keep in mind, that Dropi cod liver oil is less processed than regular commercially produced cod liver or fish oil. It is cold processed and therefore classified as virgin oil. The vitamins A & D are in their natural state and may therefore vary between seasons. These vitamins are not added to our oil. Omega-3 and other fatty acids are as pure and natural as intended by nature. Small amounts of Rosemary combined with natural vitamin E are added to preserve this delicate oil.

We provide our customers with top quality fish product by using the best gelatin available for our capsule, i.e. fish gelatin which makes the product even more unique as well as a 100% fish product.

The fishermen bring in the fresh wild cod daily from the clean seas of the North-Atlantic Ocean just outside the Westfjords in northwest Iceland where it’s processed immediately at our facility which is located by the harbor at Bolungarvik and few meters from the local fish market..

Our bottles are made of dark brown glass to protect the oil from light. The cap has protective sealing to prevent leaks and spills. Short bottle neck and small opening to make pouring in teaspoon easy as possible.

Product number Product
5161 Dropi 60 Capsules Cod Liver Oil
5162 Dropi 120 Capsules Cod Liver Oil
5160 Dropi 220ml Cod Liver Oil











About the Company
It is an old tradition to use cod livers to extract oil. In Iceland fishermen used to store livers in a container or in a hole in the ground outside their homes. By time the livers released the oil which was then removed with a scoop and put into bottles. During winter each family member took in a tablespoon or a good sip from the bottle. It was believed that this pure natural oil made people healthier, stronger and enabled them to endure the long and cold Nordic winters. The word Dropi comes from Old Norse and means a drop.


Company: True Westfjords
Brand: Dropi
Origin: Iceland
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 60 & 120 capsules, 220ml
Claims: Good Source of Omega 3, Vitamin A & D
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Iceland







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