Snack Spotlight: GoGo squeeZ® Reinvents the Pudding Cup with First-to-Market Plant-Based Pudding in a Pouch

May 10, 2021
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Snack Spotlight: GoGo squeeZ® Reinvents the Pudding Cup with First-to-Market Plant-Based Pudding in a Pouch


New Non-Dairy Portable Treat Features Almonds, Pea Protein and 30% Less Sugar[1]

NEW YORK, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- For over 20 years, GoGo squeeZ® has innovated grocery aisles by turning beloved food categories like applesauce, organic fruits and vegetables and yogurt into on-the-go snacking staples thanks to its iconic pouch design. Today, the brand disrupts a new category yet again with the introduction of the first plant-based pudding in a pouch: GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding.

The modernized GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding boasts an admirable nutrition profile while maintaining its integrity as a delicious snack that will delight kids and leave families feeling good about their choice. GoGo squeeZ's® international team of research and development experts at parent company MOM Group developed the innovative pudding that provides 5 grams of protein per serving and 30% less sugar compared to traditional dairy pudding. With no refrigeration required, families can ditch the spoon and the mess to enjoy one of the four new pudding flavors: chocolate, banana, cocoa-hazelnut and vanilla.

GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding is the latest innovation from GoGo squeeZ®, the leading brand of portable snack pouches made from 100% fruit, vegetables and real yogurt.

This entirely new category for GoGo squeeZ® features per serving:

  • 5 grams of plant-based protein
  • 30% less sugar compared to dairy pudding1
  • A good source of calcium (140 mg or 10% Daily Value)
  • Non-dairy
  • Almonds
  • No preservatives
  • No gluten
  • Vegan
  • 110 calories
  • BPA-free packaging

A Game-Changing Innovation in the Pudding Category  
Tapped into the growing trend of dairy alternatives and better-for-you treats, the new pudding was researched and refined with the highest nutrition standards, pulling insights from GoGo squeeZ's® parent company, MOM Group. The final recipe, made with 30% less sugar compared to traditional dairy pudding, was formulated to offer essential nutrients for kids, including protein and calcium.

Created during COVID-19 quarantine stay-at-home orders, the new plant-based pudding was formulated over a two-year period with input and insights from real families. GoGo squeeZ's® global team of experts collaborated – many times virtually – to find and finalize the best-tasting recipe that still maintained the nutrition standards the brand is best known for.

"We are thrilled to introduce the first and only plant-based pudding in a pantry-friendly pouch on the market," said Helene Caillate, Chief Marketing Officer at Materne North America - GoGo squeeZ®. "We're proud to continue expanding our portfolio and living our mission of making it easier for families to be healthier and happier. A lot of heart went into developing this new innovation – the combination of portability with less sugar and enhanced nutrition makes it a truly modern option for families looking to offer better-for-you snacks and after-meal treats."

"I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into the development of this new pudding," said registered dietitian and natural foods chef Miranda Hammer, MS RD CDN, plant-forward advocate and author of the blog Crunchy Radish. "Sugar intake is a concern for most parents. GoGo squeeZ's AlmondBlend Pudding allows the option of a treat while also being lower in sugar than your typical dairy pudding. The pudding was also developed to include some of the same nutrients found in dairy products such as calcium and protein, which are important for growing bodies. This pudding is a great plant-based treat that will appeal to kids and their parents regardless of dietary habits. Pudding is a crowd-pleasing treat for kids, and this plant-based, protein-powered pouch is a game-changing innovation."

Product Availability
The new GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding is available for purchase at select retailers starting today with availability at mass grocery retailers this summer. Look for the new products in the pudding aisle or where other GoGo squeeZ® snack pouches are sold. All four flavors of GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding are available in four-count packs at $3.79 SRP.

For more information on GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding, visit Share any AlmondBlend Pudding moments on social media by tagging the brand at @gogosqueez and using the hashtag #GoGoPudding.

About GoGo squeeZ®
  GoGo squeeZ's® mission is to make it easier for kids and families to be healthier and happier. Since 1998, the brand has been the leading squeezable pouch made from 100% fruit and vegetables. GoGo squeeZ® makes on-the-go snacking nutritious and delicious with more than 30 flavors of squeezable applesauce, Fruit & VeggieZ, YogurtZ and SmoothieZ. Each pouch is crafted with the highest quality ingredients from nature. For more information visit

About MOM Group
MOM Group was founded in 2006 following the merger of Mont Blanc and Materne, two companies with the center of know-how in the French dairy and fruit dessert industries. Today, with its fruit and dairy pouches, Pom Potes® in France and GoGo squeeZ® in the United States, the group is dedicated to offering families healthy, convenient and fun snacking solutions made from the best of nature. It draws its success from its industrial know-how and its capacity to innovate and create healthy snacking solutions based on high-quality raw materials. MOM Group has experienced outstanding growth in the last 10 years, consolidating its position as a healthy snacking leader in several strategic geographies. It is comprised of 1,300 employees across five countries and four factories in France and the US. Since December 2016, Bel Group, a world leader in single-serving portion cheese, is a majority shareholder in MOM Group. For more information visit


GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding - Banana

GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding - Banana


GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding - Chocolate

GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding - Chocolate


GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding - Cocoa-Hazelnut

GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding - Cocoa-Hazelnut


GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding - Vanilla

GoGo squeeZ® AlmondBlend Pudding - Vanilla


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