Product Spotlight: Sweet Touch Taiwan Fruit Beer

May 6, 2013
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Product Spotlight: Sweet Touch Taiwan Fruit Beer

A refreshing quencher, a heavenly combination of the goodness from natural fruit juices and beer. Savour the taste of sweet romance without the prickliness and bitterness commonly found in beer.


Taiwan Beer was only introduced to Singapore late last year, it has enjoyed 66 golden years in Taiwan. Launched in Taiwan in 1946, this amber lager stands out with its own signature flavour that comes from ‘Ponlai Rice’, also known as Formosa Rice. In 1998, Taiwan Beer clinched the status of Gold Medal beer in the Monde Selection and has upheld this title ever since. The liquid gold has a mild taste even the ladies would approve of.

To add variety, Taiwan Beer came up with two tropical flavours: Mango and Pineapple. Though the drinks are largely dominated by their respective flavours, the hint of lager makes them a little more manly.

The lastest line up of beer that was introduced is the Sweet Touch Fruit Beers. Launched in selected supermarkets and also in BeerFest 2012, these buds are set to win the hearts of women.


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