Product Spotlight: Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur

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Product Spotlight: Tatratea Original Tea Liqueur

Tatratea is a tea-based herbal liqueur, made by Karloff and originated in the High Tatra Mountains.   Its most-popular drink is Tatratea 52% Original with more than 500,000 bottles sold every year.   It is a liqueur range composed of black & white teas, herbs and natural fruit extracts. The Tatratea product family offers 6 flavors, all differing in alcohol by volume.


Tatratea Coconut 22% Alcohol

  • The newest addition to the Tatratea lineup is a truly global statement, combining ingredients culled from around the world  in a pearlized white bottle.
  • With a low alcohol blend of coconut, white tea, and Caribbean rum, it evokes a tropical island.
  • Mix with a splash of pineapple juice for a skinnier take on the Piña Colada.

Tatratea Citrus 32% Alcohol

  • The lime green bottle hints of the citrus, herbal, and green tea flavors waiting to be discovered inside.
  • Combined with the low alcohol content, these ingredients make for the perfect hot weather libation.
  • Especially good mixed with lemonade, or club soda. And move over, gin and tonic. Tatratea Citrus and tonic – the T & T — may be the very essence of summer. Also try it poured over lemon sorbet or green tea ice cream.

Tatratea Peach 42% Alcohol

  • A rose gold colored bottle houses a precious blend of white tea, peaches, and herbs. This Gold Medal Winner at the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition is both strong and elegant.
  • Try it with soda and a splash of cranberry juice, or dip almond biscotti in it.

Tatratea Original 52% Alcohol

  • The black bottle is the one that started it all. This magic combination of black tea, raspberry, and other fruit distillates has become Tatratea’s number one bestseller in Europe, where ~85,000 cases are sold annually.
  • Distinctive, sophisticated, and surprising, this smooth, mellow liqueur is fruity in character but not overly sweet.
  • Mix with Tonic for a “Black and Tonic” or Galliano and pineapple juice to create the “Black and Yellow.” Or, drizzle sparingly over pound cake.

Tatratea Bohemian 62% Alcohol

  • Inside a deep purple bottle resides a fusion of black tea and blueberries, the perfect libation for a picnic in the forest under a canopy of trees. This liqueur possesses both depth and lightness.
  • Top with champagne for a subtle and complex take on the traditional Kir Royale.

Tatratea Outlaw 72% Alcohol

  • Complex, invigorating, and impossibly smooth despite its high proof, Outlaw captures the very essence of premium black tea. This powerhouse of flavor and warmth is appropriately housed in a gunmetal colored bottle.
  • Rule breakers shoot it or mix it. To resist would be criminal!



Company: Tatratea
Brand: Tatratea
Slogan: High Tea Redefined
Category: Alcohol
Origin: Product from Slovakia
Packaging: 700ml
Claims:  Originates from High Tatras in Slovakia
Varieties: Coconut, Citrus, Peach, Original, Bohemian, Outlaw