Snack Spotlight: Epic Coconut Carnivore Mix

July 8, 2015
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Snack Spotlight: Epic Coconut Carnivore Mix


The EPIC Coconut Carnivore Mix was created to conveniently feed our inner HUNTER & GATHERER while staying true to the fundamental principles of clean food. Each mixture begins with a solid foundation of 100% grass fed & organic beef. Similar to the animals consumed by our ancient ancestors, EPIC cattle are raised in their natural environments, freely roaming and grazing.


Our fruit mixture is inspired by the foraging diets of our ancestors and each ingredient is full of rich cultural history. We thoughtfully crafted each EPIC Coconut Mixture by balancing the salty and savory properties of jerky with the semi-sweet and fresh characteristics of organic coconut flakes. The end result is a modern whole food snack for the EPIC omnivore.



epic nutr 2



epic coco nutr




About the company

EPIC foods begin with a living animal. We set the industry standards by sourcing our meats from ranchers that we deem EPIC. We mandate proof of certifications, which validate that our animals receive the utmost humane treatment. We believe that EPIC animals should always live pasture-centered lives where turkeys forage, pigs wallow, and buffalo roam. This is the way nature intended animals to be and we see ourselves as leaders in recognizing the value of sustainable and responsible animal welfare practices.



Company: Epic
Brand:  Coconut Carnivore Mix
Slogan:  Epic
Origin:  US
Category:  Seeds and Nuts
Packaging: 64g
Claims: Low glycemic, gluten free, soy free
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $40.00 box of 8
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online



epic coco




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