Product Spotlight: Tude Cold Pressed Juice

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Product Spotlight: Tude Cold Pressed Juice


Tude Juice is a line of all natural, cold pressed juices from Washington. Currently there are six flavor varieties offered in a 16oz package. Tude Juices are cold pressed and unfiltered giving you the maximum amount of benefit from the fruits used.

granny'tude...made from Granny Smith Apples...tastes bright, crisp & tangy tart

fuji'tude...made from Fuji Apples...tastes sophisticated, savory & spicy-sweet

pinky'tude...made from Cripps Pink Apples...tastes sweet, crisp & almost-fizzy

honey'tude..made from Honey Crisp Apples....ohhhhh so sweet and crisp!

apple'tude....the traditional and fresh taste of fresh pressed apple juice.





About Tude Juice
In a world of over-processed stuff, we set out to create a juice with pure intentions. One that shows its true colors, even if they are shockingly vibrant. A fresh little juice that's not afraid to say, "Yea that's right, this is what I'm supposed to taste like!" A juice that everything fruit is, in a deliciously, drinkable form.

Inspired by home juicing, Andy and Cedric were determined to make a fresh, high quality apple juice, which reflected the quality of the apples grown in the Pacific Northwest.

We have achieved that goal with a cold-pressed unfiltered apple juice that is pressed in small batches using fresh, unpeeled apples pasteurized under high pressure rather than heat. This means you get the benefits of great taste and RAW nutrients.



Company: Fresh Matters, LLC
Brand: Tude Juice
Slogan: Positively Good
Origin: USA
Category: Juice
Packaging: 16oz (480ml)
Claims: Cold Pressed, Unfiltered
Variants: Granny'tude, Apple'tude, Fuji'tude, Gala'tude, Honey'tude, Pinky'tude
Price: $3.29 - $3.99 USD (suggested retail price)
Where to Buy: Store Locator