Snack Spotlight: do bem™ bars

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Snack Spotlight: do bem™ bars



The philosophy behind the bars

Since the beginning of the do bem™ we knew we could go further. And all this will simplify your life has meant that we started to think of new ways to make your body more healthy.

Our philosophy is to do something more fun to have something, there is the well barrinha: portable, simple and nutritious food.

And how we will change this market full of artificial products? With only natural ingredients.

Glucose syrup
The conventional nuts and cereal bars market insist on using refined sugar and glucose syrup .



Wild honey
A natural food and nutritional source of vitamins and minerals. Our fruits, nuts and oats binds with wild honey and nothing else.

Rice flakes
These white balls are an inexpensive and very low nutritional ingredient that only serve to give volume and feeling of crispness.


Nuts and whole oats
The most powerful cereal in the world takes action to bring nutritional benefits, and nuts are giving beautiful crispness and providing good fats for your body .







Company: do bem™
Brand: do bem™
Origin: Brazil
Category: Bars
Packaging: 30g
Claims: Natural Ingredients
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Coming Soon