Snack Spotlight: Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Peppermint Candies

June 14, 2016
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Snack Spotlight: Little Secrets Dark Chocolate Peppermint Candies




In a filing cabinet. Under a stack of sweater vests. Next to the trusty snow shovel that has kept your sidewalk looking fresh since 2003.





No artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors. No corn syrup. No diggity, no doubt.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Fair Trade Certified™ Unsweetened Chocolate, Fair Trade Certified™ Sugar, Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin [An Emulsifier], Fair Trade Certified™ Natural Vanilla Extract), Sugar, Dried Cane Syrup, Gum Arabic, Coloring (Includes Beet Juice, Beta Carotene, Titanium Dioxide), Peppermint Oil, Natural Flavors, Carnauba Wax, White Mineral Oil.

Allergen: Contains Soy. May also contain Milk, Peanut, Tree Nuts, Wheat.

Fair Trade Certified™ by Fair Trade USA. Over 74% Fair Trade Ingredients.



About the company

We don’t pretend to be good at everything … or even most things. But where we lack in geography bowl trophies we make up for by being really, really good at making candy-coated chocolate.

We’re all about sourcing the best ingredients and creating premium blends without any artificial ingredients, flavors or colors because the words “delicious” and “natural” can and should absolutely go together.

Pretty regular at everything else, but our candy game’s tight. And like any good little secret, sharing is always optional.



Company: Little Secrets
Brand: Dark Chocolate Peppermint Candies
Origin: US
Category: Chocolate
Packaging: 142g
Claims: Nothing artificial, 55% fair trade cocoa.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator





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