Supplement Spotlight: Celebrate A Luxury Health Food Revolution with OMNI Superfood

July 11, 2016
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Supplement Spotlight: Celebrate A Luxury Health Food Revolution with OMNI Superfood



As the UK sits firmly in the unpredictable summer of 2016, premium fitness and nutrition supplement, OMNI Superfood blends, are paving the way for enjoying the warmer months, deliciously.

Unlike other brands, OMNI Superfood is completely free from additives, added sugar and firmly committed to the ethos that has become their signature; organic goodness paired with convenience and a widely versatile ingredient, one that’s become a luxury staple for those-in-the-know about contemporary nutrition.

OMNI Superfood is tailored to the specifics of the male and female bodies, covering key beneficial points to be enjoyed in a variety of different ways. Both low in fats and sugars, the women’s blend works towards aiding hormonal balance, the alleviation of menstrual pain and contributing to radiant skin, while the men’s focuses on bodybuilding and muscle gain, at the same time assisting in the increase of libido and general energy.

High in minerals with zero preservatives, a spoonful of two added to organic porridge mix, or to a smoothie of coconut water, berries and bananas makes for a sumptuous, intensely effective breakfast; a natural and potent alternative to other current products, such as whey protein.

Completely vegan, vegetarian and free from all milk products, OMNI Superfood stands as an investment in health and one of 2016‘s most innovative and superior new health supplements.






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