Skin Care Spotlight: Introducing Kiehl’s New Vital Skin-Strengthening Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum

June 24, 2020
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Skin Care Spotlight: Introducing Kiehl’s New Vital Skin-Strengthening Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum



NEW YORK, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Kiehl's chemists have created a formula that strengthens the skin barrier to combat unavoidable daily stressors – introducing NEW Vital Skin-Strengthening Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum. An ultra-lightweight and biocompatible, fast-absorbing serum powered by 11kDa Hyaluronic Acid and an Adaptogenic Herbal Complex that helps strengthen skin's resilience, suppleness and plumpness to visibly address signs of aging for healthy, youthful looking skin after just four weeks.

One of the known accelerators of skin aging is stress, which may come from inside or outside the body and can be short-term (i.e. running to catch the subway) or long-term (i.e. ongoing exposure to city pollution). The constant assault skin faces from the environment along with lifestyle choices such as, lack of sleep, requires attention similar to that of UV-induced damage.

These stressors contribute to early signs of aging by weakening the skin barrier, making it vulnerable to free radical damage. They activate pro-inflammatory signals that trigger the local release of cortisol in skin, a stress molecule, causing skin to lose its resilience, suppleness, and radiance.


11kDa Hyaluronic Acid

Kiehl's 11kDa Hyaluronic Acid is the ideal size for targeted, deep & fast efficacy within skin's surface layers. This formula has been scientifically tested to fortify skin's upper layers by delivering skin-strengthening hydration to the most vulnerable layer of skin most susceptible to external aggressors.

Adaptogenic Herbal Complex

Adaptogenic herbs are esteemed in ancient medicine for treating fatigue and stress. Kiehl's formula with adaptogenic herbs replenish and fortify skin for visibly improved texture and resilience. Kiehl's potent Adaptogenic Herbal Complex contains Schisandra Berries, Holy Basil and Red Ginseng Root

  • Holy Basil   
    Holy Basil, rich in Ursolic acid & Rosmarinic acid, in the formula, helps neutralize skin-damaging free radicals and revitalizes the look of skin helping to lessen the visible effects of skin stressors.
  • Red Ginseng Root
    Red Ginseng Root, rich in Ginsenosides, helps stimulate essential resurfacing of skin cells.
  • Schisandra Berry
    Schisandra Berry helps reinforce skin resiliency and elasticity in this antioxidant rich formula.


Using Super Serum, upon immediate application skin will feel smoother. Over time, skin will feel more resilient to daily life stressors, and look healthier and more youthful as fine lines, texture, radiance and resilience visibly improve.

The new Super Serum is clinically tested to:

  • Enhance skin's radiance by 29.9%
  • Improve skin's softness by 41.7%
  • Decrease the appearance of fine lines by 27.2%

In a consumer study:

  • 90% of users thought skin felt immediately smoother
  • 89% of users agreed skin felt softer after one week
  • After four weeks, 85% of users reported that skin felt firmer

Seamlessly incorporated into any skincare regimen morning or night, Vital Skin-Strengthening Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum can be applied after cleansing and toning skin as a pre-serum or serum treatment to complement any existing routine.

NEW Vital Skin-Strengthening Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum

30 ml, $52

50 ml, $81

100 ml, $135


Kiehl's Since 1851 Vital Skin-Strengthening Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum

Kiehl's Since 1851 Vital Skin-Strengthening Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum




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