Skin Care Spotlight: Algenist Discovers New & Exclusive, Cutting-Edge Ingredient

May 26, 2020
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Skin Care Spotlight: Algenist Discovers New & Exclusive, Cutting-Edge Ingredient


Leveraging its rich history in biotechnology, Algenist delivers yet another ingredient innovation from Algae - this time, a brand new form of Vitamin C

LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Algenist – known for 10-day visible results, ingredient-level innovations and high-performance vegan formulas – announces an exclusive, breakthrough skincare ingredient born from the limitless potential of algae: Blue Algae Vitamin C, a never-before-seen 100% pure, renewable form of Vitamin C extracted from Spirulina, a blue-green algae.

"Ingredient-sourcing matters," explains Tammy Yaiser, VP of Product Development. "Starting with a clean, traceable source of Vitamin C ensures a pure compound that provides the dramatic results that we want. We know Vitamin C works as a gold standard ingredient and saw an opportunity to look to algae to give the customer something better from a natural source – it delivered."

While Vitamin C is a well-known ingredient, many of its sources are unknown, synthetic, or not sustainably-produced. Algenist has been able to study and extract Vitamin C from algae to provide dark spot reducing, radiance-boosting and antioxidant benefits. Algenist's Blue Algae Vitamin C is a naturally-sourced and sustainably-produced ingredient-level innovation from Spirulina – 100% pure, safe, vegan and effective. It delivers results that outperform L-Ascorbic Acids from other origins.

On its own, Spirulina acts as a vital source of nutrients with a naturally-rich concentration of Vitamin C in its most active form – L-Ascorbic Acid. Algenist set out to unlock Blue Algae Vitamin C from Spirulina for maximum purity and performance, managing the ingredient throughout the entire supply chain to deliver visible skin tone evening and brightening results.

This exclusive high-purity L-Ascorbic Acid from Spirulina demonstrates powerful results in scientific testing compared to other synthetic or natural forms of Vitamin C as well as well-known discoloration-targeting ingredients. Naturally-sourced Blue Algae Vitamin C also goes beyond the limits of Vitamin C – the source is completely renewable, and is produced by Algenist leveraging the widely-known regenerative powers of algae.

Even more, Blue Algae Vitamin C's efficacy is significantly boosted when paired with Algenist's patented Alguronic Acid from algae, which recently received an 8th patent with claims for advanced brightening properties. The combination of the two ingredients help provide powerful spot diminishing and skin-brightening benefits, boosting hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and fighting environmental assaults that accelerate skin aging.

Extracting 100% Pure Vitamin C From Spirulina, a Genus of Blue-Green Algae

Algenist pushes skincare boundaries by turning to naturally-sourced algae to sustainably produce alternatives to well-known ingredients, without compromising efficacy or taking from the environment. They continue to focus on the untapped, limitless potential of algae, this time with Blue Algae Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid in its most pure and potent form from blue-green algae.

Rooted in biotechnology, Algenist is able to extract their Vitamin C compound directly from Spirulina using a multi-step proprietary isolation and extraction process:

  • The process starts in the cell culture lab from a sample of cultured Spirulina from a premium source
  • Spirulina cells are sustainably grown under optimum conditions in the cell culture lab
  • Spirulina is mechanically ground and milled
  • L-Ascorbic Acid fractions are isolated and extracted from the cells utilizing a proprietary filtration method
  • The filtrate is collected and spray dried creating a highly pure anhydrous L-Ascorbic Acid powder

Tammy Yaiser also explains: "Our Vitamin C is pure, water-soluble L-Ascorbic Acid in its most active form. The ingredient immediately goes to work on the skin, without having to go through several reactions to metabolize into an active form. Other Vitamin C derivatives in the market are known to not be as effective as L-Ascorbic Acid due to their synthetic nature."

Algenist's BLUE ALGAE VITAMIN C kicks off a new, blue ingredient-centric collection targeting the appearance of dark spots, discoloration, and uneven tone and texture. This pure, naturally-occurring L-Ascorbic Acid compound directly from Spirulina will deliver products that show powerful results through scientific testing with Algenist's guaranteed visible results in 10 days, always.

Algenist releases their first formula leveraging proprietary Blue C Technology on June 3 and June 9.

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