Snack Spotlight: InSpiral Limited Edition Onion Kale Chips

July 8, 2014
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Snack Spotlight: InSpiral Limited Edition Onion Kale  Chips



Want a healthy alternative to deep fried potato crisps and high-waste packaging?

Want an organic, natural snack that tastes even better and is ecologically packaged?

Want a nutritious snack that is irresistibly more-ish, appealing to adults & children alike?

inSpiral Raw Kale Chips are convenient & ready-to-eat. Plus they come in completely compostable packaging. Perfect for lunch boxes or anytime!
Kale is officially the most nutrient dense food on earth per calorie and here at inSpiral, we are most passionate when it comes to optimum nutrition!


inSpiral LIMITED EDITION Onion Kale Chips contain none of the trans fats often associated with crisps and other convenience/processed foods and snacks. We think this makes them perfect for children, adults – and just about everyone else!


By producing cutting edge raw snacks, inSpiral hope to allow everybody to experience a happier, healthier life that tastes amazing!
We create our recipes with the aim of achieving optimum nutrition and products that aid digestion. We work hard to research the newest superfood finds and latest nutrition information so that we can bring to our customers, visionary 100% optimum nutrition foods.

We use only fresh kale for our Onion kale chips, which are all hand-made in our solar-powered factory, in London!
When air dried at low temperatures, this classic green leafy vegetable has a crispy texture and delicious taste!
All our kale chips are lovingly massaged in organic nut or seed butters and slow dehydrated for many hours. Why? We think you’re worth it!
We use no additives or preservatives and so ensure a truly optimum, gourmet experience – complete in a fully compostable bag!



kale leaves
sunflower seeds
brown linseeds
sea salt
sunflower oil
ground black pepper
diced onion
onion powder
olive oil
nothing else.






Company: inSpiral
Brand: inSpiral
Slogan: Visionary Raw Nutrition & More
Category: Cakes
Location: UK
Claims: Organic, Raw, Vegan, Non GMO, Limited Edition, Nut Free
Packaging: 50g, 150g
Price: £1.29 (50g), £3.29 (150g)
Where to Buy: Direct on Website













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