Supplement Spotlight: Cell Grail Presents New Natural Weight Loss Support Supplement

June 2, 2020
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Supplement Spotlight: Cell Grail Presents New Natural Weight Loss Support Supplement


The team at Cell Grail analyzes new research and creates a unique weight loss supplement formula.

WILMINGTON, Del., June 2, 2020  /PRNewswire/ -- SlimR 360 is an expertly formulated blend of ingredients that takes a multi-layered approach to supporting natural energy and promoting optimal metabolic rate. After extensive market research, the Cell Grail team recognized a gap in the seemingly saturated industry of weight loss supplements and developed this unique formula in order to discourage the use of unsafe detox-based weight loss aids. Instead, this new product helps clients experience a safe and healthy weight loss journey.

"The science and 'art' of formulating effective dietary supplements lies in pairing complementary ingredients to help the client achieve their desired health status. Our employees are encouraged to scour the internet for innovative research in the natural medicine industry and develop healthful solutions with great promise for weight loss and other common health goals," says the CEO of Cell Grail, Ciprian Pintea.

Because of this distinctive business model, the team was able to discover the collective power of the fourteen natural ingredients in SlimR 360: from Guarana seeds that are shown to suppress fat cell production genes (1), and caffeine that may promote thermogenesis (2), to Guggul and Hoodia Gordonii cactus, which are both shown to reduce food intake and promote a normal appetite (3, 4). The other ingredients support healthy weight loss by targeting other weight gain causes like depression (5) and Chromium deficiency (6).

"We hope that more and more people will choose natural dietary supplements over unhealthy weight loss pills and excessively aggressive diets," Pintea adds.

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About Cell Grail

Cell Grail is a team of professionals in the search for natural solutions to common health conditions. Their number one rule when developing a product is for its ingredients to be 100% natural and for it to target the root cause of the problem, and consequently promote optimal health from within. Their dietary supplements range from immunity support to bone & joint protection, and they're working around the clock to expand their offerings even further and assist their clients on their path to better health.



SlimR natural weight-loss supplement.

SlimR natural weight-loss supplement.






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