Product Spotlight: Power Horse Energy Drinks

January 27, 2013
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Product Spotlight: Power Horse Energy Drinks

Power Horse  Energy Drinks from Austria are best known for its role in the 2008 assassin film Wanted.  Avalaible in a variety of presentations including Regular, Sugar Free and Cola Flavored.  The Cola version comes with 33% free.  Power Horse also comes in a variety of different packages including a 250ml can, a 500ml Can and a 250ml bottle that features a bottle cap that can be reusable screw-cap.

Ingredients include: Taurine & Glucuronolactone, Caffeine, Vitamins and Carbohydrates.

Power Horse has been an innovative company since their inception.  Their new sugar free variety is in line with current health trends where health focused products are more popular than ever.  Offering multiple drink options and size varieties is a great way to reach different consumers with varied tastes.  The design of the products has not been updated and this could represent an opportunity for Power Horse to launch a new product with a more modern image that may attract a younger demographic who is increasingly more interested in attractive designs.  A great way to do this is through a limited edition launch where the company would get immediate feedback via different social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.   Popularity and sales success will ultimately determine whether this limited edition variety becomes the newest member of the Power Horse energy drink family.


Company: Power Horse
Brand: Power Horse
Category: Drinks, Energy Drinks
Origin: Austria
Price: 250ml can- $1.75 USD
Packaging: 250ml can and bottle, 500ml Can
Varieties: Regular, Regular Bottle,  Sugar Free, Cola, 500ml

powerhorse1power-horse-250ml-regular_72 power-horse-energy-cola-330ml_72 power-horse-250ml-regular-bottle power-horse-500ml-regular_300

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