Product Spotlight: Peligroso Cinnamon 42 Tequila Liqueur

October 14, 2013
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Product Spotlight: Peligroso Cinnamon 42 Tequila Liqueur


The world's first 84 proof cinnamon-flavored tequila is infused with 100% pure cinnamon and a blend of secret ingredients, creating a distinct juice with a kick that leaves some sweet heat on the palate.


Peligroso Cinnamon has a distinct flavor profile described as warm and savory, with spicy aromas and a light finish. As unique as the very country from which it’s produced, Peligroso Cinnamon issticking to its roots made with 100% Weber blue agave, and gluten free. True to the Peligroso standard, Cinnamon retains its 42% alc by volume/ 84 proof quality. Every batch of Peligroso Cinnamon is taste tested and approved by their chief taste masters to guarantee perfection in every sip. Every bottle is hand made, certified, numbered and produced in Mexico.


“We recognized a demand for something new in our rapidly growing category,” said Keith Ross, Peligroso Tequila’s President and CEO. “When we discovered the complex flavor that resulted as we infused cinnamon with our tequila, we knew we had something exceptional on our hands. We are thrilled to bring Peligroso Cinnamon to market and share this new remarkable juice with tequila enthusiasts and Peligroso fans nationwide.


Peligroso is an exceptionally smooth, 42% alc by Vol, 100% WEBER Blue Agave Tequila, grown and harvested on a private estate in the highlands of Jalisco Mexico. Our agave is steamed in authentic brick ovens, and distilled in copper and stainless pots. We age our exceptional tequila to perfection in real white oak whiskey barrels from Tennessee, 6-8 months for Peligroso Reposado and 12-18 months for Peligroso Anejo. Every batch of Peligroso tequila is tasted by our chief taste master to guarantee it's outstanding quality.

Each Peligroso bottle is corked and numbered by hand, to certify its authenticity. The cork is a three-piece design made up of a natural cork stopper, real stained wood top and antiqued coin medallion. All Peligroso bottles come with a hangtag describing our story and a genuine metal snake charm.


Peligroso is the first brand to offer three separate types of glass to further distinguish the unique character of each type of tequila. The Silver uses a crystal clear flint glass to reflect the purity of the juice. The Reposado uses a rustic finished glass to give more of an antiqued look to match the golden aged nature of the juice. Lastly, the Añejo is bottled in a sleek and mysterious satin black glass bottle that alludes to the complex layers and undertones of the long aged tequila.


Additionally, Peligroso announced today their partnership with two of the nation’s largest spirits distributors, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., and Republic National Distributing Company. Both, Southern Wine & Spirits and Republic National Distributing Company bring a fresh dynamic to Peligroso and will work hand in hand with the Peligroso team to enhance the recognition of the brand that is already firmly established in the tequila market.


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Company: Peligroso Tequila
Brand: Peligroso Tequila
Origin: USA
Category: Liquor
Claims: Made with 100% Pure Cinnamon
Packaging: 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 42%
Price: $35.99 USD
Where to Buy: Click Here




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