Product Spotlight: VILVI Glazed Sweet Curd Cheese

November 1, 2013
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Product Spotlight: VILVI Glazed Sweet Curd Cheese


Glazed sweet curd cheese “Vilkyškių Murr...” is a refined delicacy, perfect combination of fluffy cottage cheese and crispy chocolate, providing several times more pleasure and flavor bliss. Four new dessert flavor cheeses remind not the taste of natural cottage cheese, but they are more like a combination of fluffy cream and chocolate. This is a sweet temptation for all cheese lovers for breakfast or at coffee breaks!

100 g of product energy value - 1623 / 390 kcal
Carbohydrate – 27.3 g
Fat – 28.3 g
Protein – 6,5 g
Weight – 40 g





Company: Vilkyskiu Pienine, AB (Vilvi)
Brand: Vilvi
Origin: Lithuania
Category: Dairy
Packaging: 40g
Claims: Low Fat
Variants: Chocolate, Condensed Milk, Biscuit, Vanilla

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