Product Spotlight: Quaker Stila Minis

January 14, 2013
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Product Spotlight: Quaker Stila Minis

Quaker has launched a new healthy snack in México under their Stila Brand.  Now available are Stila Minis: Balls of Oats, Peanuts, Cranberries and Amaranth.  Sold in a box containing 5 individual 21gram bags, 105grams total.  Positioned as a healthy snack alternative boasting less than 100 calories per portion.

Each 21gram portions provides
- 90kcal
- .6 grams of saturated fat
- 5.1 grams of sugar
- 5mg of sodium

We commend Quaker for venturing further into the healthy snacks category with another addition to their Stila line. However, the amount of preservatives and artificial flavors found in these products leaves them far from hitting the mark of an actual healthy product.  The balls themselves do not resemble the beautiful pictures on the box and individual bags.  You could tell these snacks were built to last since they were very hard and had very little taste.  Mass producing snacks that are meant to last months if not years on the shelves makes for a very poor snack.  While the idea of chewy ball of oats, cranberries, peanuts and amaranth sounds great. the execution of the product could be improved upon.


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