Product Spotlight: Vitality Breakfast Cereals and Bars

May 28, 2013
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Product Spotlight: Vitality Breakfast Cereals and Bars




Vitalia from Macedonia now offers a line of Multigrain Flake Bars and Breafast Cereal Flakes.  Made with high quality ingredients these new Vitality products are aimed at a health conscious consumer that enjoys great food that is good for them.






'V for Vitality” multigrain flake bars are an affordable healthy on-the-go snack which provide a quick boost of energy any time of day. Made from whole grains ‘V fro Vitality’ cereal bars are a balanced natural and tasty snack providing important nutrients to your body: vitamins (B complex), minerals (manganese, magnesium, iron), antioxidants, fibre, protein, complex carbohydrates.

Rich in dietary fibre to help regulate the metabolism and provide a filling sensation that doesn’t leave you craving for more. An easy to consume, healthy snack or dessert for all ages, in any part of the day.







V’ for Vitality’s’ delicious multigrain breakfast cereal flakes with bran or 30% fruit help to provide a nutritionally balanced meal with long lasting energy to see you through the day. ‘V for Vitality’ multigrain flakes contain a balanced mix of whole grain wheat and corn, rice, oats, barley, flax, rye and millet. That is why "V for Vitality" are ideal source of dietary fibre that help regulate the metabolism and are low in fat.




Brand: Vitality
Slogan: Heart of the Health
Category: Cereal Bars, Cereal
Origin: Macedonia
Packaging: 300g (Cereal), 25g (Bars)
Varieties:  Bars - Chocolate, Strawberry Pomegranate,  Cereals - 30% Fruits, Bran Flakes
Claims:  All Natural, No added preservatives, Low Calorie, Vitamin Enriched, Low Fat, Kosher, Low GI, High Fiber, Dietetic











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  1. Atiq Abdulla

    First of all a package size of 300g? with a serving size of 40g!! Within which one serving has 28grams of sugar!!! And you focus yourselves as a health conscious brand??? Are you guys Mad??


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