Snack Spotlight: Wilde Sea Salt & Vinegar Chicken Protein Chips

October 2, 2021
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Snack Spotlight: Wilde Sea Salt & Vinegar Chicken Protein Chips


Thin, crispy, and tangy just like your favorite salt & vinegar potato chips, but without all the carbs. Made from 100% all-natural Chicken Breast with the same thin & crispy texture of a potato chip, Wilde Chips are the perfect high- protein, low- carb snack. Rediscover your love of chips in a gluten- free, guilt- free package.
•20g of Protein per bag
•Zero Grams of Sugar
•Keto Friendly
•Gluten & Grain free




What's Not in the Bag?
- No Dairy
- No Potatoes
- No Nuts
- No Grain
- No Plant Protein Concentrates
- No Gluten


About the Company
An Impossible Snack Made Possible Through Relentless Hustle and Never-Give-Up Attitude

Wilde Brands could only ever have a wild founder, enter Jason Wright. He fell in love with chips early in his childhood, with a household mantra of “an open bag is an empty bag”. When he realized his favorite snack would not support his quest for a stronger and active lifestyle, he turned to making his own snacks, but nothing gave him the satisfaction like a good old fashioned potato chip. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and never-give-up attitude, Jason’s bold idea starts to take shape in his boulder, CO kitchen: replace the potato with protein using “chicken breast ''.

Naming it would be easy. Wilde Chips. Jason makes his first trial batch using recycled potato chip equipment, and two years later he finally nails it - reinventing his favorite snack “potato chips'' forever.

“I hope Wilde inspires you to live life a li'l Wilder each day. Stay Wilde”


Company: Wilde
Brand: Wilde
Origin: USA
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 64g
Claims: 10g of Protein, 0 Sugar, Keto Friendly
Variants: Himalayan Pink Salt, Sea Salt & Vinegar Chicken, Sweet Chipotle Pork
Price: $29.99 USD (Pack of 6)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: https;//







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