Spirit Spotlight: Espirito XVI Ultra-Premium Cachaça

January 21, 2015
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Spirit Spotlight: Espirito XVI Ultra-Premium Cachaça



Introducing Espirito XVI

Cachaça is commonly described as a Brazilian white rum made from sugar cane.  Espirito XVI Ultra-Premium Cachaça, however, is the antithesis of common. Handcrafted in small batches, Espirito XVI is artfully distilled from the finest fresh pressed Brazilian sugar cane harvested in the fertile fields of São Fidélis along the banks of the Paraίba do Sul river. Blended with pure, crisp, naturally filtered and de-mineralized spring water sourced from our private rainforest preserve high in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, only the very best batches are selected from distillation and bottled under the Espirito XVI name. The painstaking effort and passion put into creating Espirito XVI delivers a truly sophisticated and authentic cachaça that effortlessly balances a gently aromatic nose with sublime layers of apple, honey and almond to capture the quintessential spirit of Brazil.



History of Cachaça

For nearly five centuries, Brazilians have been using fresh pressed sugar cane nectar to distill cachaça.  The prevalence of cachaça is apparent in every corner of the country and has solidified the spirit as a defining element of Brazilian culture and lifestyle.  Remarkably, while it is the third most prolific spirit produced in the world, nearly ninety-five percent of cachaça is sold and consumed in Brazil.  Only now is the North American drinker finally beginning to experience and appreciate this exquisite spirit, along with the caipirinha and other cocktails made with it.  Once the best-kept secret of Brazil, cachaça is now well on its way to becoming a spirit of first choice for the American drinking public.



Company: Espirito XVI
Brand: Espirito XVI
Slogan: The True Spirit of Brazil
Origin: Brazil
Category: Spirit
Packaging: 750 mL
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Claims: Using only the nectar of 100% fresh pressed Brazilian sugar cane and pure spring water.
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: www.espiritoxvi.com





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