Product Spotlight: Solixir Functional Drinks

March 25, 2013
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Product Spotlight: Solixir Functional Drinks

SOLIXIR keeps you working.

Using effective amounts of all natural ingredients and no added sugar, Solixir is a system of functional drinks specifically designed to attend to your mind and body's different needs throughout your workday. Whether you require a lift in your energy, a bit more focus, help winding down or support for your immune system, Solixir's formulas are a refreshing, healthy way to promote optimal daily performance. Discover and experience the ways Solixir can work for you.


Company: Solixir
Brand: Solixir
Slogan: All Natural Functional Drink
Category: Functional Beverages
Origin: USA
Packaging:  12 fl oz
Varieties:  Restore, Think, Awaken, Relax
Claims: No Sugar Added


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