Snack Spotlight: NOMVA Island Time Probiotic Smoothie

August 3, 2017
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Snack Spotlight: NOMVA Island Time Probiotic Smoothie

This pack of perfectly blended organic fruits and veggies is a lot like ukulele music. Pineapples, mangos and coconuts strum lightly, while spinach leaves wave in the breeze overhead. And faintly, in the background, that’s the sound of 2 billion immune-supporting probiotics singing backup. Ahhhh…

Made with organic:
pineapple /
spinach /
mango /
banana /



About Nomva

Nomva is a community of people looking for new ways to eat right, have fun, and live well.

We're Caroline and Nina, a pair of entrepreneurs who share the simple belief that the food we eat should empower and inspire us. We met during our college years when Caroline was at Suja Juice, running from meeting to meeting on twelve espresso shots and no sleep, desperately in need of some real food fuel to take on the go. Meanwhile, Nina was studying at Stanford right in the heart of Silicon Valley and wondering why, in the age of 3D printing and Hyperloops, eating right and living healthy was still so hard. Read More



Company: Nomva
Brand: Nomva
Origin: USA
Category: Fruit and Vegetable blends
Packaging: 6oz (170g)
Claims: Organic. Dairy Free. Probiotics.
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Store Locator






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