Skin Care Spotlight: West Coast Shaving Launches Revolutionary New Line of Safety Razors

November 22, 2016
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Skin Care Spotlight: West Coast Shaving Launches Revolutionary New Line of Safety Razors



CHINO, Calif., Nov. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- West Coast Shaving, an online men's grooming retailer, is helping men ditch the cartridge razors and embrace the vintage wet shaving buzz. West Coast Shaving is upping the ante with a range of economical, high-quality safety razors in stainless steel, black-coated stainless steel, and wood styles to meet the needs of all discerning classic shavers. In total, West Coast Shaving is launching 16 newly designed handles with 4 different head options, for a total of 64 different possible combinations.  The safety razors range in weight from the wood design at 37 grams to the heaviest stainless steel at 175 grams. The heads are zinc-alloy with chrome-plating and come in open or closed comb to customize the aggressiveness. There are also black-coated head options to match the black handles.

To browse the new lines visit:

West Coast Shaving is changing the traditional way of selling safety razors by allowing customer to choose which, if any, heads they want with their safety razor handles. Choosing handles and heads allow the customer to create the razor they always wanted. From black to shiny, from short to tall, from stubby to slender, these handles offer something for everyone. As the wet shaving movement grows, so does the market. These handles are perfect for those just getting started and those who love to craft the perfect shave. Starting at $16.98, these safety razors won't break the bank.

West Coast Shaving is an online provider of men's luxury shaving goods and grooming essentials since 2007. They stock hard-to-find, best-selling, and artisan products to improve your shave. To learn more about how West Coast Shaving is enhancing the wet shaving experience visit our site:







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