Skin Care Spotlight: That’s So On the Go Instant Brightening Spray

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Skin Care Spotlight: That’s So On the Go Instant Brightening Spray



Spray lotion that immediately evens out skin tone, leaving it bright and homogeneous. Daily use of this product guarantees a reduction of skin spots and various imperfections, thanks to a high-concentration mix of whitening/ brightening active ingredients. The spray lotion also contains antioxidants and active ingredients that help keep skin clean and healthy. It contains sun blocks that ensure sun protection.


How to Use

Apply on clean skin, at about 20/30 cm from surface. Daily use is recommended. Start spraying in circular motions, following the contours of the face. In case of excess spray, wipe and gently pat the area dry.



About the company

The group has been operating since 1994 in the field of cosmetics and beauty equipment.

Over the course of just a few years, the company conquered the national and international market thanks to a solid know-how and highly innovative approach.

It is this ability to stay focused on the future, investing in research and development and communications that has made Quadra Group one of the most dynamic players in the tanning and professional beauty industries.

The company combines innovative services with a complete dedication to customer service, offering exclusive informational material dedicated to national and international clients.



Company: That's So
Brand: On the Go Instant Brightening Spray
Origin: U.S
Category: Skin Care
Packaging: 5.07 fl. oz.
Claims: Contains sun block to protect skin.
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Price: Coming soon
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