Product Spotlight: Vawter Vodka Spring Water

November 22, 2012 19 Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Product Spotlight: Vawter Vodka Spring Water

Vawter recently expanded its range to include two new variants, namely Vawter Frost and Vawter Vortex.

With the introduction of these variants, Distell approached Just Design, a brand design agency headquartered in Stellenbosch, to assist with the packaging. The client briefing clearly stipulated that Vawter "Frost" was to represent pure refreshment. The "Vortex" offering, which includes ginseng and guarana as a substitute for caffeine, would be positioned as the energy variant and "Zest" was developed from the existing "Lime" packaging.

After a process of intensive product and market research, the Just Design team decided that a design benchmark should be set before commencing with the new product packaging conceptualisation. The team took into consideration consumer insights, competitor packaging, key brand personality traits and brand values.

Just Design's main challenge during the project was incorporating a new look for each variant, within the existing brand parameters of the product packaging. To meet this challenge, the team maintained the key brand characteristics of the Vawter brand whilst playing with the flexibility of colour, form and imagery.

The launch of the Vawter variants was met with eager anticipation. Its five per cent alcohol content makes it a light and refreshing alternative to just spring water and the new ingredients have been enthusiastically accepted by the target audience. Vawter Vortex, the energy variant, has attracted a larger male market than currently experienced by the original Vawter brand, while Vawter Frost is the favourite flavour.