Product Spotlight: Ulmaņlaiku Kvass from Latvia

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Product Spotlight: Ulmaņlaiku Kvass from Latvia


For eleven centuries, kvass has been believed to be one of the healthiest thirst quenching beverages. Kvass has also been a very popular soft drink for many decades in Latvia – however different both beverages may be, kvass is the second most popular refreshing soft drink after cola.

Ulmaņlaiku kvass has been produced according to a traditional method, so there may be up to 0.5 % alcohol in the product. The probable percent of alcohol arising in the process of fermentation does not make naturally fermented kvass an alcoholic beverage; therefore, Ulmaņlaiku kvass is not applicable to imposed restrictions on location and prohibition of trade. Ulmaņlaiku kvass is a non-alcoholic beverage and can be used in food without restrictions; its impact on the human body is like that of kefir and sour gruel, and additionally adjusts the activity of the digestive tract and prevents the reproduction of harmful microbes.

Ulmaņlaiku kvass is already available in the biggest shopping centres in Latvia.

Company: Cesu Alus
Brand: Cesu Alus
Origin: Latvia
Category: Alcohol
Packaging: 568ml
Claims: Probiotic